Workingman’s Blues

At Tuesday’s event in Rock Island for Dave Koehler, it was announced that Democrat William Lee, a 26 year old attorney from Sterling, is challenging Rich Morthland for 71st District representative.

Lee said his campaign would focus on “labor and the working class”. Maybe he had to say that because he was in a union hall, but if focus on “labor and the working class” was a winner, Jerry Lack would be my rep now. Lee mentions “working class” multiple times, just to make sure we get the picture:

“I come from a working-class family, a working-class city and a working-class state.”

Don’t we all? Maybe “working-class” is code for something else.

Then there was this from The Hare-Dispatch:

“[Lee] credited his background in labor and unemployment law to his strong ties with the working class.”

I think we can safely say “working class” = union. It seems the word “union” has gone the way of the word “liberal”—at least on the left.

Aside from adventures in semantics, Lee parroted the obligatory talking point about his GOP opponent:

“But if we were to evaulate Rich Morthland on what he has done so far, none of his actions created jobs and prepared this area for the future, and I have a problem with that…”

Yeah, Rich has been in Springfield since January—-what the hell happened? Why didn’t he override the Democrat controlled House, the Democrat controlled Senate and the Democrat governor? What a loser!

If anything, Lee’s statement is an indictment of the failed decade of Democrat control of all levers of power in Illinois.

Morthland was all class when asked to comment on Lee’s challenge:

“It’s a big step…Me and my wife have always supported young men and women pursuing their ambitions. It takes some guts to do what he is doing.”

OK, so Morthland isn’t an English teacher, but his response beat the hell out of what Mike Jacobs said when asked about Albracht’s challenge; Jacobs said he looked forward to defeating him and that Albracht didn’t have the “temperament” for the job.

As we now know, Jacobs doesn’t have the temperament either—just a temper.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Workingman’s Blues”

  1. Rep. Morthland is working for everyone by trying to bring common sense to Springfield. Democrats have presided over the decline of Illinois for years. I do appreciate those who aspire to serve the public, I look forward to a spirited debate and campaign, where Democrats can point to a solid record of job creation and lower taxes to uplift Illinois. Oh Wait…

  2. “There’s nothing that tops what Congress does,” Koehler said. “That’s involved in every area of our lives.”

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