The 17th CD Democrat Steel Cage Death Match

In a surprise announcement, today 32 year-old Democrat Rock Island attorney Eric Reyes said he was running for congress in the 17th CD because:

“I need, at this point in my life, to stop trying to work with the law…I need to work to change it. I need to be able to write a law. That’s why I’m running.”

Who knew Democrats ever gave a damn about the law rather than just ignore it?

Of course he’s for the usual liberal twaddle—the DREAM Act, Obamacare, “protecting” Medicare by doing nothing, etc. Interestingly, both Denny and Mike Jacobs were on hand for his announcement—I’m sure Cheri Bustos is crushed that she isn’t Mike’s Chosen One after all.

Speaking of Bustos, it seems the NRCC has been meddling already even though she hasn’t formally announced her candidacy yet. The NRCC evidently sent out some kind of statement calling attention to the inconvenient fact that she voted to raise taxes as East Moline alderman. Unfortunately, this gave her a chance to issue a cutesy-poo retort:

“…Bobby Schilling and his collegues are already putting out a deep dish of half-baked bologna pizza” but of course she would take the high road and “focus on creating jobs and empowering the middle class…” Details to be provided later—maybe.

AFter denouncing the NRCC for “mud slinging”—Brandy Donaldson must be so proud—Bustos parroted the usual talking points from the Democrat playbook about being pro-AMTRAK, pro-do nothing about Medicare, etc. So far it seems all the candidates are marching lockstep—not an original thinker among them.

So it looks like the various factions of the RICO Democrat party are going to go mano a mano by fielding new blood to battle their blood feuds. If Schilling has any pull with the NRCC or any other such entity, he needs to tell them to stay the hell out of the way while the Dems are ripping each other to pieces. The GOP doesn’t need to get in the middle of this—this jolly lockstep beat-up-on-Bobby phase won’t last long as March nears. Then the GOP can swing into action once the nominee is known. This “pre” stuff is counterproductive.

After weeks of silence, Fists Of Fury Mike Jacobs finally made a statement about whether he will run for congress:

“I enjoy my job in the (Illinois) Senate [bullying and beating up on people] and I’m going to concentrate on that until I make a decision [which will be some time after 2013].”

Well, OK—I just made up the stuff in the brackets, but it’s the truth and Jacobs could have very well said it.


Author: qcexaminer

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5 thoughts on “The 17th CD Democrat Steel Cage Death Match”

  1. He was ambitious when I knew him. He was also spewing the same twaddle while declaring his allegiance to a career in the ACLU. Back then he definitely had a talent for hubris and swagger. I wouldn’t vote for him even if he was just running for head cheerleader.

  2. I’d say “ambitious” with “a talent for hubris and swagger” would also be an accurate description of Mike Jacobs—-no wonder the Jacobs boys are backing Reyes—he’s Mike’s Mini-Me! 🙂

  3. “no wonder the Jacobs boys are backing Reyes—he’s Mike’s Mini-Me! ”

    That was my thought also when I read Jacobs was backing him. Who knows, maybe hey could go to their favorite watering hole, get all lathered up, compete to see which is the Champion boaster then find somebody passed out drunk in an alley and then go all Mike Tyson on the Dionysus worshiper. Plus Free Publicity after Brandy spins the event for them.

  4. The QCTimes account of the Reyes event contained this juicy quote:

    “I’ve found that, essentially, there is nothing that can be done for children that were brought here by their parents when they’re infants…The only way to make a difference is to become a legislator and change the law.”

    Yes, Reyes is for the chilllldren alright, but he needs to be more specific. It is a lie that “nothing” can be done for children of illegals—-they have the same path to citizenship as everyone else. What does Reyes propose? Amnesty for illegal chillldren? Pushing the DREAM Act again? If the DREAM Act couldn’t pass last year when Democrats dominated the legislature and the WH, it seems unlikely to pass by just electing more Democrats. Maybe Reyes means there needs to be more Hispanic Democrats in the legislature to make a difference. It remains to be seen if his fellow Dem candidates will push him to be more specific, since they seem to be more about platitudes than policy at the moment, but if not, I’m sure Schilling will inquire.

    I think the DREAM Act might be a good thing as long as the provision about colllege was eliminated. I don’t think most people consider going to college much of a sacrifice, but how many parents would be willing to bring their illegal children into the country knowing the price for citizenship would be military service?

  5. It’s looking like Bustos may have won the back room deal sweepstakes. Too bad for democracy.

    Ed. Note: Be sure to click on qcpundit’s name—-he/she has a new blog and it looks like it’s gonna be a good one.

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