A Day Late And $800 Million Short

Some Fun Fax about our wonderful State O’ Illinois:

***Fifty percent of all births in Illinois is on Medicaid

***One out of every three children in Illinois is on Medicaid

***One out of every five Illinoisians is on Medicaid

***In 2006, Illinois spent $7 billion on Medicaid

***This year Illinois is poised to spend $15 billion—nearly half of the $33.4 billion budget signed by Quinn

With all these dire statistics out there, our wonderful lawmakers finally fired up to “reform” Medicaid, FINALLY insisting on proof of residency and income level, but unfortuntely Obamacare happened:

“President Barack Obama’s health care reforms prohibit states from tightening eligibility requirements for Medicaid. States must live by the rules and regulations that existed in March 2010; Medicaid reforms were passed six months ago.”

So it’s back to the good ol’ anything goes Illinois way of Medicaid which Sen. Mark Kirk says will now cost the state $800 million over six years with Medicaid being the fastest growing part of the state’s budget.

At least one Republican lawmaker doesn’t think this is an accident or mistake:

“I don’t think this is something that just happened…The other side of the aisle wants to make sure that everyone can be on these programs.”

I’d love to see some reaction from area Democrats; are they really upset that entitlements are eating away at taxpayer money that could be used to benefit the state as a whole, or are they secretly happy for this Obamacare ruling?

If we continue on the unsustainable path, there will only be money for entitlements and the relentless demands of the public employee unions—the rest of us will be fighting for scraps.

Which would probably suit Democrats just fine.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “A Day Late And $800 Million Short”

  1. I’m not clear what the “this” is that Kirk refers to … does he mean just the fraud part is $800 million over six years? ‘Cuz the Medicaid part is more like $800 Billion, based on those $15 billion per year numbers.

    But this is clearly part of the Obamacare deception … claiming it will save money, even as they steal from the elderly. Then pushing ever more onto Medicaid roles, (even those earning up to $67,050). And of course mandating (without funding) that the states pay up, and let everyone into the program, illegals included no doubt. Turning the states into beggers seems to be part of the Obama takeover plan.

  2. I didn’t really get it either—at first I figured it was a typo (“m” instead of “b”), but I guess Kirk was talking about the amount spent on fraudlulent Medicaid recipients in Illinois—or something. Politicians are always tossing numbers around and nobody ever asks what they mean!

    Our only hope is that the abomination known as Obamacare is tossed on the ash heap of history by the SCOTUS.

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