If True, A Mortal Blow

The not-exactly-leftwing Daily Caller is reporting that Michele Bachmann suffers from migraines so severe she must be hospitalized at times. It’s also alleged she must take heavy medication for this condition.

As a congressman, this is not such a big deal; Lane Evans was heavily medicated for the last half of his tenure and still was able to warm the bench so well that we kept electing him until he became AWOL. But if this is true about Bachmann, this will be the deal killer to her run for POTUS. The article says stress exacerbates her condition and being POTUS is nothing BUT stress 24/7.

There’s so much bizarre stuff out there about Bachmann, it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t, but the reporter is the same guy who exposed the JournoList scandal, so I tend to give this report some credibility.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “If True, A Mortal Blow”

  1. We’ll know soon enough, now that this is out there. I like what she has stood for, but “sisters, aren’t doing it for themselves” just yet, as Ferraro understands. (just trying to get that snappy song lyric in there:)) She really has stood for some good things, and has some good private background, but hasn’t done much in government, as Pawlenty claims.

    Seeing what big fat media did to Hillary (and then to Ferraro, for calling them out), it seems clear they’d go into Overdrive with Bachmann, to Turn’er campaign into a sideshow for their hysteria. If Bachmann falls down before Iowa, Perry could step right in and win there. That might launch him as the strongest candidate … he’d beat Romney in Iowa, and Romney might not recover.

    Perry in a landslide in 2012 … and as the polls show him winning, Obama will become a lame duck by next spring.

  2. Nice link—and informative. I’ve read some other stuff on this, but your #2 explains migraines better than most of the other sources, which mostly focus on the horserace nonsense i.e. will this hurt/help/make no difference for Bachmann’s POTUS run, etc. etc. Zzzzzzzz Unfortunately, some of Bachmann’s security people roughed up Brian Ross as he was stalking her and shrieking questions at her at event in S.C. today. This will be blown out of proportion, but it makes her look bad. She should be like Barry and demand no shouting questions. 🙂

    My mother and various female cousins suffered with migraines, and I thank the gods I was spared because they are truly terrifying and debilitating, although it seems medicine has advanced to the point where they can be managed. Back in the day there really was no relief—you just had to hunker down and fight it through.

  3. Bachmann might be too Tea Party mixed with too Christian … not that those things are bad, just too big a target for the media. Mix that with her lack of political accomplishment (for a presidential candidate), and she’d have a real uphill battle. This migraine thing still SOUNDS bad, even if it really isn’t debilitating … though that will always be open to question. Roughing up pesky stalkers only helps a candidate’s campaign if they are union Democrats. heh

    oh … and Christie is going to Iowa … http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/hmm-chris-christie-headed-iowa_577153.html

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