Memories Of The Nixon Administration

For some reason the Hare-Dispatch has given Mark Schwiebert a five day platform in their editorial page to spew his leftist twaddle. I assume he gave them assurances he would not be running for elective office since the H-D would be obligated to give his challengers the same publicity.

I haven’t commented on Schwiebert’s op-eds which began Friday, because there was nothing interesting or original in them, except for one where he stated religion should be a consideration in public policy—-which is astounding considering the bigotry most liberals express toward religion.

In Schwiebert’s 4th out of 5 columns, he tackles the trite “rise of angry partisanship” which leads to the all-too-predictable denunciation of the SCOTUS Citizens ruling, although, unlike most liberals and their allies in the press, he admits that unions are also exempt and can spend unlimited sums to influence elections. Well, duh! During the last election, unions spent more than the demonized Koch brothers in order to get Democrats elected—-and they failed.

But that doesn’t stop Schwiebert railing against money in politics and the power of special interests. Like unions, like environmentalists, like abortionists, like wymyn, like—well, EVERYBODY. Zzzzzzzz. I get the feeling Schwiebert only dislikes special interests and their money from interests he doesn’t agree with or like.

Schwiebert longs for an earlier era when liberalism was the de facto law of the land and conservatism was just a quirky fringe group. All that changed in the ’70s when the elites took over the Democrat Party and drove traditionally blue collar voters to the right—Reagan Democrats. Obama and his administration are the poster children for this elite Democrat Party.

To counter all this anti-liberalism, Schwiebert calls for public financing of political campaigns. What a hoot! Schwiebert must have been in a coma during the ’08 presidential election when liberal god Barack Obama opted out of public financing and instead sought campaign money from Mick E Mouse and Ben Dover. Obama made history, and in turn killed any hope of continuing publically funded campaign finance. Not surprisingly, Schwiebert doesn’t mention this betrayal by Obama of one of the left’s Sacred Pillars. Obama killed taxpayer financed campaigns—-and thank the gods for that—it’s one of the truly useful things he has ever done!


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8 thoughts on “Memories Of The Nixon Administration”

  1. Forgot to mention this juicy quote in the link:

    “The second threat to our political system is the growing influence of special interests…fueled by huge budgets and armies of paid advocates…”

    Gee, ya think he was referencing our Sen. Mike Jacobs, chair of the Senate Energy Committee and his daddy, a paid lobbyist for energy giant ComEd, and the sweet deal Mike rammed through at the end of the session giving his daddy’s client a huge rate increase?

    Nah! Wouldn’t be prudent for a Dem like Schwiebert to bring up these inconvenient truths—-special interests with “huge budgets and armies of paid advocates” only applies to the GOP—-if it’s Dems,well—-it’s just good governance and for the public good! 🙂

  2. What schwiebert doesn’t mention is that he is going to be a self-funding candidate. Schwiebert is worth 16 million dollars. That’s a fact!

    He’s going to pour as much money as he needs to into his campaign coffers.

    The problem with people who support public funding of campaigns is that they forget that by taking individual donors out of the equation, they are eliminating accountability. Individual donors, 90% of whom are small donors ($100 or less) keep a campaign accountable and determine viability. It’s just like how a company operates. People aren’t going to invest in your stock if you are a failing company or if you are a company that is inherently evil or bad.

    It’s completely unfair to ask liberal democrat taxpayers to subsidize campaigns for conservative republicans and vice versa. It’s even worse to force apolitical people to donate to campaigns that they don’t want to.

    I’m surprised you didn’t take note of this from the earlier oped, but Schwiebert actually stated that “Deficits are not the major problem facing this country”

    I would wholeheartedly disagree. Especially since because of those deficits we are giving over $200 billion to foreign countries in the form of debt payments. That’s $200 billion less that we have to spend here on social programs and jobs training programs that this tax and spend liberal loves! It’s also $200 billion more a year that we have to print up and devalue our currency even more — which is the biggest burden on the poor and middle class.

    Schwiebert is a fool. He’s running in a democrat primary as the “centrist” candidate. The only way he wins is if you get multiple extreme leftists running against him — which may be his plan for victory and sticking above the fray. In that case, I may have spoken too soon.

    Schwiebert is a hypocrite because he’s a self-funder and a fool for thinking that the deficit is not a major problem facing our country.

  3. I agree 100% with you about public financing. I didn’t go into a lot of detail in this post about it, because I have flogged it pretty hard in the past. My bottom line is money follows message, not the other way around. Who would be The Decider as to who gets taxpayer funding for their campaign? It needs to be the people, not an Election Death Panel, or bureaucrats or incumbents wanting a job for life. It’s just a bad deal.

    My other bottom line is let everybody contribute as much as they want—no strings, just full and immediate reporting requirements. If funds come exclusively from one source—the opposition will call them out on it, i.e. Phil Hare In The Pocket of Big Labor vs. Schilling The Grassroots Guy.

    All these attempts to take money out of politics or campaign finance reform are doomed to failure—-mostly because these laws are written by incumbents and contain enough loopholes to make sure they stay in power.


    As for the rest of Schwiebert’s campaign editorials, I didn’t blog about the others because they mostly contained the usual liberal nostrums—the “deficit isn’t the problem” being just one of many.

    Today’s screed is about the environment, and right up front he mentions An Inconvenient Truth which has been discredited as environmentalist porn.

    Most of us are on board with conservation, but this climate change stuff from the left is nothing more than a naked attempt to extract more taxes from everybody in order to promote their insidious redistribution schemes. Climate change is a historical fact—-manmade, not so much, and it’s not really backed up with science either, since these politicized “scientists” refuse to show their work for vetting by their peers—-the very essence of scientific enquiry.

  4. I wonder if schwiebert thinks that corrupt crate should get public financing. Chris Lee, rangle, Nixon etc etc

    I know the dispatch and lots o people love this guy, but what’s the big effing deal?

  5. Mark Schwiebert is a great man. Look at his park and you can see the live that people have for him. Mark Schwiebert is one of us and will be a major force with his infinite wealth.

  6. Rhonda is right Schwiebert is a legend. Who else that is still living has a park named after them? Schwiebert shall dominate and he is a millionaire who is of the people just like Obama and algore

  7. Schwiebert will spend whatever it takes to win the primary. He will not allow another dirty backroom deal to go on. Even if it’s Des Moines/Springfield native Cheri Bustos.

  8. I hope Rhonda and the rest are just kidding about him being a great man… He didn’t do a thing for Rock Island except solidify its reputation as being home to a school for thugs and dropouts. Ghettos are still rampant, and it’s the worst of the Quad Cities.

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