Why We Hate Them

The cost to taxpayers for the special session Three County Quinn is planning to call will be $50,000 a day. This session will be to hammer out the cutesy-poo game the Senate Democrats played by adding on multi-millions to the construction bill passed by the House. These millions would be for education and social services, so the craven Democrats figured nobody would vote against the chillldren and the downtrodden. Wrong! This last minute gambit fell short when the House decided they were not going to recklessly spend money that wasn’t there.

So because of Democrat idiocy, we are on the hook for $50K per diem. With the new redistricting maps supposedly assuring another 10 years of this demented recklessness, I have a plan to cut down on Democrat cutesyness; refuse to pay the Senators who voted for game-playing over sensible stewardship of our money.

If we can’t get Democrats out of power, we ought to at least make them pay for the privilege of squandering our money.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Why We Hate Them”

  1. According to Mike Jacobs’ BFF Rich Miller next week’s session will not cost us anything because it isn’t a “special” session, it’s a “regular” session—or something.

    Let’s hope the Democrat cretins in the senate back down on the games and let the construction $$$$ flow.

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