Teach A Child To Fish, The Taxpayers Are On The Hook

Scott Reeder on the Illinois state boondoggle that finances teaching city kids to fish to the tune of $365,000 per year:

“…government is like algae on a stagnant pond—if it grows too fast—it will smother out everything else. And our pocketbooks are dangling bait for those who believe government can spend money more wisely than we can.”

There must be thousands of these small-beer boondoggles, yet you never hear politicians hollaring about cutting them out of the over-stressed budget; it’s always the chillldren, the old, insane, etc. who are the targets of their cuts. Obviously some would have to be cut out of the big-ticket items anyway, but the cuts would be less deep if our political class would give up their quest to find creative and obscure ways to spend our $$$$.

Now is the time for Illinois politicians to come up with some creative ways to cut spending, and teaching city kids to fish should be at the time of the list.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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