Try To Act Surprised

From The QCTimes:

“The spokeswoman for Gov. Pat Quinn’s budget office has been given a salary boost of more than 47 percent.”

Ya gotta love the irony—and hilarity, of Quinn’s “budget” spokeswoman accepting such a juicy raise.

Oh wait, I forgot—this is Illinois!

Anyone who really believes the political class in Springfield is serious about bringing government back from the brink of bankruptcy must be a Democrat. There will be no serious cuts to established programs—that would be counter to the fundamentalist religion of statism our liberal Democrat overlords worship and believe.

Mike Madigan seems to get the problem with spending $2 for every $1 of revenue, but his concern is less for the people of the State O’ Illinois than for his ability to retain power.

But there could be good news for the reckless spenders in Illinois government—- Ron Paul and Barney Frank are proposing legislation that “would eliminate marijuana-specific penalties under federal law, but would maintain a ban on transporting marijuana across state lines. It would allow individuals to grow and sell marijuana in states that made it legal.”

Ya gotta love a hard left statist like Barney Frank going all Federalist and wanting to turn marijuana enforcement over to the states. Federalism: The last refuge of scoundrels!

This law, if passed, would be tailor-made for blue states run by Democrats who cannot control spending and need new sources of revenue. This law also has the advantage of being more intellectually honest than the “medical” marijuana bills.

We already have legalized gambling in Illinois that liberals are pushing to expand in order to grab more $$$$ from the addicted, so why stop there?

Why not legalize marijuana in order to draw the drug crowd? The Democrats have made Illinois a safe haven for illegals, so why not make it a safe haven for druggies? Take a toke for the chilllldren!

Why not legalize prostitution? Bonk a ho for the chillllldren!

Since we’re already rolling snake eyes for the chillllldren, let’s tax all human weakness—for the chilllldren, of course!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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