Happy Trails

Barring catastrophe, I will be moving to Texas next week so this will be my last post. Over the weekend, I will be shutting down completely.

When I started QCE over four years ago, my expectations were modest; I figured I would provide a forum for a few like-minded people who were disgusted and disgruntled with our political class and press situation in the QCs.

The fact that it grew and expanded into the network it became is truly astonishing. The credit for that goes to my commenters who provided information, insight and hoots all along the way.

Thank you, gentle readers.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

42 thoughts on “Happy Trails”

  1. I realy did enjoy your site and if you do need help loading up the truck you can count on me as I have stated before.

    I hope that your talented can go to good use and you can now turn your attention to trying and stop the illegals from entering your new boarders.

    Texas is rich with the G W Bush money infusion from his Presidency and I just hope unlike so many Texans that you can keep from employing the cheap labor that so many Texans enjoy.

    Good luck in your new endeavors,


  2. QCE-

    Youve been my inspiration. Thanks for all your work.

    I will try to fill in the cracks. You have done to quad city blogging what Rush Limbaugh did for talk radio.


  3. I’ll miss you too QCE.

    I was looking forward to engaging in a dialogue with your followers throughout the course of this campaign. Even the ones who claim to have “known of” me when I was 21, and who apparently believe that limited knowledge enables them to comment on the character/beliefs of the 32 year old version;)

    Hopefully another blog will pop up that isn’t either frothing at the mouth, or apparently suffering from multiple personality disorder.

    Good luck in Texas.


  4. Get in the cheap shots while you can turd. Greg Aguilar is head and shoulders above you in professionalism.

    Still waiting for your email so i can send you those pictures of you that someone is spreading around.

  5. Good luck and may your prospects be plentiful. Sorry to see you go – your blog will be missed. I have been vacant from the scene much of the year but your blog was always worth a looksee when I had the will to sign on the Internet. I am afraid my own blogging experiences has been impaired this year after two different week-long stints in the local House Hotels. It was always nice to read your site while recuperating. You should leave your blog up. It is full of good information. You may be leaving the QC scene but you could still do QCE posts on subjects like his holiness Obama as time permitted.

    I have a relative and family friends that live in the Huston area. I have only been in Texas three times but it is definitely not a place I would want to live. The heat was never my taste. Hope you fare better! πŸ˜‰

  6. “QCPundit”,

    My email has been readily available for years. EReyes@EricSReyes.com

    My campaign email has been readily available since July 2nd. Friend@EricSReyes.com

    I’m not sure what cheap shots you’re referring to. From what I know, Greg seems like a very nice guy. My fiancΓ© certainly liked him when they were dance partners, and I thought he was friendly the few times I’ve spoken with him, including at my campaign announcement event.

    Anyway, I’m certainly looking forward to your email. Who doesn’t love a good rumor? πŸ™‚


  7. OK qce, we’ll raise your debt ceiling and get you that cushy government job for you and all your relatives if you stay.

    Oh, that only works if I’m a Democrat in power, that got caught with young teenage girls, or something.

    Well, you’ve done yeoman’s work for no pay, time for someone else to take up the slack. Your wit, wisdom and catchy post titles will be missed, except by the RICO Dems’. Hope in Texas you’ll be happier than a dead bird in the sunshine.


  8. I hope you don’t miss the state income tax. I am working on leaving soon as well. All the best in TX. As Davy Crockett once said;
    “You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas”

  9. QCE, are you going to pull back the curtain and reveal the great Ozz. Are you going to give us a peak at the giant killer that took down Phil Hare?

  10. To quote Davy Crockett – “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”

    And to quote Phil Hare – “Good bye”.

    Best of luck, and you will be missed.

  11. What calls you to Texas?

    Whatever the answer, good luck. If you get around to setting up shop down there, send me a link.

  12. QCE – just decided to look in and see what has been happening in the QC’s and the QCE blog. Glad I did!

    1. You did an excellent job over the last 4+ years – you educated many and your blog was the best that I have seen.
    2. You’ll love coming doen south – warmth, minimal winter, and an economic vibrancy not found in the QC area.

    Best wishes in all you do. God Bless all your endeavors! Jim

  13. QCPundit, ER,

    This is why you guys will both lose the primary. Grow up.

    Eric, it’s true. Everyone knows you have a lot of baggage.

    Eric, that’s not from when you were 21. That was, what, a year ago? You haven’t changed.

    Everything I read of Aguilar shows he’s at least a good guy, but it’s beyond me why he would go for Congress. I know Bobby got to Congress without ever being elected before, but Aguilar’s strategy is to win with the Hispanic vote.

    1. There are three long-shot/nobody candidates in this race with Hispanic last names (Aguilar, Reyes, Bustos).
    2. Hispanics don’t make up a large portion of this district to help sway the vote.
    3. Hispanics, unfortunately, do not vote in large numbers.

    I respect his advocacy for the Hispanic community, but my goodness this fatally flawed strategy will waste the next year of his life. He ought to drop out and endorse the candidate most likely to win then coast into some other position.

    So, there you have it. Greg Aguilar is just naive, but Eric Reyes is a disgusting lump of ego and self-promotion.

    And yes, this is coming from a Democrat, so you can’t just ignore this and say I’m a Republican and won’t vote for either of you in the primary anyway. This race is between Koehler and Boland.

  14. Eric, almost forgot.

    I do have very good friends who are mutually good friends that even confirmed this stuff.

  15. Does this mean qce made it to TX, and reopened this playground?

    Or did she just leave the gate open and some cows got out?


  16. Jeesh,

    I’ve heard just about every rumor imaginable said about me. I’ve also had the pleasure of reading some wonderful works of fiction that were sent to various organizations, including the local democratic and republican parties and the county board, not to mention, just about every lawyer in the Rock Island County Bar Association directory.

    The fact of the matter is, no pictures exist of any if these rumors, because they’re not true. No “proof” whatsoever exists because they’re not true.

    I have been a model of professionalism throughout my legal career. My clients know this, my opponents in court know this, the police know this, and our judges know it.

    I have enough faith in our voters to believe that they will ignore unsubstantiated rumors about my PERSONAL life and instead focus on what matters. Who has the best ideas and who has put forth actual solutions to our common problems.

    I’m not sure why you believe I need to grow up. I came to this blog with an olive branch extended. I work problems out across the aisle, it’s what I do. My issue statements are clearly bipartisan.

    I hope anyone still reading this will take the time to look at the candidates themselves. I’m confident that when they do, I will be the next congressman for the 17th district.

  17. I almost forgot, I can’t deny that I have a healthy ego, anyone who runs for office does. I’m not sure I’d agree that I’m a long shot though. If I am, I suppose that okay. Afterall, my last candidate boss was a longshot too… He’s currently The President of The United States.

  18. Eric – you never worked for Obama. You headed up a small volunteer campaign office. This is the main problem you have: boasting and then getting caught in the truth. Don’t exaggerate so much.

  19. My response to the lie that I never worked for Obama didn’t show up, and I don’t recall exactly what I said. The short version is, you have no idea what your talking about. I was a paid staff member on the Obama for Illinois campaign. I was responsible for 5 counties, hundreds of thousands of voters and I gave multiple speeches officially on behalf of the campaign.

    Hopefully voters interested in the truth will see past these very likely intentionally deceptive comments about me. Let’s keep this campaign about ideas and solutions.

    Vote Eric Reyes in 2012.

    See EricSReyes.com (soon to be moved to http://www.EricReyes.us πŸ™‚ for more info.

    Remember, as a first generation American from a low income family, I know what it takes to make the American dream a reality.

    This will be the last time I feed the trolls on this forum.

    Thank you. God bless you all, and God bless America!

  20. Eric,

    I don’t know anything about pictures and I never said anything about pictures. So you can avoid every other issue I wrote about and talk about things someone else posted all you want, but it doesn’t change the rest of what I said. Your avoidance says so much more than your response.

    Just drop out. Nobody wants you in this race, Eric. Enjoy your 1% of the vote from the people who have your trashy signs in their yard.

  21. Eric, everyone knows you got fired from the States Attorneys office. It’s pretty bad with *Jeff Terronez* fires you. And everyone knows why, even though I posted it and QCE edited it out. πŸ™‚

    Will you let that stay at least, QCE? πŸ™‚

  22. QCPundit –

    Why don’t you send the pictures out to all of the campaigns too? I’m sure one of them will let it get out. Reyes is going down.

  23. “…and I gave multiple speeches officially on behalf of the campaign.”

    Typical Obama guy… His only experience is that he gave a speech in 2004.

  24. Illinois was in the bag for Obama … (and they have the worst credit rating in the US) …

    Giving “speeches” to sell Obama’s lies is hardly a badge of honor.

    no lobbyist promise … oops … all lobbyists now
    discussions on CSPAN = closed door partisanship, bills written by lobbyists, must pass them to see what is in them
    “I was never a socialist” … except when he was a member of the New Party … socialist party …
    lies lies lies

    “Working for Obama” … got $1000 for gas money? (I mean gas for the car, not for the hot air “multiple speeches”)

    Website “under construction” … maybe at least put up one of the multiple speeches

  25. Actually.. Wait… Long shot? Obama was a long shot for what?

    State Senate? He got everyone else kicked off the ballot in a Democratic district. No long shot there.

    His campaign for US Senate soared after Blair Hull imploded. Then his general election was a piece of cake next to Alan Keyes, a real nut job.

    Finally, he had the grassroots support and went neck and neck with Hillary from the beginning, followed by a general election in one of the most Democratic years in decades in which he was up against McCain, who is a good candidate but a horrible campaigner and had a horrible organization.

    Obama was extremely lucky, yes… But never, ever, ever a long shot for any office ever sought. His Presidential Primary is the only real election he’s ever had, much like Cheri Bustos, Koehler, Aguilar, and Reyes. None of them have ever had a difficult election. They’ll all drown in this primary.

    Reyes is a joke. I know QCE won’t like this, but I think Mike Boland has the most secure position to win this primary.

  26. Quote of the day from my governor about what he will do if he becomes POTUS:

    “I’ll work every day to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

    Quote from my former governor:

    “I’ll work every day to make Springfield as intrusive, expensive and as oppressive in your life as I can.”

    OK, I just made up that last quote.

  27. I am assuming you got your boarder all secured and haven’t hired any illegals to clean or garden for you.

    Taking up a new cause is daunting but you can do it. I know that hanging with your old friend from across the Country is comforting but it is time for you to embrace your new home and get to work on sexuring that boarder of ours.

    You must be all settled in now so get to work for your new home and your country.

    I think a new handle could be the Texas gatekeeper.

    Good luck with your new endeavors.

  28. QCE – so sad to see the blog go. I am so proud that I was able to help you get this thing started! We might not have saw eye to eye on issues, but we both had a passion for discussion and awareness! Meeting you a couple years back was definitely a bonus! Best of luck in Texas, and I sent you an email. Hope you get it or see this comment!

  29. Too juicy to ignore is this account of a recent Democrat rally in Galesburg.

    Peoria community organizer turned state senator Koehler spewed forth this idiocy:

    “I want you to remember one thing, this is the district of Lane Evans, this is the district of Phil Hare…we should be embarrassed that we have somebody like Bobby Schilling holding a gun tothe head of America saying we are going to play politics with [the national debt].”

    Gee, does this mean Koehler and the Democrats are FINALLY holding Evans/Hare accountable for all the jobs the district has lost in the last 28 years?

    Probably not—-as Obama has demonstrated, Democrats are NEVER responsible for anything bad that happens.

    Unfortunately for ignorant hacks like Koehler, it was Harry Reid and Dick Durbin who made the calculated political decision to delay raising the national limit debt until after the first of the year so they could separate the GOP from the Tea Party and make the GOP own the out-of-control spending the Dems have racked up since they took power in congress in ’06. It is the Dems who have held the gun to America for political reasons—so, how’s that worked out for them? I mean with people who aren’t mindless Democrat hacks? The Dems could have rammed through the debt ceiling on straight party votes in ’10, but noooooo—they had to go all cutsey-poo. Koehler needs to quit lying—-Schilling will ram it down his throat if he doesn’t stop.

    What is it with the Democrats and all this violent rhetoric—-don’t they know a congressman was shot because of words like “holding a gun to the head”? Why didn’t Koehler get Obama’s memo about The New Civility?

    And here’s our always classy former congressman Phil Hare:

    “We’ll get this seat back and the Bob’s for Jobs will be making pizza again for his soon to be 11th child.”

    Wouldn’t you love to know how many abortions Beckie Hare has had?

    But back to Koehler who was so impressed with Obama at a recent townhall, because while Obama never really DOES anything about jobs, Obama “talked about jobs, jobs, jobs….”, which seems to be enough for Democrats—as long as it is another Democrat doing the talking. πŸ™‚

  30. These guys get their “gun to the head” talking points emailed to them … it’s part of toning down the rhetoric, after bluedog congresswoman was shot in the head by a Tea Party member. OOps … my nephew’s wife was sure it was a Tea partier, but it was a nut that liked Marx, more leftist than anything. Certainly never part of the tea party. Big Media doesn’t care, they just have to tell the big lie, and not recant till the story is dead.

    I like the somewhat sassier Texas qce. You can be more bold now that you know Hare or his kneecapping buddies won’t be fire bombing your house. πŸ™‚

  31. I CERTAINLY don’t wish to rile anybody up (especially not people with obvious personal grudges), but at the encouragement of QCE, I am providing the link to my new website


    Like all professionally designed campaign websites, it is ever-evolving, but as you can see, it is clearly no longer thrown together by me. Hopefully those of you who haven’t decided I’m the antichrist, or decided to believe something you heard someone’s friend’s mother’s brother’s roomate’s neighbor say, without any substantiation will take a look and decide for yourselves. I suggest the issues page, and the blog.

    Yes, I realize I have a primary to win first, but once I’ve shocked everyone who doesn’t know me by doing that, I need to win in November. I have no intention of playing the age old game of zigging left before zagging right. Perhaps a stunning victory will change some minds about how the game should be played:)

    Vote Eric Reyes for Congress 2012!

  32. Your site definitely looks better.

    I respect your audacity to challenge the establishment, Eric, but I think you’ll find this game is pretty tough. I don’t really think you stand much of a chance, especially given the Democratic base endorsing other “flashier” candidates like Koehler and Bustos… the fact is, you can’t change the way the game is played. But hey, good luck with it. If you do manage to get out of the primary to be the one who eventually loses to Bobby Schilling, that’s quite an accomplishment and something to be proud of.

    Good luck.

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