It’s A Free For All!

Three County Quinn finally signed the congressional redistricting map today followed by the promise by the GOP that lawsuits will ensue. Neither is surprising.

But in the 17th CD, rather than the Schock v. Schilling primary the Democrats were salivating over, it looks like there will be brutal Dem on Dem violence until the primary because now there is a Democrat candidate from Freeport who plans to run against Koehler and one or more QCers.

According to Rockford’s the mayor of Freeport will announce his intention to run for congress in the 17th tomorrow.

That Mike Madigan is a freakin’ genius! Only a brilliant mind like his would connive to add parts of two major cities to the QCs in order to add enough Democrats to make the 17th a “safe” district once again. Phil Hare and Denny Jacobs are gonna have to get a bigger room to accomodate all the people involved in the backroom deal they said would determine the Dem nominee.

Time to stock up on popcorn because it’s gonna be a heckuva show watching the Democrats rip into each other like wild animals.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “It’s A Free For All!”

  1. I can solve the Democrat problem, whoever decides to be a public servant rather than union servant … wins. Unions are out, representing the people is in like Flynn the Tea Party.

    Any time they split cities into different districts, it should be overruled. The new system is corrupt … let’s bring back some of the old system. Bring back public whippings … they should do that to those that split towns like that, to help their union bosses. Or put them in stocks … not union stock certificates, but the old kind where their head sticks out and people can abuse them at will. šŸ™‚

  2. You’re in a rare mood! TGIF and all that, eh? šŸ™‚

    It will be interesting to see if they all try to run to the left using the Evans/Hare model, or whether they will try something different for a change. I would expect at least one Dem to understand that the17th isn’t San Francisco, it it blue collar Reagan Democrat.

    I don’t know anything about Gaulrapp, but I’m impressed that rather than engage in the usual attacks and talking points, he actually has the audacity to tell the truth about what 28 years of representation by hard left liberals has done to our area:

    “Unemployment is, unfortunately, universal in this district. And unfortunately this is a district that has been forgotten. I feel I can work with both sides of the aisle.”

    Which is certainly not something the hard left ideologues like Hare and Evans could do—-they were reliable rubber stamps for the leftwing of their party, even when the presidency and congress were controlled by the GOP. The ideological purity of Lane Evans and Phil Hare hurt our district, and bravo to Gaulrapp for telling this inconvenient truth about his own party.

  3. just trying to think outside of the box … it really doesn’t seem things will change without the “little” people getting some hands on involvement. The seemingly coordinated vote by Schilling, Schock and 4 other Illinois Repubs (as I recall) to continue the open door for unions to get government contracts, has left me feeling less than confident that peaceful change can occur.

    Indeed it will be good to watch the Democrats in the death match (chant “five men enter, one man leaves” … one of those apocalyptic movies I think :)) … but with the carnage that seems headed our way, we need responsible Tea Party types that are less beholden to any union boys. It is nice to see some possible cracks in the Democrat machine, but we saw with Obamacare that when push comes to shove, the “blue dogs” roll over for their Democrat masters, even when it is far left Obama/Reid/Pelosi.

    But maybe there could be some Tea Party uprisings in the Democrat party, at least in the house … perhaps Gaulrapp is just a normal guy that wants to change things without selling out to the power players … THAT would be worth seeing on the big screen with popcorn and beer (HD big screen is at home now … cheap popcorn and beer, no crowds or sticky floors :))

    I haven’t seen the new map … is RICO in a different district from Quincy?

  4. Well yeah, public whippings and stocks would certainly be considered “out of the box” alright—at least in the 21st century. šŸ™‚

    As for a Democrat Tea Party, I’ve read that former Obama administration official and truther Van Jones is organizing just such a thing—-and the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka has vowed his union people will be the first to join—-which is what I always thought—the Democrats already have a tea party, it’s called Big Labor! šŸ™‚

    The newly configured 17th CD has excluded Quincy—-what Democrat would want that hotbed of insurgency in his/her district? So my Quincy pals are happy to know they have a solid conservative in Aaron Schock as their representative. The new 17th goes up to the stateline and includes parts of Rockford and Peoria. I doubt Schilling will have a primary challenge—maybe Manzullo, but probably not. On the other hand, Democrats will be ripping each other apart and spending precious $$$$$ fighting each other rather than fighting Bobby Schilling.

    In my view, this is a Win-Win. šŸ™‚

  5. yeah, communist Van Jones was praised by Obama’s right left hand gal Valerie Jarret, as an up and coming star. But fighting to give organized crime big labor more power, seems like the antithesis of the Tea Party. Labor boards spending hundreds of millions versus individuals donating to the Tea party candidates. Unions want government jobs by mandate, Tea party wants open bidding. Unions need government to bail out their pensions, salaries and special workers rights (eg. GM) rather than the free market making it work in bankruptcy court, by restructuring absurd handouts and pensions.

    Obama didn’t save GM, he saved union fat cats. The founders didn’t demand the king give them higher wages and free health care … the demanded to be left alone.

    The far left “T-Party” is the Tyranny party. šŸ˜Æ But there is some room for Democrats that want smaller government, and just happen to be somewhat less conservative, like the blue dogs are alleged to be. The real division is US versus them … them being the special DC power players, and their local foot soldiers that can smile as they slip the knife in America’s back.

    I don’t remember if the “public whippings” comment was a beer comment … I think my main point/complaint was that our politicians currently feel they have no responsibility to listen to the constituency. Another big wave of Tea party types and massive investigations is my solution … so far the white collar criminals are still feel emboldened to conspire and defraud every chance they get. as I see it.

    A balanced budget amendment is nice, but we have to start rooting out the big criminals and making them pay. Some twenty to life hard time sentences would be even better than public whippings.

  6. Here’s a juicy quote I culled from a March, 2011 post by lobbyist and Politburo poobah Denny Jacobs:

    “We [Democrats] better make sure our primary candidates don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars that could be spent in better ways.”

    Well Denny, if you expect your RICO Dem nominee for congress to win the nomination, you’re gonna have to open your wallet and spend “tens of thousands of dollars” in the primary instead of against Bobby Schilling.

    Hey Denny, how’s that Democrat controlled state government workin’ out for ya? šŸ™‚

  7. jb, I meant to comment on your “any time they split cities into different districts, it should be overruled” comment at #1, but forgot.

    What the Dems are saying is that it is BETTER for cities to have more than one rep in congress rather than just one. I seriously doubt the good people of Peoria and Rockford really believe that, but this is the Dem talking point, and they’re sticking to it!

  8. Why not just forget geographical lines then … base districts on skin color, income and/or party affiliation.

  9. Don’t they already base district lines on race, income and party affiliation?

    I’m pretty sure the current 17th CD wasn’t drawn with contiguity in mind. šŸ™‚

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