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From the excellent editorial in The State Journal-Register:

“Much as we might like to believe that Rod Blagojevich got what he deserved, we also must accept that Illinois got what it deserved in twice electing him.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Garbage in Garbage out and that has been the state of Illinois politics for decades.

  2. Yeah, I love the way the Dems and their allies in the press try to paint Blago as an “outlier” and that with his conviction, we can turn the page to a new era of reform, etc.etc. lol

    Every one of the local Dems endorsed Blago for a second term—and many worked on his campaign, even though it was well known before the election that he was under investigation. As is the norm with the Dem Culture of Corruption, power came before the people.

    I don’t really have a strong feeling about Blago, his crimes and conviction—I never voted for him so I never considered him “my” governor. I also believe there is some truth in his statement that he wasn’t doing anything everyone else was doing. The sad thing is he just had the misfortune to get caught doing business as usual in Illinois while many others are out there doing just what Blago did—without consequences.

  3. “It was nice to see Congressman Bobby Schilling and President Obama getting along so well,” quipped WQAD-tv Chris Minor.

    Seats are reserved for U.S. Reps. Bobby Schilling, R-Colona, Bruce Braley, D-Waterloo and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

    “I think this is awesome,” Rep. Schilling said. “Some people are looking at this as campaign season starting up, but the way I look at it is we’ve got the president of the United States here. And that is a great thing for our area.”

    Assigned to sit right next to Rep. Schilling is former U.S. Rep. Phil Hare. State Sen. Mike Jacobs, D-East Moline, and his father Denny Jacobs, a former state senator, also have seats on that row.

    Just behind them are Mayors Dennis Pauley, Rock Island, John Thodos, East Moline, Don Welvaert, Moline, and Rock Island County Board Chairman Jim Bohnsack.

  4. Ahhhhhh! All is right with the world. It is nice to Rep Schilling on team Obama with the rest of the crew.
    The QC is doing great. Pres. Obama, Rep. Schilling and Senator Jacobs have unemployment in the QC down to 6%. They are doing a good job of working together.

  5. Sue G @3.38: Yeah, the Amazing Mikey “called out” Blago AFTER he worked to get him elected a second time. lol


    FJG: It looks like the H-D was wrong—at least as to showed up to worship The Won at Alcoa.

    Today they say the politicians attending were Branstad, Leobsack, Braley, Schilling, Bohnsack, Pauley, Thodos and Welvaert. I wonder who the genius was that thought seating Hare next to Schilling was a smart move? What genius thought to invite Punch ‘Em Out Mike and his lobbyist daddy? The Jacobs boys love to perform in front of a camera, so I guess the heat is still on after Mike’s bully-boy display in Springfield a few weeks ago.


    Sue G @9:53: The reaction to Schilling’s rather bland statement about Obama’s visit, on both the left and right, is bizarre. Both Dems and GOPers are trying to paint Schilling as a tool of Obama—or something. The GOPers are thinking Schilling should have given Obama a verbal Mikey-style punch out—-like that would change anything. The Dems are so desperate for validation, they are trying to paint a simple act of civility—-something they know nothing about, as a win for them and a negative for Schilling.

    Both views wacky in the extreme!


    I just now realized this new format doesn’t have numbered comments—-bummer!

  6. Why would Senator Mike Jacobs or Denny Jacobs go to this rally when they had their own private meeting with their personal friend President Obama?

  7. I know you’re lying Sue because if the Jacobs boys had “their own private meeting with their personal friend President Obama”, they would have knocked each over trying to get to the press to tell them just how connected, influential and powerful they are.

    The Jacobs family has the “Look At Me” gene—-there’s no way they would have a private meeting with Obama and not tell the world about it—-just like Lane Evans’ handler did.

    It’s possible the Jacobs boys were with Evans at this meeting, but the photo I saw of this Evans thing was just of Evans groupie Devin Hansen, Obama, Evans’ handler and Evans.

    Oh yeah, and there was this juicy quote from the handler who claimed Obama told the assembled that:

    “If it wasn’t for this man, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be president without Lane Evans.”

    He’s obviously lying, but it was a sweet gesture none the less—and I say that as someone who is not exactly what you would call a “supporter” of either Evans or Obama.

    The cynic in me believes the handler went to the press on Obama’s behalf in order to shore up the Democrat faithful in RICO—-which Hare lost by 9 points. Evans was a do-nothing congressman, but still managed to remain popular because he’s a heckuva nice guy and the local press worked overtime to build a Cult Of Personality around him.

  8. Here’s more b.s. from Obama’s QC hit and run yesterday: H-D columnist John Marx just “happened” to be as Ross’ when Obama suddenly and unexpectedly appeared!

    What a coincidence—-and a fawning column about Obama “keeping his word” was the happy result of this bit of kismet.

    No coordination between press and president here kids, just move along.

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