Little By Little

From an Albracht for Senate press release:

“Today the Albracht for Senate campaign announced that it had raised $10,943.01 in the second quarter, an impressive early effort for a challenger in this area. In 2008, Mike Bertelsen, the local Republican challenger in the race [against Democrat Fists of Fury Mike Jacobs], raised $10,980 during the entire election year.”

Obviously this isn’t a vast amount compared to the $$$$ Jacobs has amassed over the years, but even so, this indicates that the Democrat status quo just ain’t working for people anymore. Since ’08 Sonny Corleone Jacobs has racked up an impressive record—against consumers. His true hot-headed, unhinged wacko nature was exposed at the end of the last session. We also now know about the cozy relationship Mike has with his daddy and his daddy’s lobbying clients like ComEd and At&T—he’s not exactly a man of the people, is he? But don’t you dare claim he has a conflict of interest or he’ll punch your lights out.

In the past, Jacobs was lucky to have won the sperm and egg lottery and to have Potemkin challengers, but now he’s going to discover what being in a political fight really means—and he’s going to get it good and hard.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Little By Little”

  1. Mike Jacobs is nervous, and he should be. Even Democrats are getting behind Bill Albright.

    Didn’t the establishment Democrats have a vice grip on RICO just two years ago? What the hell happened?

  2. What happened? Reality happened.

    Mike didn’t have much of a record or much serious competition in ’08—that’s changed. Fists of Fury Mike Jacobs now has a large voting record, a daddy who lobbys for fat cats that Mike tends to favor and an unchecked temper that would make Sonny Corleone proud.

    “[E]stablishment Democrats have a vice grip on RICO” alright until the status quo is no longer working—-which is NOW, and if you don’t believe me, how’s that 67% tax increase working out for ya? If you get a paycheck you know what Mike Jacobs has done for—and TO you.

  3. Holy shit. Has the deal been done? Jacobs loses to Albright, Albright beats Quinn? Albright runs for POTUS??!?!?!?!?

  4. Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka was at the I-wireless Center on Monday to discuss legislation that will save more than $1 million annually in paper and postage costs by requiring certain state payments to be made electronically. The law is expected to be signed by Gov. Pat Quinn soon. State Sen. Mike Jacobs, D-East Moline, and Rep. Pat Verschoore, D-Milan, who supported the common sense measure, said they supported the change that will end the costly practice of mailing low-dollar interest checks to state vendors.

  5. I do not understand why Jacobs should be nervous? This is a newly gerrymandered Democrat district. Republicans are just throwing their money away. If Jacobs stays for Senate he will win easily. If he decides to run for Congress he will win as well.

  6. Note to Ruth, Susan, etc: If you have proof of your allegations, please show them; quoting Jacobs groupie Scott Reeder about how wonderful Fists of Fury Mike is doesn’t impress me.

    If you have the goods on “Albert” put up or shut up. I don’t publish rumors and innuendo here—not even on people I hate like Phil Hare.

  7. “I don’t publish rumors and innuendos her…”

    – QCExam

    Hell, QCe that’s all you do!

    “The Hare Dispatch, Two County Quinn, Fist of Fury Mike?”

    If need arises, military veteran such as Phil Hare will spill the “goods” on Albert. Phil Hare is ready to reveal everything he knows about his former commanding officer.

    Trust me, when the time is right Congressman Hare will speak out!!!!!!!

  8. So FoFJacobs is going to give The Ol’ Kneecapper something useful to do in his golden years? This will be the perfect gig for The Philster—hit man. Hare will be Sonny Corleone Jacobs’ Luca Brasi—can’t wait! Of course, it’s a pity Jacobs isn’t man enough to take on “Albert” himself, but it seems the only thing Marvelous Mike believes is worth fighting for is his daddy’s fat cat lobbying clients. šŸ™‚

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