Great Expectations

Even though local Democrats like Mike Jacobs and Pat Verschoore crowed that their massive individual and corporate tax increase was “the right thing to do”, clearer heads are seeing this for what it is—a massive job killer.

In order mollify the business community, Quinn administration officials and lawmakers (probably not Jacobs or Verschoore) are holding a series of meetings with business leaders “to attempt to look at [the corporate tax rate system] and come up with comprehensive solutions.”

Naturally, the GOP is pushing for easing of the draconian anti-business pogrom against job creators, but just as naturally, Democrats like Sen. Toi Hutchinson are throwing cold water on any tax decrease proposal:

“Balance the need to fund our government to the level people expect, while we create a competitive tax code that attracts and retains business.”

Unfortunately for Democrats, these two things are mutually exclusive because the level of government people have come to expect has been so blown out of proportion by the political class, there isn’t enough money in the State O’ Illinois to meet those ever increasing expectations. This is something the business community uderstands which Democrats do not. How does Hutchinson think Illinois got in the financial hole it is in? It wasn’t too little taxation, it was too much spending. Taxpayers funded public pensions once, the politicians looted the funds to spend on other “expectations” and now we are forced to fund unions a second time. History has shown that if you give a Democrat a dollar, he will spend three.

What is needed is not to increase the tax burden on individuals and business—both are mobile and can leave for greener pastures; what is needed is for the Democrats to lower these “expectations” to more affordable levels. The era of Illinois giving everything to everybody for free is not sustainable and it is wrong for politicians to lie to the public by telling them is can be done by sticking it to businesses, millionaires and billionaires.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Great Expectations”

  1. The Obama/Democrat game seems to be to make taxes intolerable for everyone, then sell indulgences to those that want to be forgiven (for being successful). Obamassiah can then deem contributors worthy of an exemption or bailout or carve out in the tax code. (“We did a significant study of the Fortune 100 a number of years ago, and at the time, we saw that about a third of those large, generally highly profitable businesses paid no state income taxes,”)

    Of course this means executives from GE, GM, and GS (Goldman Sachs) get to be high priests in the Obama inner sanctum (not sure who the connected ones are in Illinois). The “poor” are his flock that plead for more redistribution, or double pay and early full bennie retirement for government union workers. The middle and lower middle honest class get to lose jobs (or lose pay in real money terms), and fund the bailout for those that bought too big a house, or that made the wrong billion dollar bet in the derivative casino.

    Of course now the “poor” have new cars and HBO. And a family earning $65,000 can still get Medicaid, at least until doctors quit taking patients (because the bankrupt state doesn’t pay them, or pay them enough). It seems the Democrats want to drive private enterprise into the ditch, but keep their Model A/Chevy Volt socialist/fascist dreams alive. But expecting bankrupt Illinois to finance Obamacare through Medicaid is another unicorn that is dead on arrival, and smelly. Greece and Wisconsin show what great expectations some have, though the “silent majority” might prevail over paid union activists.

    So they are killing the capitalist horse, and promising the flying unicorn will save the day. That’s always the problem with promising utopian great expectations … the real world is nothing like academic “progressive” mythology. But three county Quinn has Chicago to beat us down-state complainers.

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