Did Cheri Bustos Win The Dirty Backroom Deal Sweepstakes?

The QC Times is reporting that Cheri Bustos will file paperwork today with the FEC to run for congressperson of the 17th CD and will make a formal announcement on July 13.

The QCTimes also reports that Porter McNeil won’t run for congress, which I guessed since he was WQAD’s “political analyst” when Obama was here earlier this week.

Schwiebert and Boland were mentioned as possible contenders, but I doubt it since the Hare-Dispatch gave Schweibert a five day run of bloviation on their editorial page, and Boland is just a loser—period!

Conspicuously absent was any mention of the man who used to be at the top of media speculation—Fists Of Fury Senator Mike Jacobs.

It looks like Sonny Corleone Jacobs has finally arrived at the toll booth.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Did Cheri Bustos Win The Dirty Backroom Deal Sweepstakes?”

  1. Oh we have a new “Golden Child”, or should I say Golden Godchild. Yes, Bustos is the godchild of Dick (Maybe Illegal Alien Will Become President Someday) Durbin. Yeah, that make sense, the godfathers role is informally responsible for ensuring the child’s religious education was carried out. I am sure that Durbin has been a good godfather and taught well the religion of the left and the importance of worshiping the messiah Obama. I hear the choir of angle singing in my hears already.

  2. How perfect. Let’s have someone who hasn’t even lived in Illinois (except on paper) since 2008 represent the 17th district. I say Boland should be the nominee because there’s no way he can win to someone like Schilling. And if he does win, at least he pays attention to the small towns.

  3. Note to Sue G and other Dem operatives: the primary isn’t until March so your shrieks of Bustos being Jacobs’ Chosen One and Bustos In A Landslide!!!1111!!! are a little premature, to say the least.
    This counters your claims last December that “Jacobs will run against Schock in a very Democratic district after Schock beats Schilling in the Primary. Jacobs will gerrymander this district just the way he wants it. This is a done deal.”

    It seems now the party line is that Jacobs gerrymandered the district—for Bustos! lol

    What a hoot! You Dim Phreaks are about as accurate in your predictions as I am—who knew Sonny Corleone Jacobs would arrive at the toll booth BEFORE the primary?

  4. I see there has been another name placed into consideration – Eric Reyes. I suppose that stepping stone pays better from from what he used to claim was a dream career at the ACLU. I liked his quote from the Donaldson article: ” I need, at this point in my life, to stop trying to work with the law,”. Unless he changed his drinking habits from his 20’s – he probably still has great practice at not working with the law. Can’t say about now – but in the early part of the last decade he used to hang with a hard drinking crowd. Many of them had lost their drivers license, not that it stopped them from driving when they wanted to party.


  5. Mark Schwiebert is the biggest wuss in the entire political realm. The self proclaimed, “King of Rock Island” is considering backing out of the race and allowing the Springfield/Des Moines native a free shot at the title.

    Too bad. Mark probably had the best shot at winning.

  6. Cheri Bustos is a fake and running as a “working mom”. She is really a HEALTH CARE EXECUTIVE and seeking election to benefit her former employer. Any of you who buy the “working mom ” blather are making a big mistake.

    She has a record on EM City Council….it is all about pandering to the city unions which may further her political career…..she is a phony!

    Gov. Quinn did the same the same thing in seeking AFSCME support………………..

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