Obama Gave Ross’ Priceless Free Publicity….

but he gave every other small business owner the shaft.

Truthfully, I hadn’t paid that much attention to the hacked Fox News tweets that claimed Obama had been assassinated until I saw the tweet that claimed Obama was shot and killed at Ross’ in Davenport, where he made a campaign appearance on June 28 and had the owner slobber over him by shrieking that he fulfilled his 2007 promise to “try one of the magic mountains”, etc. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz Which was totally contrived.

But when I read the QCTimes account at the link, there was this bit that in ’07 when Obama was here on his never-ending campaign for POTUS, he made the promise that he would “advocate tax cuts that would help small business.” What a hoot! Obama is all about corporatism and helping Big Business like GE, which received many government contracts and other goodies under the Obama regime—including paying NO tax.

Instead Obama—counter his previous “promise” has said he wants to tax individuals making over $200,000 a year—small business owners, in other words.

It’s nice for the Ross’ people that the president gave them all this priceless free publicity which gave them an appearance on Rachel Maddow’s show and her 25 viewers. But the truth is Obama is the enemy of small businesses—not their champion.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Obama Gave Ross’ Priceless Free Publicity….”

  1. Thanks oh, link fixed—I think! It keeps flipping in and out on me for some reason.

    One commenter on the QCTimes story said there was no reason to shoot Obama to kill him—-just have him keep eating those Magic Mountains and Volcanos—that would be a sure path to an early death. 🙂

  2. Magic Mountains (doesn’t that sound more like a stripper name than a meal?) are good eats, but they are a heart attack on a plate. Just another in a long line of Obama hypocrisies. He has his wife out politicking to replace every John and Jane USAmerican’s regular meals with carrot and celery sticks while he is living the High Life. Progressives like Obama should be forced to come with a tattoo on their foreheads that state –> Caution, Nanny Statist at work trying to control who lives and who dies.

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