Return Of The Native

Aside from the fact that he knocked out leftwing wacko Phil Hare, what did Bobby Schilling do in his two years in congress to improve the lives of the denizens of the 17th CD that would warrant another term?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

24 thoughts on “Return Of The Native”

  1. Bobby voted to make sure only union shops could get the largesse from government contracts, and pretended he did it (with 5 other Republican IL reps) because he was confused. Funny that the vote passed by one. That’s all I remember. Schock also has union buddies.

    Oh .. I suppose he gets a nice pension … maybe he never broke his old ties with the unions … joke was on us … at least we dumped Hare.

    Is Texas still HOT? 🙂

  2. It’s kinda strange, but that’s all I remember too.

    Yes, Texas is hot—both ways. 😉

  3. still, better Bobby than a pure Democrat … maybe. There’s a Republican mayor in Quincy for the first time in a long time … the large Hare lost the race and couldn’t deliver the dam hydro money, so mischief was exposed, perhaps. I suggested a full audit of who got the $5M bucks … Quincy is full of devils and raiders …

    Unions still are a force to be reckoned with … just ask the tea party groups that got denied, or the candidates or donors that get rectal audits. Lois and cohorts should be in jail, but they get paid vacation instead.

  4. I don’t have any brilliant insights into this, in fact I’ve defaulted to basic Low Information (non)Voter on the 17th CD, but except for the fact that Bustos represents the Gosnell wing of the Democrat Party, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between Bustos and Schilling.

    Schilling pandered to Big Labor too, but as we saw, unions prefer Democrats because they know they will stay bought.

    Maybe Schilling can make the case that the 17th was better off when he was in office, but as a LIV I don’t really see it. Schilling was swept in on the enormous anti-Dem wave in ’10 with the Obamacare/”stimulus” debacle and he was swept right out again in ’12. In the interim the 17th has become even more leftwing that it was. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live in the QCs now because I would likely be backing the NOTA candidate. 😀

  5. got an email from Bobby this AM “I’m In … We need someone who is willing to make tough decisions and fight for the middle class and their values” … I guess that means only middle class that are in unions. Only they get to get the fat union contracts, and early golden retirement for gov unions unfireable workers.

    I’m still in Schock’s district. They seem to have let Schock have a strong Republican district, and carved out parts of Bloomington, Peoria AND Springfield to help the Democrats.

    I’m turning toward LIB (let it burn) instead of LIV. 🙂 They are systematically destroying health care, the economy, energy prices, etc. but the golden retirements MUST be funded fully. Once the economy is killed off (Bernanke is juicing the stock market, which gives a false sense of security about the economy) … then they will try to “tax” assets. Angry workers

    Good to see you post again … even if as an LIV, though you really can’t “unknow” what you already know.


  6. Thanks for the encouraging words but I’m not sure how active I’ll be in the future—the focus just isn’t there—too many distractions in the Lone Star State. 🙂

    I got the same email as you did and I don’t even live in Schilling’s state, although considering how corrupt the Dem controlled Rock Island County government is, it’s entirely possible I’m still registered to vote, along with all the corpses in the cemeteries.

    I’m sure the Dems in the 17th were happy to see the bottom of the 17th get the heave-ho and put in Schock’s district—-too many unhinged agitators and rightwing wackos in the Quincy area. 😉 They gerrymandered in some Dems in both Peoria and Rockford to make the 17th even more comfortably leftwing.

    As an example of how far Schilling has fallen since I was his primary groupie, compare this comment by his son in a news release explaining his defeat in ’12: “We didn’t talk enough about how the Republican policies helped the middle class” with Hare’s explanation in March 2011 of the historic GOP sweep in the House and his historic loss of his home county by 9 points:

    “We didn’t articulate, nationally, what we’d done…We have to talk about the differences between the two parties…”

    Maybe it’s just me, but when you chalk up your massive loss as a “failure to communicate” you’ve failed to acknowledge the real problem.

    I don’t think Schilling or his staff have fully examined or come to grips with their real problem.

  7. Yeah…the full problem is Obama winning the district by 60,000 votes and bringing 180,000 Obamazombies to the polls to vote for him. Plus having a rich, white old guy as the front runner didn’t really help or motivate the base….

    Are you kidding me?

    Schilling lost by 18,000 when Romney lost by 60,000. He must have been doing something right.

    Gun rights—Bobby fought for
    Obamacare repeal–he voted 100 times to do that.
    Taxpayer funding of abortion—voted to eliminate it — was cast as an AKIN because of it.
    Cut, Cap and Balance — Sponsored — killed in the Senate
    Ryan Budget — voted for twice. (still wasn’t good enough for the fringe, but whatever)
    Fought to keep GITMO out of Northern Illinois — put provisions to block it in NDAA
    Got provisions passed in NDAA to strengthen the Arsenal.

    So Mr. Examiner…your solution for Bobby winning in a 60,000 Obama win margin district was for him to be MORE conservative? More Joe Walsh? We saw what happened to Joe…He lost 55-45 being much more obnoxiously conservative than Schilling. Schilling lost 47-53 — in a district that went much further to Obama.

    Out of 1,000 union issues, Schilling only supported ONE: the prevailing wage. OMFG someone hang him! He’s a gosh darn pinko.

    You wanna know why he didn’t get to change much? Because he didn’t control the Senate or the Presidency. Kinda hard to get anything done with you don’t run the show.

    Here’s my prediction for your response:

    “Eh, still not good enough. Still don’t see much of a difference between him and Bustos. What do you know? He still wasn’t conservative enough. Should have gone down swinging. blah blah blah.”

    Must be great being able to just spout off opinions before knowing anything about anything.

    Mike Jacobs in a landslide. (Funny how ultra conservative Albright lost in a landslide too — also Rich Morthland. Also every Republican in a tough seat in Illinois)

  8. Bobby lost because he wasn’t one of Santa’s helpers. Plus, all they had on Bustos was “she built a road?” Weak! Maybe Shilling’s people will have some onions this trip. He formally announced today.

  9. G, the difference now is that Bustos has a voting record—but then so does Bobby. From afar, it seemed to me that Bustos was fairly moderate for a Dem; she voted for the keystone pipeline and is a member of the inane No Labels caucus and maybe some other stuff I can’t remember at the moment.

    I also think the recently Democrat gerrymandered district helped Bustos—Bobby can’t do much about that.

    All in all, this looks like a battle between two moderates, which is appropriate since the 17th may be Dem but it’s not leftwing wacko Dem.

    What I’m curious to see is if the Dems and the Bustos campaign play the sexist card when she is criticized. Sexist: It’s The New Raaaacist Card.

  10. The question is not what they vote for, but what they vote for when it really counts. You saw all the blue dog Democrats fall in line when Obamacare needed their votes.

    That’s why Bobby’s vote on keeping gov contracts (essentially) restricted to unions was disappointing. Six IL repub reps voted for that union handout, and it passed by one. (of course it may not have proceeded much further anyway, but still). But that is how things are worked out to protect incumbents … they get the votes they need, and let vulnerable reps vote a to appease the base.

    Cruz covers the game … start at 5:35 … to 6:20, on the “symbolic (but meaningless) vote”

  11. Thanks for the video MR—this just reinforces my belief that for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my US Senator.

    Certainly more proud than I was of the Dick Durbin who compared our soldiers to Nazis. 😦

  12. yeah … have you seen this one? Ted’s Dad was imprisoned and tortured by Castro … compares what Dem’s are thrusting into us,
    to what Castro did back in “the day”.

  13. I’m not sure how he could have done more in those two years.

    He fought to strengthen national defense and improve the Arsenal, and he did so successfully by getting some key provisions into the NDAA.

    He fought against tax increases and supported a budget that would begin to solve our national debt crisis.

    He took a tough stand politically to support saving Medicare.

    He held numerous town halls and provided exceptional constituent service to the people of the 17th District.

    I’ve never met someone who was a harder worker than Bobby Schilling. He did a lot in one term in the 112nd Congress, and he’ll do a lot more if he’s sent back to the 114th Congress.

    It’s easy to nitpick–not saying you are, QCE, but there are many who have. But I’ve never met someone who better represents this area than Bobby.

    And his primary opponent is an absolute joke… I wish I could laugh about him, but he’s actually a pretty disgusting human being.

  14. MR, thanks again for the video—the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, eh?


    Fill you’re making my case; you are absolutely correct on all the things Bobby accomplished but that wasn’t enough to give him a second term. Now he’s gonna fix gas prices, grocery prices, etc., but how? What can he honestly claim to do as long as Obama is POTUS? I suppose it would be a plus to have your congressman as a member of the majority party, but really, and I am looking at this as a Low Information Voter, how has life in the 17th changed since 2012?

    Again, how can Schilling make the case that the residents of the 17th were better off in ’12 than they are now?

    PS: I also don’t like to hear this bs from the Schilling campaign; that the “messaging” wasn’t right and that it was a POTUS year election. These are the same excuses Hare (and his supporters) used to justify his defeat in ’10 which is just inside baseball hoohaw.

    I’m not anti-Schilling, but I think he needs to take a different tack to reach Low Information Voters because frankly, “I’m Fighting For the Middle Class” has been done to death—mostly by Democrats.

  15. WB even if it is only sporadically. It should be as no surprise I voted for Schilling. Not because he wowed me as a Congressman but because he was better than the alternative. Whether a voter is Republican, Democrat, Libertarian etc… many vote along the same thought process. In his two runs for Congress Schilling ran two different campaigns. The first campaign he went for the jugular of Phil Hare and factor in Hares Foot in Mouth Disease – it was a big win for Schilling. His second campaign lacked the fire of his original campaign. Nor was he running against the pompous a$$ Phil Hare. She had no real track record to pulverize. Plus the locals Dems kept Bustos on a short leash -in order to protect her flanks. Add Schilling’s lackadaisical campaign coupled with his lack of star power and so-so first term: it was not enough to keep the normal voting section that strayed the first campaign, that usually wholly embrace the Democrat Party rhetoric. Could Schilling overcome Bustos in a second attempt? Maybe. Bustos has been as much as a non-entity as Schillings was during his term. She does have Dick “Dastardly” Durbin in her corner. That is a pretty experienced cornerman on her side. If he does he will have to change his campaign and show he wants the job more than she does. Plus he will have to take off the gloves and get bloody when it comes to campaigning. Perhaps the interesting cog in the wheel will become Eric Reyes trying to take the Republican nomination. AN interesting puzzle especially if he can attract enough of the Hispanic-American speaking voters to follow him into the arms of the local Republican Party.

  16. It wasn’t just messaging, and it wasn’t just Obama, although those were factors. But there were a lot of factors. And yes, some of it did have a lot to do with inside baseball.

    The republicans did a piss poor job of getting out the vote, especially early. Schilling started election night behind in almost every county because the Democrats worked their butts off to get out the early and absentee vote. Republicans statewide basically waved the white flag on that last cycle.

    And getting out the vote on election day itself wasn’t much better. Everyone failed in that regard. There was no coordination between campaigns locally–everyone was off doing their own thing, and it ended up being a huge clusterduck.

    The organization of the party locally and their foot soldiers needs to be waaaaay better this cycle, or the same thing will happen again. Call me obsessed with inside baseball (I am), but I really don’t think we lost last cycle because of poor candidates.

  17. I don’t think the Republicans had a bad candidate – the just had a candidate that lacked the oomph needed to win again. That doesn’t mean he can’t win; it just means he has to refuel his organizational vehicle and find a campaign road to victory. And I also believe that organizational ability is key in any election. I am not a Schilling or Bustos insider, so I can only judge what I see and hear from others. And in my estimation he ran a blah campaign. Bustos ran a smart campaign. She relied on glossy family portrait circulars, party appeal, Dick Dastardly and that this district is heavily gerrymandered to elect Democrats. I personally think there is a thin line between good candidates and blah candidates in modern politics. Politics -as shown with Lane Evans and Barack Obama- is more about charisma and advertising than it is about proven political talent. Though once you have proven your talent: you need to toot your own horn and parade your strengths to the voters. And yes, foot soldiers right up to and past election day – are a huge part of the selling process. Lane Evans was the poster boy for ineptitude as a worthy legislator – yet every cycle he kept getting reelected. Not because he was a credible Congressman but because the Democrat Politburo successfully painted Evans as the boy next door friend of the people. And while he was a friend of the people – it was only people that fueled the Evan’s image.

  18. Congress only has 11% approval, but people still seem to have a love/hate relationship with their own rep or senator, and usually reelect them. This will always be a problem for the smaller government type, because they can’t buy as much favor, by bringing in millions for various projects, to pay off all the “right people”. “Cha-ching” is still the motivating factor for so many voters, as they look at some new stretch of highway or a big new building. That makes a nice campaign brochure.

    But even bigger than those pork projects, are the unions and their “solidarity” in buying off our politicians. We see with Lois Lerner the resultant power of the public union hairy mammoth, which should be extinct, but roams free to stomp out good candidates with the full weight of the police power of the state. Obama always gets dirt uncovered by some union Democrat willing to break law and unseal some opponent’s divorce records (or whatever dirt). But people seem to rightly fear the mob, so Obama’s records all stay sealed.

    And there is so much money redirected via tax code carve outs for the lobbyist connected, that we could likely wipe out most of the deficits (at least prior to the Obama spending orgy) if we eliminated specific carve outs for the connected players.

    The worst of these is probably all the special contractual rights for the government unions, who are not just expensive and inefficient, but use their government positions to assault the public that would rein them in.

    The tea party energy is from a desire to confront these dictatorial statists, which is why that pro-union vote seemed like such a sellout to me. It represented the go along to get along deal making. The “we were confused” claim made it more disingenuous to me. Many Republican reps in stronger union areas were the ones “confused”, even up in Michigan.

    The limited government people want a voice like Cruz that will call it what it is, not quietly acquiesce to union thugs. It is hard for those people to get elected in many areas, but inspiring the majority conservative base seems a better route than playing footsies with the hairy mammoths. 🙂

  19. S, thanks for your thoughtful comments—you helped fill in the blanks on what I had missed attempting to follow the election up there with almost zero information and obviously no boots on the ground.

    I also agree about Reyes, but have little info on him. Bobby spent at least 18 months roaming the 17th before the election of ’10 and Bustos quit her job in Des Moines so she could roam around the 17th for 18 months, which is what an unknown with little financial backing must do to win. I know he’s a lawyer but if he is in private solo practice, he may not be able to do all the roaming required. If I still lived in the QCs and was blogging, I would probably back him in order to encourage new blood in the morbid RICO GOP and to see what happens when a Hispanic runs in IL as a GOPer.


    Thanks for the insider stuff Fill, but what is Bobby prepared to do to win in the event the GOP establishment falls down again?

    I think he needs to figure out a way to win without them; after all when he first ran he didn’t exactly have the full support of the establishment, either. I’m thinking it is in him to do it solo—but the question is how? The Illinois GOP at all levels is broken, how can Bobby rise above them?


    MR, mostly agree with your observations, but Schock voted for all that union stuff too. Did you go ahead and vote for him last year or did you sit that one out? Lesser of two evils, and all that.

    As for me, I’m sure I’ll be treated to another 2 years of Rep. Lamar Smith, who does some good stuff, but was the driving force behind all that SOPA nonsense. Also, on his website, he admits he spends the summers in Hyannis Freakin’ Port Mass.

    I actually voted for the Democrat instead of Smith, but Dems here are about as popular as GOPers in RICO. 😀

  20. yeah, I wrote Schock about the union vote, but he never responded. He has been more vocal on behalf of some conservative things than Bobby I think, but I’ve mostly forgotten now. We need more “whacko birds” to at least voice the opposing view.

    The war on the tea party is because it is such a powerful force, with a hope of returnig power to the individual. Now that Schock sucked up the conservative territory, he can be more outspoken … unless he is really just another DC “player”. I should call him more often I guess.

  21. Lets also ask ourselves: why did so many of Bobby’s loyal, 25+hr a week, paid workers or volunteers, not return in any form to help again in 2012. Shouldn’t that say something in itself? Wonder why Bustos never explored that issue, maybe Reyes will this time.

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