Try To Act Surprised

In the time honored tradition of Rock Island County Democrats, another elected official has resigned less than 8 months after she was elected. This time it is County Board member Catherine Wonderlich who has been on the board for 14 years, but came under fire last year by her GOP challenger for spending the winters in Florida, missing many meetings but still getting paid for them. Since she was a Democrat, she won anyway.

Wonderlich explains her sudden departure which will be at the end of the month:

“At this point in my life, my family has to come first.”

Obviously, this “point” didn’t exist last November. As usual, board chair Jim Bohnsack will select another Democrat to fill the slot, which will be rubber stamped by the 21 Democrats on the board—the 4 GOPers being mostly irrelevant.

Thank you RICO GOP for standing on the sidelines and picking your nose for 40 years!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

25 thoughts on “Try To Act Surprised”

  1. QCE isn’t this something you should be happy about. Getting rid of someone that you don’t think is doing her job and replacing them. I thought you would be just giddy to have Wonderlich out of office. This should be considered a victory for you and yours. Why are you railing about this and not gloating?

  2. Why would I be “giddy” when we don’t even know who will be The Chosen One? As usual, Bohnsack will be The Decider and no matter who he choses, whether it be some crony, family member , Dem fat cat or Jeff Terronez/Mike Huff/Dick Leibovitz/etc. the Democrat rubber stampers on the board will see his will be done.

    Wonderlich, along with Terronez, etc. is the poster child for the RICO Democrat Culture Of Corruption, and there is absolutely no reason is expect Bohnsack will choose anyone other than a Wonderlich clone.

  3. QCE, who would you suggest as a replacement for Wonderlich?
    What would your qualifications be for a replacement?

  4. Wow! Who knew Wonderlich couldn’t be replaced by a Republican? Is that in the Bill of Rights or Constitution? I can’t wait for you to show me where the “Founding fFathers” told Bohnsack he had to pick another Dem . 🙂

    Show your work, please!

  5. Illinois Combined Statute 5/25-11 states that the person that takes a position vacated with less than 28 months remaining it MUST be filled by a member of the party that held the seat ! This is not some evil conspiracy that the county democrats have devised to control the world as you would have people believe.

    Here is some precedence for you. Henry Clay was a Democratic-Republican who followed a Democratic-Republican into his Senate seat both times he was appointed to succeed John Pope and George Bibb respectively.  Clay was below the constitutionally appointed age of thirty when appointed.  However, this age discrepancy apparently was not noticed by any other Senator, Joe Biden is the only other Senator this has ever happened to.    Another interesting fact is that Clay and Humphrey Marshall nearly came to blows on the Assembly floor because of a vote on broadcloth from England being used in the flag and Clay challenged Marshall to a duel. The duel took place  in Shippingport, Kentucky. They each had three turns. Clay grazed Marshall once, just below the chest. Marshall hit Clay once in the thigh.  In 1957, a Senate Committee selected Clay as one of the five greatest U.S. Senators, along with Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun, Robert La Follette, and Robert Taft.  Abe Lincoln on Henry Clay  “my ideal of a great man.” 
    I need to give SEM and Gina credit for these posts from another site.

  6. Well, if the Illinois Founding fFathers say so, then I nominate The Weiner for County Board—he’s a Democrat who has never had a job outside politics, which is the most important qualification, it seems.

    If he’s not available, then I nominate Jeff Terronez, Mike Huff, Dick Leibovitz or Johnston’s fluffy, Pat Veronda. Or Bohnsack’s relatives or his campaign donors or his political cronies—it’s all the same to me. 🙂 Really I don’t care—as long as Democrats control RICO government, the Culture Of Corruption will rule!

    In RICO politics, it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.

  7. The second part is the national founding fathers 1806 part. The first point was just to show you Illinois law.

    Do you really think that the majority of the voters in that district that voted for a Democrat should get a Republican?

    Did you scream and shout when the Republican Rep Morthland’s seat was filled with a Republican?

  8. Jeez Rhonda, get a clue—of course I knew Bohnsack had to appoint another Dem.

    But your straining to compare Morthland with Wonderlich is too cute—-did Wonderlich win an election to another office? Of course not—she is using the trite “spend more time with my family” excuse. She likely realized she would have a tough time getting re-elected in ’12 and decided to let Bohnsack and the Democrat Rubber Stamps on the board select a more viable candidate.

    Can’t wait to see who Bohnsack And The Rubber Stampers select.

    Hey, that’s a great name for a band!

  9. I think your example is cute. Morthland should have gave up his seat when he was a candidate for Rep. Why should Rep Morthland try and protect ho’s bet?
    The stand up thing to do would have been to let the people have a chance to choose their board member.

  10. Hilarious!

    The “stand up” thing for Lane Evans to do was retire BEFORE the primary; the “stand up” thing for Denny Jacobs to do was to retire BEFORE he was re-elected; the “stand up” thing for the County auditor to was to retire BEFORE she won re-election; the “stand up” thing for Wonderlich to do was retire BEFORE she won re-election in November, etc. etc.—-too many examples to mention.

    Morthland had no way of knowing if he would win over Ahern for rep—-this is a Dem district after all.

    But Morthland wasn’t able to choose his successor—it was in the hands of Bohnsack, who chose someone other than Morthland’s choice.

    Until the GOP wins more elections, they—and we can expect more of this idiocy—-the RICO Democrat Culture of Corruption will continue to be the law of the land until that time.

  11. So Morrhland wanted to protect his bet and that is OK.
    Evans has Parkinsons so bad he has to go to a care center and Denny Jacobs had a heat attack bur they don’t get a hall pass from the QCE.
    I can see saying Evans shouldn’t have run the last time but I believe from my knowledge of Evans and knowing that Parkinson’s affect the body and Lane could still think well he was trying to win this battle. Lane had every right to try and hang in. Look at Michael J Fox.

  12. OK, you’re just getting silly—-Denny didn’t resign because of a heart attack and you know it—being a state senator is a part time job at best. Immediately after he resigned for “heatlth” reasons, he launched his lobbyist career—gimme a freakin’ break!. Evans knew he had Parkinsons for a decade, yet he chose the time and place when to decide he was too sick to continue—right AFTER the primary.

    We’re done.

  13. I really agree regarding the Evans thing. He was a very popular Rep. here and he ruined his legacy in his last term of office. I won’t argue whether he really was good or not, because you obviously would say he was horrible. However, he was popular, and he ruined that by appointing Hare in retirement. Hare turned out (not surprisingly, might I add) to be a dud.

    I think this time around, Koehler is almost the dream ticket for Schilling. Schilling will have the home field advantage in the QC amd will likely win here, and if you can’t wint RICO you might as well not even run because it’s the largest vote base in the new 17th CD.

    I think (and you will disagree) the one most likely to win would be Boland. Despite your opinion of him, he’s been on a statewide ballot before, is popular in rural areas, and will take QC voters from Schilling. Schilling would have to hope to take all of the rural areas by more than a landslide because Boland would take the Democratic centers in the district, which happen to be the most populated — RICO, Peoria, Rockford, Galesburg, etc. The only thing about him is that he won’t raise any money.

    This Bustos woman is a nobody and she will be attacked horribly when the press starts reporting on the fact that she doesn’t even live in this state. At least Wonderlich is honest about not living here. Bustos pretends to be a part of this community, and instead of being honest and getting out, she’s running for HIGHER office! No integrity.

    Schweibert is half Republican anyway, and no Democrat will win if all he does is act like a Republican (read: no labor money). Even Rock Islanders can’t stand him.

  14. Bustos is from East Moline and has a house where she lives there. Bustos will have access to large amounts of cash. She is a Callahan and her father was part of Allen Dixons team. Durbin, Simon, and Obama all will support this hometown hero. Alderman Bustos is alderman in East Moline and has a great record there. Cheri Bustos knows healthcare and healthcare is the biggest challenge facing America today. Cheri Bustos is ready to face Americas Challenges.

  15. Cheri is quitting a big job to run. Bustos would not run if this thing were not wired from the top down.

  16. Rhonda hereby declares Bustos the winner of the RICO Dem Dirty Backroom Deal For Congress!

  17. I love how Schilling has been handed the RICO Rep Dirty Backroom Deal for Congress and you don’t say a word. No primary for Schilling, just anointment.

  18. We’ve been through this before FJG—-the Democrats had absolute and secret control of the redistricting mapping process—-Madigan and his cronies had a free hand to design it anyway they pleased, knowing it would be rubber stamped through the Democrat controlled GA and the Democrat Quinn. Much has been made of how all this is REALLY gonna hurt the GOP in Illinois. Yet here you are whining that Schilling doesn’t have a primary challenger—-at least yet.

    If Madigan and his cronies wanted Bobby to have a primary challenger, believe me, he would have one, since just about every other GOPer is getting one or having to move to run.

    So spare me your faux outrage—-Bobby won his election fair and square—no backroom deal required; Hare and Jacobs are the poster boys for Democrat Dirty Dealing.

    Deal with it.

  19. SoRepunlican Rep Shilling never faced primary while Democratic Sen Jacobs won two contested primaries? Interesting.

  20. Daren LaHood, Kyle McCarter, and republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady are the poster boys for back room deals.

  21. Schilling didn’t have a primary because everyone was afraid of The Toad. Turns out that The Toad got licked and Schilling got high(er) office from it.

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