The Downtrodden Cry Out In Anguish

The regular session of the Illinois General Assembly will begin tomorrow and one of the matters expected to be taken up is lawmakers cutting their own pay and accepting 12 furlough days for the third straight year.

Our Boy-Senator Mike Jacobs was in full pout mode about the prospect:

“I (am) not complaining, but I am coming to Springfield on my own dime to cut my pay again….Even after the last time I cut my pay, nobody back home has said great job.”

What a whiner—and he says Bill Albracht doesn’t have the temperament for public office!

This isn’t the first time Mike has complained about being downtrodden in the Senate and the low pay. As early as ’06, less than a year after his daddy handed over the Jacobs hereditary seat, Mike was bitching about how he was living “paycheck to paycheck”. Of course, that didn’t stop him from buying a $1.5 million property last year, but I guess “poverty” is a relative term.

Almost from the beginning Mike has voiced displeasure with the job his daddy gave him and launched an exploration to see if he was a viable candidate for governor after he won his first full term in ’08. I get the vibe that he really doesn’t like us very much—and the feeling is increasingly mutual.

Here’s Democrat Rep. Kevin McCarthy on what to expect in this session:

“Once you open the doors, anything could happen”.

Yeah, like maybe they’ll raise our taxes again—or maybe Mike will punch someone out!

With those wacky Democrats you just never know.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “The Downtrodden Cry Out In Anguish”


    Take SB0107, a bill that lowers the intrastate switched access rates and limits the Illinois Commerce Commissions regulation powers in regards to telephone and internet service deliveries. This bill was sponsored by both Sen. Mc Carter and Sen. Jacobs without a single mention of the thousands of dollars Sen. McCarter received from a local St. Jacob telephone and internet service provider who stands to benefit from the bill’s passage. Apparently Sen. McCarter only finds the lack of conflict of interest disclosures troubling when it isn’t him sponsoring.

  2. Hey, that reminds me—-Mike is vice-chair of the telecommunications committee—-and his daddy lobbys for AT&T! 🙂

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