Mike Madigan And Bobby Schilling BFF

A report on Wednesday from WQAD put some more flesh on the bone about the situation the local Democrat Party finds itself when dealing with the Madigan created congressional redistricting map.

The reporter interviewed Porter McNeil and Mark Schwiebert, who both declined to do the hard work required to win election in a conpetitive race.


“…with the 17th’s redistricting, to include Rockford and Peoria, there’s even more pressure to raise money.”


“I think it’s going to be a hard-fought battle…It’s probably going to be an ugly battle, but that’s the way politics works now.”

Except that’s how politics has always “worked” except in protected enclaves like Rock Island County, Illinois, where the Democrat candidates are chosen behind closed doors by an elite few, then the rank and file back the approved candidates in lockstep. No messy fundraising or campaigning needed—just tap into the massive union organization and treasure chest. Also, the fact that the RICO GOP went into hiding for 40-50 years also helped diminish the “ugly” factor.

Since Madigan’s redistricting includes parts of major metro areas Peoria and Rockford, a RICO coronation is no longer an option, the RICO Dems must fight to win the entire district, not just impress the RICO Politburo.

Suddenly, local Democrats realize they just don’t have what it takes to run a competitive race—against another Democrat or against a winning Republican.

Mike Madigan and Bobby Schilling may not be pals, but in my view, Madigan did Schilling a big, big favor with the way he remapped the 17th CD.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Mike Madigan And Bobby Schilling BFF”

  1. Just to clarify, WQAD asked me if the new 17th would require candidates to raise significant resources. I told them that, yes, like the current 17th which includes multiple media markets the new 17th would also require significant resources to get your message out (three media markets: Rockford, Quads, Peoria). That’s what viable candidates will have to do. It’s possible that, since the new 17th doesn’t include the Decatur-Springfield media market the overall campaign spending might drop slightly — but I wouldn’t count on it.

    As for my decision not to run, it was more personal than political. The McNeil house, which just supported my run for the Illinois House, wasn’t keen on another run so soon — this time for the U.S. House.

    Hope you’re having a good summer, QC Examiner.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up. If I Ruled The World I would demand all news organizations publish complete interviews rather than just pick out what they deem interesting or important. I thought the WQAD story was lacking in details but chalked it up to the inexperience of the reporter.

    And no offense, but I never had you pegged as a serious contender, mostly for the reason you stated; you just ran in a three-way primary not long ago, plus you have a young family with the usual school stuff, sports, etc. going on. The demand on your time for fundraising, schmoozing, campaigning, etc. would have been prohibitive—I certainly wouldn’t encourage you either if you were my husband! 🙂

    It will be interesting to see how this Dem primary shakes out—this will be the first time in 30 years that there has been a competitive primary for congress—should be a hoot!

  3. Here’s an interesting story from Rockford tv station WREX about Schilling’s appearance in that city Saturday. Schilling says he won’t campaign in any of the new congressional territory until the GOP lawsuit on the remapping has been settled in court—Schilling figures that will be about a month and a half. The Rockford locals seemed offended that Schilling would ignore them like that but Schilling obviously wasn’t in Rockford for his health, so I have no idea why he said he wouldn’t campaign there. I mean what the hell was he doing there on a nice Saturday if not campaigning?

    The Rockford GOP is peeved about losing their congressman since ’92, Don Manzullo; I take it he was the beneficiary of being gerrymandered into a safe district just like Evans/Hare. They are really upset that they will not have a local representative and frankly, I don’t blame them—Rockford isn’t some obscure backwater. They seem to be the red headed stepchild of the 17th CD; their unemployment rate is the highest in the state—I don’t know why that is, but Rockford is obviously the basketcase of the 17th and if I was a politician, I don’t think I would want them in my district. The QCs and Peoria aren’t exactly going gangbusters, but the are holding their own. Rockford—not so much.

  4. Porter couldn’t win a democrat primary even after being endorsed by every prominent democrat – including Dick “Head” Durbin.

    Porter backed out because he knew he couldn’t win. What wife/kids don’t want their daddy to be a congressman?

    Once the chosen one enters in September, it will all be over.

  5. Steve, oh how I wish what you wrote were true! In our 2010 primary, almost every local Democrat remained neutral in our state rep primary. I did, however, attract the attention of the Illinois House Republican campaign committee from Naperville which sent 15,000 anti-McNeil phone calls into the 71st. I guess I should view that as an honor.

    But of far more interest and importance … who is the “chosen one” who will enter in September?

  6. PM, my guess is that steve’s “chosen one” is Boland, who announced a couple of days ago that he WOULDN’T announce until after Labor Day. lol

    I’m no Dem insider but Boland has as much a chance of being the Democrat nominee for congress as I do. 🙂

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