Bobby Schilling With Two X Chromosomes

East Moline Alderperson Cheri Bustos began the rollout of her candidacy for congressman this morning in Rock Island. From the short report on WQAD (no links yet–will add later) it appears she will run the same type of campaign as Schilling—she’s just an ordinary gal with no political experience who wants to make a difference, etc.

While she didn’t drag out the trite REPUBLICANS WANT TO KILL GRANDMA bit (or maybe WQAD decided not to run it) she did revive a theme that has been common around here at least since the ’80s—she’s gonna bring back all those good paying union manufacturing jobs.

Good luck with that! There may be an uptick in manufacturing but I guarantee it won’t be on the scale of Farmall, Case, Cat, etc. that we had before Lane Evans became congressman. Manufacturing is destined to be small and non-union; the good ol’ days of big unionized factories is over, done and gone overseas. Since Obama wants to tax the bejeebus out of small manufacturing businesses, small manufacturing will be hurt as well. You don’t have to be a Democrat to be a jobs-killer—but it helps!

The Democrat Party is out of ideas on how to create jobs and fix the economy—it’s always Back To The Future for them. Let’s just hope Bustos doesn’t start parroting that statist twaddle Hare peddled for years.

The WQAD camera panned over the assembled at Bustos’ announcement and I saw the Jacobs boys were there, so it appears they are remaining neutral for now or at least pro-QCs.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Bobby Schilling With Two X Chromosomes”

  1. Here’s the account in the Hare-Dispatch and in my view, they didn’t do her any favors by publishing the same twaddle every other Democrat has parroted. I obviously gave her too much credit because she was right out there with the Democrat demogoguery of REPUBLICANS HATE GEEZERS AND POOR PEOPLE. Zzzzzzz. Obviously she didn’t offer any solutions of her own and probably won’t because the Democrats aren’t the ideas party they are the party of the status quo.

    She also claims to be astounded that Schilling hasn’t created millions of jobs in the six months he has been congressman, not to mention the fact that hard left liberals control the Senate and White House. If she had any intellectually honesty at all, which as a Democrat she doesn’t, she would admit that Obama and the Democrats failed miserably at job creation when they had absolute control of the federal govenment for two years, but no Democrat dares criticize The Won because it would be RAAAACIST.

    Her stab at originality was to convene an “economic summit”, which was Obama’s favorite busy work solution to any and every crisis.

    So far, all the Dem candidates for congress march lockstep so we’ll see if any break out of the pack or if they are counting on Democrat tribalism to win the nomination, which is still a problem for the QCs because they already have two candidates in the mix.

    It should be mentioned that according to the H-D, The Philster was also in attendance and swore he would kneecap and beat the tar out of anyone opposed to Bustos—all she had to do is give him the word.

    OK, I just made that last part up—but it’s probably true—he just didn’t say it in public. πŸ™‚

  2. This quote was hilarious:

    “I believe what we need are more everyday people who are raising families on two incomes, who clip coupons before they go to the grocery store and who have to balance their checkbooks,” she said. “It’s time for some of those professional politicians to exit and for more people like us to enter and stir this country back on track. I want to be the voice for hard-working, ordinary people.”

    I’m sure a healthcare executive, who is married to a county sheriff is sitting at home clipping coupons to make ends meat.

    I think that this was a subliminal endorsement of Bobby Schilling. Hell the guy has 10 kids and has been poor most of his life.

  3. I’m always amazed at how clueless, tone-deaf, deceptive and ignorant Democrats are.

    Some juicy quotes from The QC Times account:

    “We can’t continue to hurt our seniors”. Um Cheri, you mean like the half a trillion $$$$ Obama and the congressional Democrats stripped out of Medicare to fund their new Obamacare entitlement? Oh, I didn’t think so.

    “We need new leadership committed to creating practical solutions important to working families and to the middle class.”

    Notice she separates “working families” from “the middle class” because working families is Democrat code for union members, who are way above the middle class with their gold plated benefits and jobs for life. She also ignores the fact that her party has controlled one or more houses of congress since ’06 and that unemployment has skyrocketed under the Obama regime—but never mind, these are pretty words that must be repeated by and to The Faithful like church liturgy. In DemLand, it’s always 2005 when there was a Republican in the WH and Republicans had control of congress—they just can’t wrap their feeble minds around the new reality that Democrats have royally bollixed up the country.

    The one thing Democrats cannot do is tell the truth about what their insane policies have done to our nation; if they did, they could never get elected. You don’t have to be ignorant to vote for a Democrat—but it helps!

  4. The Dem’s messaging is just plain dishonest and I think people will see through that. She can’t run against Bobby on a platform of “I’m more sociologically similar and I can bring jobs back.”

    She really needs to call Plouffe or Axelrod and get some talking points. They would tell her that she should be chanting “4 more years”, not stealing GOP’s mid-term messaging.

  5. It’s such a Mean Girls moment for Cheri Bustos… “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!” She doesn’t even live in Illinois. She’s been living in Des Moines since she got a job there in 2008 or something.

    She’s the joke candidate I guess.

  6. snkT, if Bustos has lived in Iowa since ’08 how is it that she is currently EM alderman? Don’t they have residency requirements?


    ER I did get your email—I was both surprised and charmed.

  7. If you’re like me and know little about Bustos, this story in Monmouth’s Review Atlas is hands-down the most informative interview and press account I’ve seen so far.

    It also reinforces my opinion that Bustos is running as the Democrat version of Bobby Schilling. Check this out:

    “Bustos said her background in business should make her more attractive to the [GOP-leaning Warren] county electorate than many Democratic candidates. ‘That’s not real typical for a Democrat…I know how to create jobs’.”

    It’s also “not real typical” for a Democrat to be so honest about the failings of their party. I’m not sure how being a journalist and VP of PR and Communications for a hospital counts as knowledge for creating jobs, but whatever.

    She also slams “elitist, out-of-touch economic theory” which would obviously be the Obama/Pelosi/Hare failed Keynesian theory, although I doubt she would be THAT honest about Democrat failures. πŸ™‚

    She also employs the failed Obama trope of using a sick family member for pushing universal health care. Obama’s sob story about how his mommy was killed by the eeeeevil insurance company has been proven false—looks like Bustos is going down that same path.

    She also parrots the out-of-touch DNC talking point that she is against raising taxes on “working families and the middle class” but anything over $250,000 is fair game. The joke about journalists is that they get in the nooz biz because there is no math required; Bustos fits that stereotype quite nicely.

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