Quick! Look Over There . . .

. . . it’s “my Republican friends”.

Yesterday the Illinois Senate Democrats backed down from their cutesy political game of chicken by passing a clean capital bill which will fund road projects for the next year. It finally dawned on the Senate Democrats that they would be held responsible and get the blame for losing massive amounts of good union construction jobs if they didn’t back down and remove the $430 million they attached to the original bill for social services and education.

Of course, our specially bred Senator Mike Jacobs is not one to let facts get in the way of partisan hackery, self-serving revisionism and diversionary blame-gaming, so rather than admit the truth about the situation and the role he and his cronies played in this debacle, this is what we get:

“All these jobs could have gone by the wayside…And I’m pleased that my Republican friends didn’t just vote no, but voted yes.”

What a hoot! By Mike’s definition, “Republican friends” who voted no would include that well-known rightwinger, Mike Madigan! Madigan, Tom Cross, the entire Democrat controlled House and the GOPers in the senate, all locked arms to reject this craven political ploy perpetrated by Mike and his Senate cronies.

Jacobs is flailing—and failing.

And he knows it.


Speaking of hackery, the link above is to an article by Illinois Statehouse News. What appeared in the Hare-Dispatch was a combination of that article and an article from AP.

In the dead tree edition, the H-D edited out the bit about how the Senate Democrats were responsible for the construction money being held up, but included the quote from Jacobs implying it was the GOP that was the obstructionist Party Of No.

This is bizarre since there have been several articles and an editorial in the H-D setting out exactly WHO was responsible for this kerfuffle. I understand why Jacobs would try to divert attention away from himself with this quote, but why would the H-D want to damage their credibility even more than it already is?

Birds of a feather, and all that, I suppose.


Author: qcexaminer

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