Three County Quinn Plays The Chilllldren Card…

hilarity ensues!

A Cook County Circuit judge granted Three County’s request to delay payment of the 2% raises to public employee union members that an arbitrator says is due them as of July l.

OK, make sure you don’t have any liquid in your mouth when you read this rationale from Quinn as to why these raises should not be given:

“Funding these raises would force the disruption of core services for the people of Illnois, including children, the elderly and those with special needs…Illinois taxpayers have already paid more than $280 million in raises under the current labor contract. We cannot afford $75 million in additional pay raises this year.”

What a hoot!

If Quinn was really concerned about the taxpayers and services to the chilllldren, etc. he wouldn’t have cut the backroom deal with AFSCME to defer raises in exchange for no layoffs. This is the deal Quinn made with the union devil and at the time he had no concern for anyone but himself getting elected—which he did with a mere 19,000 votes.

Every other state is laying off government workers in order to balance their budgets—Quinn shut the door on the option with his dirty deal.

I’m no fan of public employee unions, mostly because we taxpayers don’t get a seat at the negotiation table, yet we are forced to foot the bill when self-serving politicians and self-serving unions make a deal, but Quinn needs to man up and honor his dirty deal, for better or worse. I’m sure he’s hoping the Democrat legislature will ride to his rescue, but if they’re smart (we’re talking about Dimocrats, here) they would decline the honor and force Quinn to make the painful cuts he created by sucking up to the powerful unions.

I have no idea how this will play out, but in a just world, Quinn would be hoist on his union-pandering petard.


Author: qcexaminer

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