The Rise Of Democracy, The Fall Of The Backroom Deal

According to The Hare-Dispatch it seems some RICO Democrats did not get the memo that the nominee for congressman would be a behind-closed-doors selection.

The main information in the article is that East Moline Alderman Cheri Bustos is seriously considering a run for US Congress. I don’t know anything about her, except I love her quote:

“It could end up being a crowded primary field . . . But that’s fine with me. I’ve heard some good names. I’m a competitive person and my consideration of this is for the right reasons. So I’m excited about the possibilities.”

Me too, Cheri, and bless you for being a Democrat who stands up for democracy in the un-Democratic Party.

It’s possible the Politburo will still have control over state politics, but thanks to the supposed pro-Democrat congressional map, it appears we will no longer be the victims of the UNDemocratic Party and their backroom machinations.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

28 thoughts on “The Rise Of Democracy, The Fall Of The Backroom Deal”

  1. Cheri Bustos has already worked out a deal with Dick Durbin and President Obama. She will be fully endorsed by both of them. She has also already secured the endorsements of Emily’s list, NARAL, LGBT, DailyKos and many others. This election is going to be a landslide.

    She also has already raised $250,000 for his first quarter in fundraising. Good luck having her getting taken down.

    Jacobs was the heir-apparent and with his demise Cheri will rise to the top. She is the one that progressives have been waiting for.

    Cheri is going to send the pizzaman back home. Instead of spinning bad votes, he’s going to be spinning pizzas again.

    Cheri Bustos FTW.

  2. What a hoot!

    And if you believe Jones, you’ll believe setting a kid on fire is just good, clean family fun which demonstrates how “crazy and hectic the life of a big family can be.”

  3. Was that said about the nyt piece? I don’t think anyone likes this lawsuit or thinks of it in the light you just presented it.

  4. I wouldn’t count out any dirty backroom deals by the local politburo, yet. They control the party cash and election process. So unless a candidate is Michale Bloomberg wealthy it is a huge uphill battle for wild card candidate that does not have the party backing.

  5. S, I was thinking about that when I wrote this post. I remembered Rob Mellon telling us about the strong-arm intimidation tactics they used to get him out of the running against Lane’s Chosen Thug. So it’s still quite possible The Politburo will play a big part in who gets the green light to run against Koehler.

    McNeil was in the H-D today saying he was considering running, so he might be The One. Jacobs is done, Boland is hardly a Politburo favorite and a lot of Dems don’t consider Schwiebert a “real” Democrat, although he is certainly plenty leftwing. I don’t know anything about Bustos so I don’t know if she is part of the Politburo inner circle or not.

    But at the very least it looks like a primary is in the works with at least two candidates—quite an improvement from the dirty backroom deal that spawned Hare who won the vote of the Democrat elites, not the Democrat voters, and because the way he was chosen, he never did have grassroots support.

  6. Bustos is one to keep eye on. She is likable in person and she has connections with Durbin and Simon family. I heard Sheila Simon even lived with the Bustos family at one time. Not sure who is behind her, just hearing whispers. She is very union friendly. If I was on the other team I would be looking for something very different than the last……she is.

  7. Part of the problem I see is the status quo mentality has never changed since the death of Johnny G. The same good old boy system is very well entrenched inside the RI politburo. Ballard worked for Deere Harvester for years and has ties to the UAW. Plus the rumors flying around during his selection to replace Johnny G, was it was a good old boy event as well as his previous placement as Warden at the EMCC. If all the rumors are true, and can’t acknowledge their veracity – then do not expect much change from what you saw with the original selection of Philobluster.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, Bustos is more of the same. Just she is a different package. She has no great accomplishments with being alderman. She is status quo with a city that is broke yet continue spending. No advancement for the city in jobs or businesses. She will be status quo in any official position.

  9. Sen Mike Jacobs candidate Cheri Bustos has all the right qualifications. She is from East Moline and Knows the game. Their long history back forty years to when her father Gene Callahan was Allen Dixons right hand man. Cheri has all the right connections, like Jacobs both have close associations with President Barack Obama and will serve us well.
    This will be an easy victory for Congresman Bustos.
    Cheri is very humble and well trained.
    Cheri Bustos being our new Democrat Congresman is astroke of genius.

  10. Thanks for the info on Bustos, audi—I really didn’t know anything about her, but you’ve helped me understand why her name is mentioned along with all the hacks who have been banging around for decades (Boland, Schwiebert, McNeil, etc.).

    I thought Jones was messing with me at #1, but maybe he was telling the truth! πŸ™‚

    I also agree that the RICO Dems should be looking for the anti-Hare, so it will be interesting to see who emerges and which factions will win—the NEW! IMPROVED! Dems or the status quo Dems.


    Thanks for that RICO Politburo press release comment, Tanya. πŸ™‚

  11. Who is running against bobby in the republican primary or is he the hand picked sacrificial lamb?

  12. quester, I know you and other RICO Dems are hurting, upset and angry that the Jacobs family didn’t have enough clout in the remapping process to get that Schock v. Schilling primary you so desired, but them’s the breaks—-if Gianulis was still alive and coherent, this would have never happened.

    It’s time to accept your diminished power and move on.

  13. How’s phils counseling going? Is he done peeing the bed each night after losing in a landslide to a fucking pizza fag?

  14. Jeez steve, show some compassion here. The Philster has lost 75 pounds is now into spending more quality time with his family, although he said he will work to defeat Schilling.

    I’m sure that the ultimate Dem nominee will be beating a path to his door to learn the Wisdom Of Phil—and how to lose Rock Island County by 9 points. πŸ˜€

  15. I hear that ObamaCare will have special Mental Health treatment programs for current and former political officials. Some of the receipients to name just a few are:
    Jacobs- Anger management
    Hare- Depression
    Weiner- Sex rehab
    Pelosi- Botox induced psychosis

  16. Quester is completely off. Jacobs has already assured Schilling that he will head up his “Democrats for Schilling” coalition.

    Mike had originally had plans for Bobby’s seat, but after seeing Bobbys effectiveness with jobs at the arsenal, he’s getting behind him. Bustos doesn’t even know what an arsenal is.

  17. I’ve also heard that Mike is jumping ship to support Schilling.

    Democrats in Rock Island should have learned by now that it’s not smart to create enemies within your own party. You should never throw your friends under the bus.

    Jacobs has already signed off on the press release and submitted his own quote.

    I wonder how many dems he will bring over to Schilling. Could be the beginning of a new era in RICO politics.

  18. To clarify these “rumors”:

    1. Yes. Mike has approached the Schilling campaign about helping them out.
    2. No, he has not jumped ship from being a democrat.
    3. The Schilling campaign has not accepted his endorsement behind closed doors yet and are “weighing” the options and potential pros and cons of a jacobs endorsement.

    Look for Jacobs to do what’s right for himself in the long-term and not support someone who is going to sit in the seat for the next 40 years. The last thing Mike wants to do is give this seat up to someone who is young and can keep it from him for the rest of his life.

    His plan is to run for congress when Bobby’s seat opens up.

    The deal has not been done…yet…but it is in the works.

  19. Pardon my skepticism steve and Jones, but this is just too wacky to believe—even in the bizarre world of RICO politics.

    Are we supposed to believe Jacobs will publicly support Schilling 3 more terms, then run as a Dem for his seat when Bobby is finished (either by choice or defeat)? What Dem would support him?

    There’s a lot I don’t like about Jacobs, but I never thought he was this delusional.

  20. You don’t need to believe it now, but it is the truth. I’ve also heard that Mikey is converting to goplocism

  21. FACT: Bustos only has $407 on hand in her campaign fund. This is irrelevant though because it’s a state fund, not a federal fund.

    Bustos will be a terrible candidate. She lives in East Moline on paper only and has been living in Des Moines since 2008. I have no idea why the media hasn’t discussed this. It’s so irresponsible of them.

    This Jacobs thing… I really can’t believe this. This can’t be true, right? He’s thinking of endorsing Schilling? Wow.

    Boland has already been endorsed privately by a few local unions and has developed a wide range of support from the Quad Cities to Rockford. And ties to Obama? They worked together personally on universal healthcare in Illinois.

    I promise you… Boland is a tenacious campaigner and shouldn’t be counted out of this. He’s doing all of the right things at this time. If he can only fundraise, I think he’ll take this entire thing.

    Schweibert isn’t a “real” Democrat or a “real” candidate. I haven’t heard any news of him even talking to people about running. He won’t run. Jacobs will be lucky to get re-elected, let alone elected to Congress someday. He’s a piece of ****. Koehler won’t win the Quad Cities. We haven’t had a sitting Congressman from outside of the Quad Cities since Lyndon Johnson was President, and I don’t think we’ll change that now.

  22. The QCTimes has an article on Bustos today. She says she is quitting her job at Iowa Health Systems so she can devote full time to traveling the district. She is doing exactly the right thing; Schilling spent years going up and down the 17th—it’s what a serious challenger must do to have a shot at being elected.

    I’m not what you would call a neutral observer, but if I was, I would find her very appealing—-certainly more so than all the middle-aged white guys who have been banging around RICO Dem politics for decades.

    Her primary flaw is she used to be a reporter at the QCTimes! πŸ™‚

  23. The problem with Bustos is that she is the typical democrat establishment politician. She was born to an establishment family. Her godfather is Dick Durbin. This is a fact. Her father was chief of staff to Paul Simon.

    She’s been planning a run for sometime. She’s just been waiting on her opening. I’ve heard her speak about her political idols before and it makes me nervous that she openly declares her admiration for Jan Schakowski – a female version of rahm emanuel.

    It is what it is. She’ll be a totally different candidate than Hare – that’s for sure. However, I am wondering what her platform will be. What her opposition to Bobby Schilling will be (besides medicare). Is she going to blame him for the economy? Is she going to embrace Obama? Will she run and distance from Obama? How will being a transplant from Springfield affect her in the primary?

    I think that the most dangerous opponent for the right wing will be Porter McNeil. He’s Kennedy-esque, good looking and well seasoned in politics. He’s done more to bring rail to the Quad Cities than anyone else.

    Schwiebert will make a good candidate in the general, but it will be tough for him to win the primary. I don’t know why democrats hate him, he is still pretty left wing, but I guess they want purity — go figure.

    Boland is very popular and has traveled the new 17th quite a bit since he ran for LT Gov. I could see him winning a lot of Rockford, Carroll County, Henry and Whiteside with a strong showing in Rock Island county — especially Bustos territory.

    Koehler is the one guy who could probably win both the primary and have the easiest time in the general. He could easily wrap up peoria and fulton county and get a solid amount from Rock Island. If he can pull off the primary, he will sail to the general election victory. Voters in Rock Island county aren’t staying home this time with Obama on the ballot, no matter what.

    I’d put my money on McNeil or Koehler to win the primary. They will be fierce. I don’t like Koehler as much because he is on record going against negative campaigning which will be key for us winning the general. Maybe he will just rely on the DCCC to do that for him.

    Just my 2cent analysis.

  24. Lots of interesting comments, Kirk.

    I don’t doubt Bustos is “establishment”—-RICO Dems aren’t exactly known for producing and supporting mavericks. If she wins the primary, we’ll know more about her—Schilling will see to it, even if Koehler doesn’t! As I said, provided she isn’t another leftwing wacko like Evans and Hare, I could see supporting her—-if I was a Dem—-or even an undecided. Which I’m not.

    I find it hard to believe Boland is that popular—-he was my rep and he was awful. He was also a laughingstock in Springfield.

    As for Schwiebert, I see the H-D has given him space on their editorial page to bloviate for five straight days. I haven’t read today’s turgid twaddle, so I don’t know if it is bloggable or not. But in the past, his offerings at the H-D have been filled with trite talking points and unoriginal thinking.

    Which brings me to your main point—what will the Dems run on? So far, it looks like they are married to the ’08 playbook. Dems have controlled Springfield for a decade and have controlled one or all branches of federal government since ’06, so if all they have is The Lame Blame Game—-well, good luck with that!

  25. Bustos is good for unions but bad for the taxpayer. The city of EM is in total financial disarry but that doesn’t stop Bustos and the council from continuing to approve sweet contracts for the unions.
    The citizens of EM voted last year by an 87% margin against a Fire Dept operated ambulance service. Two months ago Bustos and majority of the council approved the new Fire Dept contract with language still in the contract for the Fire Dept to operate an ambulance service. She either did not read the contract or she will do what the union has instructed her to do before the voters.

  26. Everyone needs to do their homework! Who does Bustos work for? Iowa Health Systems…..would they have an interest in her going to Congress? What accomodations have they made with her leaving? Was there a special consideration? Will they help to finance her campaign? Forget all the ancient ties to dead politicians and focus on where she works and where the money will come from! The money always leads you to the root…..

    Bustos has a record as Alderman in EM of giving the unions whatever they want. Is that the direction the voters want to go? The last contract with the IAFF (firefighters) gives the IAFF the day off and pay for their birthdays! Is that something that you get from your employer? Or if you work for yourself do you give yourself that benefit?

    She is a phony like ALL the rest of them. Do your homework and find out………

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