Boland For Congress!

From Rockford’s

“[Monday] a long time Quad Cities politician came to Rockford to express his interest in representing the 17th district. Mike Boland was a state representative for 16 years and now the democrat says he’s seriously considering a run at being a U.S. Representative.”

Only 16 years? Seriously? It seemed like he was my rep for all eternity.

We’ll have to wait and see who else decides to run from the QCs. Porter McNeil has been mentioned, but since he was one of Durbin’s minions and Durbin is pushing Koehler, it looks he won’t be able to run without the the backing of the powerful Durbin. We know Mike Jacobs is finished when it comes to seeking higher office, Hare has taken himself out, so who’s left besides Schwiebert?

As I’ve mentioned previously, I always vote in the Democrat primary, and as it stands now, Boland has my vote for three reasons:

1. Boland is so awful, he would be easy pickings for Bobby—even in this NEW! IMPROVED! GERRYMANDERED! DEMOCRAT! district, Bobby wouldn’t even have to work up a sweat to defeat him,

2. It would drive the Jacobs family batpoop crazy if he won, and

3. Even if he would manage to pull off a win, after one term, there would not be another Democrat congressman in this district for at least a generation.

Mike Boland is THAT bad.

So what can I say except GO! MIKE! GO!


Author: qcexaminer

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