Well That Didn’t Take Long

The Iowa Tea Party and members of the advocacy group American Principles in Action are going on a three week bus tour through Iowa, ostensibly to train people for the upcoming Iowa caucuses and is, according to The QCTimes, “aimed at promoting the idea of going back to the gold standard. Tying the U.S. monetary system to its gold supply was abandoned during the Nixon administration, but many tea partiers believe it ought to be resurrected.”

When I read this, I figured it was just another example of liberal media bias in the QCs, since I had never heard about the gold standard being a big deal in Tea Party circles. But according to USAToday, it seems these people really are pushing this fringe idea in Iowa and those candidates appearing at various stops along the way i.e. Bachmann, Gingrich, Cain, Johnson etc. will be asked their opinion on this pressing and important issue.

When did the wackos take over the Tea Party? This APA group is also pushing conservative social issues like gay marriage, which will have the unfortunate effect of driving off activists and participants of multiple political pursuasions, which has been the bedrock of the TP. Forcing GOP presidential candidates to opine on the gold standard and gay marriage in media saturated Iowa will not help either the GOP or the TP.

How did this happen? Who let this happen? Who let a movement devoted to constitutional, less intrusive government and lower taxes be hijacked by the fringe element in the GOP Party? If I was into conspiracy theories, I would suspect George Soros or David Axelrod is behind this sudden move to extremism.

Unfortunately, it probably is rot from within which will reinforce the stereotype that Tea Partiers are homophobic, anti-workers rights, and racists wholly owned by the Koch brothers.

A brilliant move by the Iowegian Tea Party.



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Well That Didn’t Take Long”

  1. Maybe it is the hyperactive Ron Paul groupies … they seem able to take over any polling process and get 40-80% when they are really more like 10%. There are a lot of “tea party” groups out there, so this might just be a couple with a few “leaders” that decided to push the gold standard thing. I’d rather see consideration of the balanced budget amendment, making the federales more like the states.

    The one “chairman” said “We are trying to train the Tea Party” I’m thinking getting people to march in unison is for Democrat drones … “training” Tea partiers might be more like herding cats. 🙂

    The gold standard was OK to stay on maybe, but not sure it would be wise to try to go back to it. The people that have been buying gold would of course love it, since their gold would be worth much more then. The only maybe workable way (out of a fiat currency) I’ve heard, is to back our money with a basket of commodities. It’s a real complicated subject what with fractional reserve banking and $600 trillion in derivatives that we allowed into our marketplace without regulation. We need to un-underwrite the big boyz at place like Fannie/Freddie and Goldman Sachs.

    “Gold standard” might make a nice chant, but I’m not sure we can get there from here. I’d favor getting rid of the fed, or at least auditing them. But giving congress control of our money would just mean they’d keep spending and printing trillions.

    I want a Tea party that will put integrity back in the system … smaller government and lower taxes. And “Investigate, incarcerate the political crooks, recuperate the stolen funds”. These little Tea party self appointed trainers may not really have much backing. Of course the media will play up whatever they think paints the real movement as fringe … as you point out.

    Rick Perry sounded pretty good to me .. what little I’ve seen of him.

  2. Sad, but true. The QC Tea Party is no exception, on the Iowa side, anyway. I attended a meeting and they spoke mainly of legalizing all drugs, the idea that no race matters except the local Sheriff election, that Republicans are just as bad as Democrats so might as well support neither, and that there were literally two United States of Americas and that the current government is a fraudulent corporate version of what the United States of America really is. I also heard someone mention that 9/11 was an inside job, and the “leader” of the meeting nodded her head to that.

    Seriously, it turned into conspiracy wingnut central.

    I consider myself a tea partier, but yikes! I liked the tea party’s initial lack of leadership… but now that the movement is more established, we’ve seen a lot of people hijack it and turn it into something it’s not.

  3. I still contend the “Tea Party” is the 70% that want less government and lower taxes (a Rasmussen poll from a few months back). The real division is “us and them” more than Dem and Repub’. Us being the regular joe six pack that works and pays taxes … them being the DC insiders and their tribes of connected jerks that use influence to fleece the majority. I think that corrupt group winds all the way down to the local political and lawyer cabals, with lotsa wanna be “playahs”. They send our good men overseas, while they destroy at home what we think we’re fighting for abroad.

    A few fed up folks on the fringe are probably more motivated, and see this as their chance for their radical sixties moment or something. The real Tea Party is grassroots and will hopefully respond to the right message, not some jokers trying to co-opt the “movement”.

  4. Yep yep ohreally, I was at the first tea party’s, fly my Gadsden flag, and fight for the candidates that are about smaller government, lower taxes and personal responsibilities. However, early on I was quick to caution people about jumping on the bandwagon in the hopes that the Tea Party was going to be the savior and become it’s own party. Just as people’s personal issues, you can’t run from our problems to start anew. They only follow. The reason the Tea Party has been so successful is because of the seniors, the youth, the women and those who have had little to no involvement in politics before. These people are seeking Conservatism! Most are not aware of the for leftist social issues. I doubt grandma wants to legalize heroine and libertarians do. The Republican party is the Conservative party but the leaders of the party have lost aspect and gone to the center or even left. I say stay and fight for restoration. Call a Rhino a Rhino and support the Conservative candidates

    I can see the Tea Party attracting agenda driven people, extreme fringe wackos and of course infiltrated by the left to blacken the eye of true conservatism. Besides, if any group have extreme social issues or agendas then I question how they would be if power is gained. Isn’t that what happened to the Democrat party? Political Correctness is a result of social issues. Well, then again isn’t that what happened to the Republican party too?

    Reagan was the greatest Conservative of my time but one he did not run around telling everyone he was a Conservative, he act like one. Second, economy, smaller government, and freedom was his priority in office, not getting tied up in social issues. And lastly, Reagan was unapologetic and went for the throat. The difference in Conservatism and Libertarianism is Conservatives think as us as a whole and Libertarians think as me.

    Rick Perry 2012!!

  5. Ron Paul has been talking about the gold standard for years.

    The shame of the Tea Party is that they’re perceived as being nuts. I think we really could have seen a third party in this country if it weren’t for a few wackos.

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