Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Unsolicited and out of the blue, Democrat candidate for 17th CD congressman Eric Reyes sent me a copy of his announcement speech that he delivered on July 2, along with this plea:

“I realize you won’t agree with all of it, but I’m certain we share some common ground as well.”

So true. Most of Eric’s speech had to do with how broke our immigration system is and who could argue with that? The Democrats had complete control of the federal government for two years but couldn’t deliver immigration “reform”, which proves how difficult it is.

Obviously the stuff I don’t agree with is standard Democrat boilerplate about how the GOP has rolled back the “progress” the leftwing wackos have made in the last two years—like Obamacare, like Medicare which Obama and the Dems stripped half a trillion out of of, like the job-killing, tax-raising EPA mandates of Cap and Trade, like Love-Is-All-You-Need Gay Marrige, which is frankly surprising since most of the Hispanic community is socially conservative and opposes gay marriage.

But whatever.

I give credit to Reyes for walking into the Lion’s Den of QCE and asking to be heard—which I will gladly do because Eric’s email was one of the few I have received from Democrats which didn’t start as “hey bitch”—or worse!

Note to Eric Reyes: I’m too stupid to know how to transfer a pdf file to my blog. If you have it in html form, please send it along and I’ll link it.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

  1. QCE,

    I wish I were more tech savvy myself. As is, I can only provide a link to the page of my website that contains the speech.


    If you can figure it out from that, more power to you.

    By the way, thank you for this post. While it’s clear that I have ideological differences from yourself and most of your readers, I genuinely believe that we’re united by far more than what divides us.



  2. This kid is really something, a uniter, bringing all sides together. Eric Reyes is like looking into a time machine and seeing another young war veteran lawyer that was a big Democratic longshot. One might just see a young Lane Evans in Eric Reyes.

  3. “By sheer force of my last name, I was thrust into the field of Immigration Law. ”

    Not exactly true. The candidate was forcefully boasting how he was going to join the ACLU to right the wrongs towards the so called “oppressed” such as illegal immigrants, over a decade ago. Granted the boasting often took place after a long night of party-timing with hard drinking buddies while chasing a warbling skirt named Liz. But his messages of old does not seem any different than his messages of now.

    Which parallels with the following candidacy announcement championing the rights of illegal alien offspring in applying for collegiate financial aid :

    “Then, when they were on the cusp of fulfilling the American Dream… becoming the first in their family to go to college, just as I was, their dream faded away and was replaced by a nightmare… But these kids I talked to didnʼt get a letter from financial aid. Instead, they got a call from Immigration. They learned that they had been deceived their entire lives. The social security number theyʼd submitted as their own, belonged to someone else, or was altogether fictitious. Their very identity was no longer certain.”

    Sorry for the undeserving illegal aliens loss, but their are deserving people (in this country “legally”) that could use those same resources of college aid.

    The candidacy announcement is all standard Progressive Spin Crapola.

  4. Stifle yourself Jane. Touting Reyes as the reincarnation of Lane Evans may get the Democrat base all hot and bothered, but I guarantee it will turn off swing and independent voters, which Reyes is obviously trying to attract by wading into QCE. Evans is a hard left liberal ideologue who did very little for his district and oversaw the largest jobs exodus in the QCs since The Great Depression. His selfish narcissim forced the totally inappropriate Phil Hare on us for 4 years. Even other Democrats don’t appreciage THAT.


    JB: “chasing a warbling skirt named Liz”? 🙂


    Note to Dimocrats: Please spare us your press release comments about Reyes. If Jane’s effort is any indication, you need to step up your game and be original—or at least clever.

  5. “Warbling skirt named Liz”
    You would have preferred something more mundane such as popstar wannabe. 😉

    I yet to see any Democrat candidate that trips my trigger, of course I am a conservative not some ACLU Kool-Aid drinking progressive, Reyes included. From my past knowledge of Reyes I can only assume we would be stuck with another in a long line of Progressive Nanny State candidates that would be the cross pollination of Anthony Wiener, Phil Hare and battling Mike Jacobs.

  6. What a hoot! Local Dimocrats bitch that Schilling hasn’t done anything for the district in the 7 months he has been in congress; Evans didn’t do anything in 24 years!


    JB, a Wiener-Hare-Fists O’ Fury mix would be one toxic cocktail—kinda like hemlock. 🙂

    It’s too early for me to decide about the Dem candidates because they are all unknowns to me and to date they have all parroted the same DNC talking points so it is impossible to tell them apart except by physical appearance:

    1. white female

    2. young hispanic

    3. old white leftwing geezer

    4. Gaulrapp?????

    It’s also possible more will enter the race like Boland, Fists O’ Fury or another out-of-the-blue candidate, maybe from Rockford.

    It’s too soon for me to decide.


    Speaking of the increasingly crowded Dem field, here’s the comment I left on my previous post about Bustos being like Bobby Schilling—it also gives me a chance to use the permalinks to comments on my new theme, which I’ve been wanting to try out.

    In the comment, I link to a story about Bustos in Monmouth’s Review Atlas where, among other juicy comments, Bustos had this to say about why her background in business would make her the more attractive Democrat in GOP-leaning Warren County:

    “[Business experience is] not real typical for a Democrat…I know how to create jobs.”

    Gotta love a Democrat who is that brutally honest about the failures of her party.

    What a hoot!

    Be sure to go to the link and read the entire story in the Review-Atlas—there’s lots of juicy stuff in there.

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