Monument To A Backbencher

The Lane Evans Legacy Fund Inc. has installed a showcase in the Rock Island County Building “packed full of plaques and medals honoring former U.S. Rep. Lane Evans.”

This is the only shrine to a politician at the County Building or the Courthouse.

The president of the Legacy Fund explains their hopes and dreams for this memorial:

“…that others will be inspired by seeing all of the recognition for Mr. Evans’service…”

Which I’m sure they would, except for the fact that various service, academic, advocacy and activist groups hand out these “awards” like candy at a parade and any legislator who has held office for as long as Evans did will have amassed a huge cache of these useless baubles.

But never fear, a display of Evans’ tchotchke’s is coming to a government building near you like The Lane Evans Post Office and Hope Creek Care Center. You’ll notice there are no displays planned in other parts of the 17th CD. Hmmmmmmm.

These shrines of “recognition” wouldn’t be necessary except for the fact that Lane Evans did very little to improve or help his district while in office. Lane Evans was the consummate backbencher who ignored the people who elected him and spent most of his time on exotic quests—all the while taking his taxpayer funded paycheck from his grateful constituents.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Monument To A Backbencher”

  1. Um.. He’s still popular to this day… I know he’s a Democrat and all, but I even remember as a child knowing that if you had a problem, his constituent services were great.

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