Barack Obama’s Alcoa Speech In 52 Characters

861 Days And $787 Billion In, Obama Pleads For More Time On Jobs

I watched the early “reporting” on this on WQAD, and it just reinforced my opinion that I am not wired for journalism—especially of the electronic sort. I do not have the ability to babble about nothing for minutes and hours on end waiting for something happen. Somebody must have mentioned the excellent weather about 50 times—at least. Then we were treated to a descriptions of all the vans and SUVs in the presidential motorcade. There was continual swooning over a sitting president visiting although being next door to the Iowegians, we get these people all the time. You’ve got to be a special person to be able to yammer at will about nothing—kudos to Channel 8!

The downside to so much mindless blathering is the inevitable gaffe, which was executed by the female anchor in describing Obama’s “big white smile”.


At the Alcoa plant, 250 lucky employees—out of 2500 total, were lucky enough to see The Won give his speech. My guess is that most were plucked from the union faithful because when Obama introduced Branstad, there was silence; when he introduced Braley and Loebsack, there was a polite smattering of applause. Interestingly, Obama referred to both Braley and Loebsack as congressman, but when he came to Bobby Schilling, who was also greeted with near silence, Obama didn’t introduce him as Congressman Bobby Schilling—-just Bobby Schilling. Those Democrats are just so classy!

The actual speech was just 18 minutes and was part policy, part pep talk, and part campaign speech with the obligatory “what I inherited” twaddle. It looks like Obama is running the ’08 playbook for ’12.

The CW seems to be that the only reason Obama was in Iowa yesterday is because the state is filled with GOP presidential candidates denouncing and denigrating him. He broke off crucial and important budget talks in DC in order to make this fly-by campaign stop. He landed at the airport around 11:45—just in time to clog up lunch hour traffic, and was back in the air around 2:30. Who knows how much this little show cost the taxpayers? But it’s all in a day’s work for Obama because he needs to make sure he has a job until 2016—-even if you don’t.


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One thought on “Barack Obama’s Alcoa Speech In 52 Characters”

  1. So what Obama is saying is that Iowa has it right as a right to work State, instead of the De,ocrat Party promoted forced Unionization closed shops like in Illinois!

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