Try To Act Surprised

Schwiebert passes on run for Congress.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Try To Act Surprised”

  1. As a patriot and MILITARY VETERAN, Eric Reyes has my vote for Congress. Schilling never served a day in the military!!!!

  2. Here we go again with the same boring Democrat bullsh*t.

    Barack Obama never served a day in the military!!!! either but you voted for him over a decorated VietNam veteran and Obama is now commander in chief. And since military service is sooooo important to you, I assume you’ll be backing decorated war veteran Bill Albracht over Fists Of Fury Mike Jacobs, who never served a day in the military!!!! either.

    So just cut the trite crap—try to get some NEW! IMPROVED! talking points for this election—-your shrieking about Schilling’s lack of military service when you supported Obama and Jacobs makes you look like a moron and a hypocrite.

  3. Schwiebert is a dud. He said he would endorse the candidate who wanted to use “government as a force for positive change.”

    Didn’t Marx think that way too? Define positive. Define “force.”

    He’s a loser.

  4. I dunno steve, I have mixed feelings about Schwiebert.

    Back in the ’70s downtown Rock Island was a sad, run down, scary place. I know because I used to work down there. Schwiebert changed all that. I have never lived in Rock Island so I don’t know all the insider stuff that went on there during Schwiebert’s tenure as mayor, but he did improve the downtown.

    Unfortunately he—along with others, was the victim of Lane Evans’ selfishness and narcissism. Schwiebert was the de facto heir apparent to Evans’ congressional seat, but out of his selfish desire to name his own successor, Evans chose the completely inappropriate Phil Hare and the rest of the Dem establishment fell in line—who would deny the last wishes of a sick man?

    I think Schwiebert might have had some problems campaigning in the larger arena of the 17th—he is stiff, pompous and boring, but at least he had accomplished something—on his own, without the help of his daddy or his boss, which is something neither Phil Hare or Mike Jacobs could claim.

    A whole generation of RICO Dems got screwed by the selfishness of Lane Evans and Denny Jacobs, but they have no one to blame but themselves. After all, like sheep, they all just stood by while John Gianulis decided who was worthy and who wasn’t.

    So the torch is passed to a new generation of RICO Dems with no political experience—Bustos and Reyes, since the Dems had no farm team. Lack of political experience obviously didn’t hurt Bobby Schilling—-we’ll see how these Dem newbies manage in a political structure that has been traditionally top down.

  5. So glad he took care of downtown! What happened to the rest of the city? If it was scary then what is it now?

  6. What is it now? Beats me, since I don’t hang out there now but back in the mid-70s to mid-80s when I DID go there at least five days a week, it was a forlorn place with many empty store fronts and where people were afraid to be after dark.

    But whatever—-it seems Schwiebert’s life as an elected official is over, so for better or worse, it is unlikely he will have much impact on public policy—in Rock Island or elsewhere.

  7. Downtown RI was a disaster until Mark Schwiebert brought us a Riverboat Casino and then everything got better for downtown RI.

  8. Thanks for that cartoon comment Ruth.

    Interestingly, studies showed that people went to the casinos for the gambling and very few ventured out to sample the joys of The District. This is why the poobahs figured it would be no great loss to Rock Island to move the casino out to the interstate.

  9. Wrong again.
    The casino was moved because laws changed that allowed the casino to move off of the river.
    This coupled with the fact that the move allows the casino to get drivers to stop off of the interstate and stay at the hotel is the reason for the move. Also Schwiebert had a park to build.
    If the Casino had originally been placed in Moline, Rock Island would have nothing. The Casino was a huge win for Schwiebert and Rock Island and for you not to recognize that is foolish.
    Rock Island has very little other than the casino.

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