Why Do Democrats Hate Children?

Via Cato@Liberty:

“Children on public insurance are being denied treatment by doctors at much higher rates than those with private coverage, according to an undercover study that had researchers pose as parents of sick kids seeking an appointment with a specialist . . . Low Medicaid reimbursements are the likely reason,the study authors said.”

Gee, ya think? Who knew people would resist government demands that they work for less—and late payments when they get them? I hope no tax dollars were used to make the shocking discovery about what everybody knows.

This study was conducted in Cook County, Illinois and it was found that 66% of those who mentioned Medicaid-CHIP were denied appointments with doctors, as opposed to only 11% who said they had private insurance. The CHIP thing was Blago’s pride and joy and something all Illinois Democrats backed as proof of their caring compassion—even to illegals. Sure, it’s ineffective, unaffordable and unsustainable, but they’re the dreamers, right? And their intentions are good.

But this hardly-shocking-news isn’t the point of this post; my point is this will be the future of 16 million people when Obamacare kicks in because they will be covered by expanded Medicaid.

This is what the Democrats wanted for the country—long waits to see a doctor, poor medical care and skyrocketing prices.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Why Do Democrats Hate Children?”

  1. Dispatch did an editorial exposing QC Next Up for writing shell letters and asking people to attach their name.

  2. But once they destroy all traces of freedom and capitalism, they will bring in the communist unicorn parade … and nirvana will arrive at the end of one of their 12 year plans.

    I think many of these assholes actually think that … but the history of communism is somewhat more brutal, unless you are part of the elite … and even then things get dicey.

    Obama has stated his route to “single payer” … or socialized medicine, is by way of destroying the current system, which he is obviously doing now. Same with his destruction of our energy sector, and our small business sector, and our various allies, etc.

    It really seems that Obama sees most of traditional American values as “the problem”. That is how he was raised. Somehow by destroying U.S., he figures his communist utopia will be free to emerge. It probably comes from his dope smoking daze at Columbia when he saw all those pretty colors with the black light on, and heavy metal playing, and radicals filling his head with crap. 😯

  3. Here’s the editorial Jahm referenced in #1.


    Amen, Brother jb—Obama is another Democrat—like Weiner—who needs to spend more time with his family—beginning in ’13.

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