A Rube Awakens

CEO Steve Wynn, a self-described “Democratic businessman”, went off on Barack Obama with a full-blown rant calling the Obama administration “the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime”.

And that was just the warm up:

“[Obama] keeps making speeches about redistribution and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don’t invest, their holding too much money. We haven’t heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists. Everbody’s afraid of the government and there’s no need to soft peddle it, it’s the truth.”

Read the whole rant and remember; this guy is a Democrat who supported Obama in the past.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “A Rube Awakens”

  1. Great rant … I think “pure socialist” might even be soft peddling it … Obama isn’t really interested even in shared control over business, he wants to meet with Trumka, Stern, Soros and other liberal thugs privately, and take control himself. Obama is a union man. He wants to choose “winners” based on who would support his own campaigns. He’s not so interested in getting rid of hierarchy and cooperative control, he wants to be dictator. Castro and Chavez are his role models.

    Barry’s tendency to skip the negotiating, and throw down mandates, probably stems partly from the fact that he is only a trained rabble rouser, with no executive experience. Details are too hard for him.

    Obama’s job as POTUS doesn’t seem to be giving him experience as an executive, either. He is only acting like a cry baby dictator. Barry makes demands, then demagogues any that don’t fold to his will. An executive trying to coordinate a solution generally doesn’t get to demand “My way, or you’re a racist”. “My way, or I’ll take your social security payments, and use them for Obamacare, screw those in most need, give me my Obamacare”.

    But with the media helping, the divider not uniter in chief has gotten away with the Chicago bullying game. Even the local news guys seem to get the talking points. “So many days till government defaults on its debt, unless the debt ceiling is raised”, they say. Well, no … there is revenue to pay the debt and social security and the military and more. Defaulting on the debt would be a deliberate (mis)allocation decision by the president. The Aug 2 deadline (or whenever) should be the deadline for cutting funding to Obamacare and 1000 other things Democrats rammed through for their unions, over their two year tyrannical rule. But media frames it as a Republican problem, ignoring the mandate in the last election, to spend less.

    And actually, a real effort to cut spending is what would save our credit rating, not just raising the credit card limit so they can max them out again in short order. Some fatted oxen are going to have to get gored.

    OK … that’s my rant … 🙂

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