Blowback’s A Bitch

The inevitable blowback from disgraced State’s Attorney Jeff Terronez’ unethical and illegal behavior has arrived.

Jason VanHoutte wants his case reheard due to the conduct of former State’s Attorney Jeff Terronez.

VanHoutte is asking that his conviction on three counts of sexual encounters with a minor be vacated or he be given a retrial. At the original trial, he pled guilty and received a 12 year sentence.

VanHoutte’s charges against Terronez are multiple and damaging, especially this:

“…had Mr. VanHoutte known of the alleged relationship between Mr. Terronez and [his client] he would not have pleaded guilty and would have let the case go to trial.”

In the past, the RICO Politburo has been content to just screw the voters and taxpayers. But with Terronez the Politburo is now screwing the justice system.

Don’t kid yourself, Terronez was The Chosen One of the Politburo—he was Lane’s Chosen One and Phil Hare ran his first campaign. Bohnsack admitted he knew Terronez was doing bad stuff but chose not to press him to resign because Terronez had a family to feed.

Which dovetails nicely into our corrupt convicted former governor Blago. Now deceased Politburo poobah John Gianulis was a major driver to getting Blago elected—-every one of the local Dems endorsed him—even for a second term when it was known he was under investigation. For their faithfulness, Gianulis and Joel Brunsvold both got juicy appointments in the Blago administration.

The local Democrats will try to paint these as “outliers”, but the sad truth is this is what 40 years of one party rule gets you—The Culture Of Democrat Corruption.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Blowback’s A Bitch”

  1. The RICO Democrat Culture of Corruption continues. Interim State’s Attorney and former Terronez minion Mark Senko says VanHoutte’s petition is without merit.

    Well gee, what would he say—-that his former boss was a total and complete jackass?

    This case might be ripe for a change of venue—does anyone really believe Senko and the Democrat union lawyers in his office can be objective on this?

  2. Mark Senko is towing the Democratic line. He has agreed to not run again and he can make all of the difficult decisions with no political blowback. Then go back to his old job and bring his new much higher salary along with him.
    This is a much better hand picked placeholder than any other would have been.

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