The RICO Politburo Forced To Rent The IWireless Center For Their Backroom Deal

Yet another Democrat wise Latino has announced his candidacy for congress in the 17th CD.

Today Greg Aguilar said he was running because “I know the struggles the working class has…”

Yes, Greg is a member of the downtrodden by virtue of being director of Augie’s “Multi-Cultural” Services. He makes a point to mention his parents were “two John Deere floor employees”, and we all know how downtrodden JD union people are. Oh, the humanity! Being forced to toil in the elite vineyards of a private college! And your parents—forced to suffer with the $$$$ and benefits Deere gave them! I feel your pain, pal.

This makes the third hispanic to run for congress from the QCs—Bustos (by marriage), Reyes, and now Aguilar. It seems in RICO Dem politics, the era of middle aged white people is over.

This is just a wild guess, but Boland, Schwiebert, Jacobs, etc. must realize their time has passed—squandered by the Evans/Hare regime.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “The RICO Politburo Forced To Rent The IWireless Center For Their Backroom Deal”

  1. I I thought you had left town. I am glad you are back bi missed yourbright ray of sunshine.

  2. Doesn’t Aguilar write articles at times for the Hare Dispatch? Doesn’t that put the Dispatch in a politically comprimising situation!

  3. OK, I really should be doing other things, but I couldn’t let this pass: Koehler was in town today to receive the endorsement of the UAW. While not as powerful as the public employee unions, this ain’t nothin’.

    Fists O’ Fury Jacobs was on hand to offer this assessment:

    “[Koehler is a] reliable vote for labor, seniors and manufacturing….[ is a] good man and quickly emerging as a frontrunner.”

    FOF claims he isn’t endorsing anyone, and it is obvious to all he isn’t running for congress, but will try to hold to what he’s got for little Elliot’s sake, but Koehler voted lockstep for the massive tax increases along with Jacobs, and the primary beneficiary of that tax hike is public employee unions—geezers and manufacturers—not so much. It’s also interesting that FOF deemed Koehler the “frontrunner”. FOF’s daddy said the only Democrat “frontrunner” would be decided behind closed doors at a Double Secret Politburo Dirty Backroom Deal. Koehler isn’t even from around here—what happened Mike?

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