Amateur Hour

In what would normally be a mundane story about the quest for the small town of Carlinville for federal funding to dredge the Carlinville Lake, turned into a full-blown political drama which centers on Carlinville’s public works director Mary Beth Belln, Carlinville’s economic development coordinator Beth Toon and a Bobby Schilling staffer.

Bernard Schoenburg dishes the dirt:

“…emails that went public about the [funding] situation suggest that Adrian Madunic, the $65,000-a-year downstate director for U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling, and Beth Toon, Carlinville’s economic development coordinator and zoning administration, were trying to get Belln fired.”

I have no idea if this is true or not, but if the leaked emails are accurate, it indicates that Mandunic ain’t ready for prime time. Here’s a sample email from Madunic to Toon:

“If you put your heads together you can out-fox the idiot impeding the fortunes of Carlinville…Remember she wants you to give up.”

Jeez, “idiot” is the kind of epithet I toss around here!

At any rate, it seems this incident has left Madunic sadder and (maybe) wiser:

“I learned that you must be very careful with any correspondence…and you have to be very judicious in language and what may be perceived intent.”

Better late than never, I guess, but shouldn’t a middle-aged man have already figured this out?

The kicker is at the end when Schoenburg notes that Mandunic “generally voted in Democratic primaries and considers himself ‘more of an independent'” which is nice, I guess, on the diversity front, but I can’t help thinking my choice for district director wouldn’t have made such a silly rookie mistake.

It’s also worth noting that Schoenburg is the Democrat’s favorite crying towel—Hare often ran to him when he wanted to get his talking points out without inconvenient questioning and it may be Belln is just pulling a Hare. Schoenburg isn’t a reporter, he’s a columnist, so there is no expectation that he is giving us the full story here, but even so, this has negative potential for Schilling.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Amateur Hour”

  1. I imagine this is a situation that looks a lot worse than it is. Adrian genuinely cares about the district, and he may have gotten a little too involved here, but I seriously doubt he’d be interested in ruining some small time feckless politician just because she’s a Democrat.

    Mistake in judgment, definitely. But he’s a high character guy and deserves the benefit of the doubt. We all make mistakes.

  2. When I read the part about how Madunic was “trying to get Belln fired” I immediately thought of the recent headline I saw:”Roseanne Barr says Rupert Murdoch Tapped Her Phones”. lol on steroids!

    I’m sure Madunic has “high character”, but what Bobby needs is “high experience”. If I remember correctly, part of Bobby’s orientation to congress was the warning that every email should be written with the idea that it could end up on the front page of the New York Times. A seasoned district director would have known not to call people “idiots” in an email. Sure we all make mistakes, learn from them, etc. etc., but since Bobby is a newbie himself, it is important that his staff have the experience not to make “idiot” mistakes like Madunic.

  3. You should change the name of your blog from QCExaminer to QC Amateur Hour to better reflect what you actually do.

  4. I have noticed that this blog seems to be very unattended and run Down. I have invited my friends to come on and help out your blog.

  5. Thanks for your kind offer Barby. I’ve been looking for someone to take this blog over so I can get the hell out of Dodge.

    I’ll leave the keys under the mat.

  6. This is clearly a journalist once again making the news instead of reporting the news. Throwing spit balls at the wall in hopes they stick. I would say slap Madunic on the hand and move on but I am sure he has done that twice already to himself. So just move on.

  7. Adrian Madunic to take down Schilling, Albright over Schilling in the primary, over Boland in the general, over Durbin in 2014 for Senate, POTUS 2016.

    ThE DEAL, has, been, done.

  8. When you get the hell out of Dodge, I hope you’ll stick around here digitally QCE, to continue to stick it to them.

    The chillldren need you, and the “RICO mob” deserves to have you on their case, at least till we can lock them up.

    So when you get your ranch in Idaho, don’t let them off the hook.

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