Give A Man A Fish, You Have Fed Him For Today; Teach A Man To Fish, And You Have Fed Him For A Lifetime

The Hare-Dispatch had an interesting front page article today about how the The Rock Island Housing Authority has allowed land to be available to immigrants for gardening. Refugees from Nepal, Bhutan,Tanzania and Mexico among others, use this space to grow vegetables in order to become more self-sufficient. This three acre plot used to be low-income housing before it was torn down.

Go to the link to read the whole story—it is an inspiring article about people who have come here to escape oppression, not just to cash in on all the freebies.

Which brings me to my point—such as it is. Our wonderful First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her business to make sure we are eating better and getting more exercise, so why doesn’t she promote gardening in the ‘hood? The west end of Rock Island is full of poor people and empty lots, so why not convert them to gardens so the downtrodden can eat healthy homegrown vegetables, at least for a few months?

Is that racist? If so, why are immigrants from Africa enthusiastic gardeners?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Give A Man A Fish, You Have Fed Him For Today; Teach A Man To Fish, And You Have Fed Him For A Lifetime”

  1. I am actually kind of surprised by printing of this article by the New Age H/D. I am even more surprised about -what was a poignant yet an unintended slap in the face of Nanny State government by a RICO Politburo-worshiping reporter. I have said this many times before – the government is incapable of running true social programs for the needy. All they have understand is is their policy of give them some money, a rat hole to live and hope those intelligent enough to take advantage of the freebies get out before one of the walking dead kills or infects them. Your title tells the whole story. You have to teach a man to fish if he is to survive – without becoming a locust swarm that strips all the nutrients from soil and leaves the ground barren waiting for the productive to reseed the soil full of vegetation. Our Progressive leadership in the Republican and the Democrat Party are clueless when it comes to teaching a man to fish. I have been the casualty of downsizing twice in my lifetime. And my trips to the unemployment office was definitive proof of the ineptness built into nearly all of Government Social Services I have dealt with over the years. I wish I could say that I HAVE dealt with any government organization that was competent enough to handle the responsibilities they have been set out to perform. Sadly for our nation I have not. Nor is this mostly the fault of the people trying to help those in need. While I am sure there are some slackers in the system most of the government workers- I have met- are dutiful to the public base they serve. The problem comes back to Government Bureaucracy (one of these days I WILL learn how to spell that word without spellcheck that might be awhile though)- because like the Progressive Government Planned bureaucracy – spellcheck tends to cripple those using it as well as making the providers of the service, into dealers and pushers of the Government Bureaucratic false-Nirvana. Our Social Services of this country needs an enema and then to be reworked where they teach a man/woman to fish instead of waiting on the sideline for a government fix to cloud their minds with false dreams of rainbow bridges leading to a pot of gold.

  2. Obama wanted an internal security force as well funded and as powerful as our military. And he wants billions for ACORN style groups to go out and fabricate new voters, to help with his redistribution plans. But he is clueless on training people to actually produce something and build their own wealth. He prefers the slash and burn and pillage your enemies approach … and his enemies are the working middle class, especially conservatives that are not in his unions.

    Interesting that it is a church running this thing. A private charitable group helping poor folks that are willing to work … what a concept. They divide the groups up “culturally”, which makes sense to me. This insistence that we force “diversity” in to long established cultures, seems like more of an attack on culture than a way a of building a society. Of course liberals think it’s only Americans that need to diversify, especially conservatives. But in this story, certainly the gimme gimme generation could learn something from these immigrants.

    I suppose the Hare Dispatch does have their progressive view of this story. They have immigrants providing the multi-culti angle. Then there is the collectivism angle … the ground is provided to groups of people to use, and the government even tells them how they can grow … “organic”. “We have insisted they all plant organic. Organic food is top of the line, so planting organic will help them sell to those interested in nutrition,”

    Well I’m interested in nutrition, but I’ll use chemicals to increase production, and hybrids to prevent disease and increase production. It seems they are reducing the chance of success by insisting the grow “organically”, whatever that really means. But I suppose that makes some grand poobahs feel good about themselves. Marketing “organic” may be nice, but it is tricky business not really best for beginners.

    And they said they blew their operating budget getting the ground “plowed”, and now they’re out there working in the mud? I question how serious they are about this. Surely they could have found someone with a tractor pulled tiller. Even if they plowed it first, it should have only been maybe $300 max, mostly for the inconvenience of a small plot. And their timing seems a little off, if they are still asking for seeds.

    Is the county ag extension office involved? The could grow a LOT of food on three acres. Maybe a farmer should have put it all in beets for them, and they could grow 60 tons of beets, and store them for making lots of borscht all year long. MMMMMM …. booooorscht. 🙂 But the tend your own garden thing has some nice community building potential.

    Anyway … H/D has their organic collectivist immigrant food plot angle … but they better get some real farmer/gardeners in there or it may fail quickly. Still I agree, the willingness of some from other countries could teach the SEIU chanting mobs a thing or two.

  3. S, your comment mirrors a blog post by William Russell Mead called When Government Jumps The Shark that explains how progressivism, especially New Deal and Great Society programs have morphed into a national fiscal resources destroying monster.

    These are the five steps of what WRM called the “life cycle of a governing paradigm:

    1. A terrible social problem exists

    2. Government offers asolution at a relatively low cost, but soon expands to include more people and costing more $$$$

    3. The law of diminishing returns kicks in—-these programs cost more but do less good

    4. These programs, which have become both unsustainable and untouchable become The Great White Shark—-it’s not just wasteful, it moves to eating up limited resources. WRM says we’re at this stage now

    5. Last stage of unsustainable, untouchable government programs is morphing into “Moby Dick” the “great destroyer” of our economy.

    The post is sort of longish, but if you have the time and are so inclined, be sure to read the whole thing at the link.

    But if you don’t have the time/inclination I would say this quote of yours captures the essence:

    “Our Social Services of this country needs an enema and then to be reworked…” 🙂

    jb, I didn’t mention it in my post, but I was also sorta impressed that a church was taking the lead in this rather than some governmental entity. Traditionally one of the central missions of religious organizations was to aid the poor, etc. They were pushed aside by the government takeover of these social services beginning with the New Deal and especially during LBJ’s Great Society failed experiment. Maybe the realization is setting in that taxpayers can no longer afford to fund free everything for everybody and the churches will once again take the lead in some of this.

    Let’s hope!

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