When Pander Bears Attack

State Senator Mike “Fists Of Fury” Jacobs is proposing a mandate that would require service stations to provide “at least two fueling stations with a calling device that allows disabled customers to call into the store for assistance with getting fuel…Such a law would eliminate the need for disabled motorists to honk their horns or devise other ways to get an employee’s attention for help…”

Is this “mandate” really necessary? Has honking a car horn become so burdensome that more costs must be added to the price of gas, which is already higher than neighboring states? Where will this special treatment end? Braille for the blind at gas pumps? Counselors mandated at each gas station for the mentally ill who might take their anger issues out on high gas prices by attacking the gas pumps or employees? Credit counselors mandated at each gas station to help those unable to manage their finances who are forced to drive off without paying for gas? What’s the limit on this niche legislation? IS there a limit in nanny states like Illinois?

Here’s a novel Back To The Future solution all liberals should love; bring back the gas station attendants who used to race out to your car to fill your tank, check your oil and wash your windshields. The minimum wage required to hire such an attendant would certainly be cheaper than retooling gas pumps. It would certainly help with the jobs problem Democrats have.


In other Pander Bear news, 72nd District state Rep. Pat Verschoore co-sponsored a bill which was signed into law by Three County Quinn (Public Act 097-0077) which “bars utility companies from disconnecting service to any residential customer—between December 1 through March 31—who has reported their status as a service member or veteran to the utility provider.”

That’s nice, but why stop at just veterans? Black people have been downtrodden and the victims of slavery, so why not give them a partial payment on reparations by allowing their utilities not to be disconnected for non-payment? What about the disabled? The sick? What about public employee union members—haven’t they sacrificed for their government too?

Did Mike Jacobs vote for this? Wouldn’t this hurt his daddy’s ComEd lobbying client?

Obviously the hacks and dullards in Springfield have way too much time on their hands if they are able to cook up narrow interest legislation like the two examples above.

But hey, how’s that public employee pension “reform” coming along?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “When Pander Bears Attack”

  1. What a great idea!

    Senator Mike Jacobs is right on time with this proposal. I have had to help a disabled driver get assistance from an assistance. There is a federal law which states that service stations have to provide assistance. Sen Mike Jacobs proposal would assist the disabled get the attention of the attendant by providing a call button for these drivers.
    This is a much better proposal than disenfranchising voters.
    I applaud Sen Mike Jacobs.

  2. Although this legislation hurt Denny’s client, Senator Mike Jacobs voted for it anyway — as he is a loyal and trusted advocates for veterans.

    As for the pension reform, Senator Jacobs led the fight to deduce the system liability by $250 billion over 35 years.

    I agree with Jane – Jacobs helping the disabled is a better idea than Albret trying to keep them from voting.

  3. Jeez Jane, if Mike Jacobs said the moon was made of cheese and he was introducing legislation for Illinois government to build space ships to mine said cheese, you’d shout hosannahs that Mike was assisting “the disabled”, poor, downtrodden,sick, lame, public employee unions, ComEd, At&T, etc.

    LOL on steroids!

  4. OK, faux bill’s comment is the last I’ll allow that says JACOBS IS GOD, BOW DOWN ALL YE FAITHFUL!!1111!!!

    You will not turn QCE into the Jacobs For Whatever The Hell He Wants website—start you own damned blog. I hate Mike Jacobs—although not as much as I hated Phil Hare, and I don’t give a damn about faux balance.

    Deal with it!

  5. Jacobs is just another political hack. He will lose to Bill Albracht in 2012. Mike knows his time is up.

  6. My support for Bustos, Reyes, Jacobs, Kohler or Boland is simple. They have created jobs, run businesses; built universities, understands the bottom line, are rational people, military veterans and know how to read.

    What has Bobby done?

    W.S. Bloom

  7. OK faux bill, I’m game—tell me what jobs Bustos, Reyes, Jacobs, Koehler, Boland have created—WITHOUT taxpayer money?

    Without taxpayer $$$$ what jobs would Bustos, etc. have possibly “created”? Bustos has been a health care executive for years. Reyes has been a private attorney for years, so what about Jacobs, Koehler and Boland who have had their hand on the spigot of taxpayer $$$$ for years. What permanent jobs did they “create”? Temporary union construction jobs don’t count because—they’re TEMPORARY.

    The answer to my question: Nothing.

    If you can’t create jobs that don’t require taxpayer funds, you’re not really creating jobs, you’re creating more taxpayer dependency and more taxpayer $$$$.

    Which, obviously, we can’t afford.

  8. Here is a corundum that I see – how are some of these stations going to perform this act when the “old time” filling stations have been replaced by one person on duty convenience marts?

  9. On another thought if you are un-disabled enough to operate a motor vehicle then you are un-disabled enough capable of fueling up your own vehicle where no other options are available.

  10. Jethro, there is already a Federal law that states that stations have to pump the gas already.

    Jacobs proposal would put a bell or buzzer at arms reach so the attendant will be aware of the disabled drivers.

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