Quick! Look Over There! . . .

. . .Bobby Schilling is “contributing to the erosion of our standard of living” . . . said Dave Koehler today before a massive crowd of 30 at the union hall to promote his candidacy for congressman of the NEW! IMPROVED! DEMOCRAT! 17th CD.

When I read that quote I thought “damn! that Bobby is good—only 4 and a half months in DC and already he’s reeking havoc”. Attaboy!

This just shows how weak the Democrat case will be to voters over the coming months; until this year hard left anti-business liberals have represented the 17th for nearly 30 years, Democrats have had control of all levers of power and government in Illinois for nearly a decade, and under the Obama/Pelosi/Hare regime of ’09-’11 the economy has gone into a tailspin with the Democrats still in control of the Senate and the White House.

The Dems are going to have to work on their message and talking points—-blaming the GOP ain’t gonna cut it in ’12 like it did in ’08.

On the question of jobs, Koehler said his priority was “ensuring Illinois jobs for Illinois workers”, but he’s been in the Illinois General Assembly since ’06 and we have LOST jobs since then, so what credibility does he have for creating jobs—in Illinois OR nationally?

I did agree with him on one thing though—his idea to “mine coal and make power plants”, but as long as Democrats control government, they will continue to pander to the anti-coal environmentalist wacko crowd. Empty words, in other words.

Finally, he made this pledge, which was deja vu all over again:

“Labor is my foundation and my base, and I will remain faithful to that always.”

As usual with a Democrat, taxpayers take a backseat to special interests—I predict we’ll never hear Koehler shrieking that he’ll fight for those of us footing the bill.

It’s The Philster all over again—SCHILLING IN A LANDSLIDE!!111!!!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Quick! Look Over There! . . .”

  1. Those words will really rally the troops………..at the union meetings. The problem is the 17th is not a union meeting and hardly any union workers go to union meetings any more.

  2. Audi, not only will the I’m-In-The-Pocket-Of-Big-Labor-And-Proud-Of-It stance The Philster took be a detriment to Koehler, I’m thinking a lot of RICO Democrats—along with RICO GOPers, independents and swing voters, won’t like the fact that our congressman is from Peoria.

    I’ve seen this same complaint in Rockford media where the idea that they have to share a congressman with two other cities is less than appealing. I”m sure the Democrat elites who worked up the map are patting themselves on the back for their sneaky cleverness, but I’m not so sure Democrats who actually LIVE in the 17th would agree.

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