The Downtrodden Cry Out For More! More! More!

AP via The Hare-Dispatch:

“Gov. Pat Quinn wants to cancel raises for thousands of state employees to help cope with the Illinois budget crisis…Quinn’s surprise announcement came on the day workers were to get 2 percent increases. Neither union leaders not lawmakers knew he was considering blocking raises for nearly 30,000 employees.”

Yeah, that Three County Quinn is just full of surprises—-dumping this explosive information on a holiday weekend—-what a warrior!

Unsurprisingly, the union reaction to this was the usual over-the-top hysterical hyperbole—the Outrage-O-Meter is always set on 11:

“With his illegal and irresponsible actions today, Gov. Pat Quinn has trampled on the collective bargaining process and broken his contract with the men and women who do the real work of state government…Today Pat Quinn has shown that his signature on such negoiated agreements is not worth the paper it’s printed on.”

Yeah, cry me a freakin’ river—-public employees have job security and defined benefits with very little cost to them. They aren’t being asked to “give back” anything, they are being asked to accept the very generous status quo—and we should be so lucky to have a pro-taxpayer governor like Scott Walker.

The unions have vowed to take this to court, which seems like an excellent way to spend tax $$$$$. Dont’ give it to the poor, downtrodden and the chillldren—-spend it defending lawsuits from union greedheads. No wonder unions have such poor public support.

I have no idea how all this will shake out—evidently lawmakers didn’t know about this either so it is impossible to know who will ultimately cave to these union demands. Will Cullerton and Dem Senators cave to union demands by increasing the spending limit? Will Madigan? Will Quinn? If Quinn and the Democrat controlled GA doesn’t hold fast against these union demands, the campaign ads their opponents will produce will just write themselves:

“[Senator, Rep. X] chose to reward his/her Big Labor paymaster while cutting funds for the poor, the sick, the old, the disabled and the chilllldren.

Uncritical backing of public employee unions will come at a very high price come 2012.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “The Downtrodden Cry Out For More! More! More!”

  1. Quinn … fighting for the taxpayer … yeah right. Gives him a little political cover, but really, not getting their 2% raise on their juicy and comfy government jobs for life … early retirement, fat benefits … poor babies.

    The car is going over the cliff .. Quinn can say he took his foot off the accelerator, couldn’t find the brake, as we were ten feet from the edge. But we don’t know if it will happen, only that he is saying he will try.

  2. Well yeah, and the wild card in all this is the courts which have upheld union goodies when challenged in the past.

    As you say, it’s hard to know how this will shake out but if history is a guide the taxpayers will probably end up taking it in the shorts.

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