I Question The Timing

The Hare-Dispatch:

“An 18 year-old man on Monday filed a lawsuit against U.S. Rep. Robert Schilling, his wife, their son Levi and three other people alleging he was severely burned four years ago at the Schilling’s home due to their negligence.”

What is alleged is that Levi Schilling and three of his then-14-year-old pals filled a toy truck with gasoline, set it on fire and rolled it toward the victim, giving him severe burns which caused a five day stay in a hospital.

There’s probably something else going on here since I believe the statute of limitation for negligence is 2 years. However, there are charges of assault, battery,physical and mental pain—to the tune of $50,000 plus costs.

But if Levi Schilling really did what is alleged, he needs to be kept on a short leash—this goes beyond “boys will be boys” into something darker and more dangerous.

If this lawsuit is any indication, it looks like The Schilling Family Soap Opera on the front page of the New York Times is just the beginning of problems for the Schillings.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

15 thoughts on “I Question The Timing”

  1. Rep Schilling needs to come clean and tell the truth and make restitution to this child. This boy was burned over 1/3 of his body and Rep Schilling never even tried to help this boy.

  2. unsubscribed. Unfair and irresponsible comments by both the reader and the commentators.

    If you were 14 and never did anything foolish, then please continue to bash these kids and bring them to the spot light.

    boys play with fire and doing stupid things. plain and simple.

  3. I’m with Jones. QCE, As a long time reader and cheerleader of your blog, you just lost me. That boy Levi is a good kid – wouldn’t hurt a fly. All the Schilling kids are. He was a 14 year old BOY playing with his friends and something tragic happened. Plain and simple. Shame, shame, shame on you.

  4. and for the record, that NYT story was funny as hell. It showed how crazy and hectic the life of a big family can be.

  5. It looks like I was wrong about the lawsuit being politically motivated. The QCTimes made the effort to get a response from Schilling about this—something the H-D evidently didn’t think necessary.

    Here’s the quote:

    “Some kids were over at the house, they were horsing around. An accident happened. The mom and dad, they’re friends of ours. We see them in church every week. They donate to my campaign. They weren’t able to settle with the insurance company. I just thank God (the victim) wasn’t hurt really bad.”

    So this lawsuit is the natural progression from failure to settle with the insurance company. It would have been nice for the H-D to add a little meat on the bones of this story, but then that would have diminished the “gotcha” aspect of their “scoop”.

  6. Gotta agree with Jones and Good here QCE. Your comment sounded like you were getting ready to dunk some boys in water to see if they drowned or not. I know more than one of these boys named in the lawsuit. They are all good kids who remain good friends today. Boys will be boys and we all have done dumb things. I assumed that this was a insurance company issue. The problem is that since Mr Schilling is a Congressman it made news. Pathetic is the local news and you stepped right in it.

  7. All this crying and shrieking about the chilllldren makes me laugh!

    1. Bobby Schilling let that horse out of the barn by throwing the spotlight on his family so they could air their dirty laundry on the front page of the NYTimes. Now the whole world knows Mrs. Schilling thinks her husband being in politics is “not beneficial to the family”, that one son fired another son from the pizza place, that Bobby worries that his older children are trending toward juvenile delinquency, that Bobby worries about his kids getting their names in the paper—AFTER he put their names in the New York Times. Jones thought this NYTimes article was “funny as hell”—what changed? Does Jones think more people read QCE than the NYT? Hypocrisy? Beats me—you mean a bunch of kids setting another kid on fire isn’t “funny as hell”? Why not? Isn’t this just more proof of how “crazy and hectic” big family life is?

    2. I don’t need any lectures from others about “boys will be boys”. Examiner Jr. was not exactly what would be considered a “model child”—in fact “being a handfull” wouldn’t even cover it. So I have lots of experience about what adolescent boys are capable of—so spare me your sanctimonious preening .

    3. Goodvoter’s attempt to paint the Schilling family as the 21st Century Walton Family makes me lol. It’s nice that a lot of my commenters know the Schilling family personally—but so what?. A politician cannot know all of his constituents personally. I’m reminded of all the Hare supporters who told me if I could just know the REAL Hare, I would change my mind about him. Whatever.

    4. If Schilling hasn’t figured this out by now, he needs to get a clue: Republicans are held to a higher standard by the press than Democrats. Bobby dragged his family into the nasty, brutish business of politics and he will pay. I make no apologies for this post or any other because Bobby brought this on himself. My view is that family should be left out of politics except for maybe a group portrait on a mailer.

    5. I still love Bobby even if he doesn’t love me. I DO NOT blame him for his idiot kid since I know all too well what idiot kids can do. Even though this lawsuit holds him accountable, I do not. In my view, this incident does not reflect badly on Mr. and Mrs. Schilling—but I will not go so far as to dismiss this as just “boys will be boys”. Gimme a freakin’ break!

  8. [So this lawsuit is the natural progression from failure to settle with the insurance company. It would have been nice for the H-D to add a little meat on the bones of this story, but then that would have diminished the “gotcha” aspect of their “scoop”.]

    I am guessing that the intent of the story was political smear by someone Politburo-friendly in the H/D media.Unlike nanny-statists I don’t think you can hold a parent totally responsible for every action perpetrated by their offspring. I actually blame the school systems and nanny-state government for much of the modern day misbehavior of children. They have been busy pushing the – no self-accountability – so long, every act of stupidity and/or violence creates a mob flash event where people try and blame the parents. Just follow the civilian posts on the Democratic Underground lite aka QCTimes, about children involved in incidents either as perpetrator or victim. There are nearly always a string of comments seeking to blame the parents. It always snowballs after the first blame game comment.

    I can sympathize with the victim in some ways. I was a victim of a teenage loon that liked to play with fire when I was about five-years old. It is still an unpleasant memory all these years even though I have long since turned 29+ years old. I have also had to deal with Insurance companies and lawyers over injuries. I can remember a lawyer using a bully tactic by telling me once (in front of my defense lawyer) — sure you were wrongly and severely injured — but the truth is we can drag this case out long enough you would die before seeing any sort of settlement. They are ruthless. Lawyers, both for the plaintiff and the defense, are bloodsucking vermin that have become part of our overly litigious treasure seeking society.

  9. My point being this. I highly doubt that any of the boys being named in the lawsuit had ill intentions or even thought of the consequences of the act. I would also assume that the “victim” was in on the planning of the act, he just unfortunately suffered from the act. To make a judgment that the birthday boy has a dark side is wreckless. Usually a group of kids with underdeveloped brains are together they feed off each other. One had an idea, one got the truck, another gas, another lit a match. Someone pushed it and tragically someone got hurt.

    The fact that a Congressman’s family member is attacked is another story. The Congressman may have gave a candid interview, which he may regret after seeing in print, I don’t know. That however, doesn’t make it ok to go after the family. Implying his son may be “something darker and more dangerous.” No different than Letterman’s comments about Palin’s daughters. Uncalled for.

    This is news only because Mr Schilling is a Congressman. So what I hear you saying is that he placed his family in harms way because he chose to be in office. He should expect and accept personal attacks on his family? Wonder if he agreed to that when he was sworn in?

  10. Unless you are giving families members sweetheart deals and filling their pockets, public office is never “beneficial” to a family.

    As mike jacobs cousin would say, “check mate.”

  11. S, Schilling can’t be very happy with his insurance company right now. This thing has been hanging fire for four freakin’ years—now they’ll have to defend whether they like it or no, and the timing for Schilling couldn’t be worse—except maybe during the campaign.

    It’s hard to know how the H-D came by this info—it could be they regularly check court dockets, which is easy with judici.com. Or it might be they were tipped off by some Dem partisan at the Cambridge courthouse. Either way or another way, this is politics today—unless you’re Mike Jacobs and get your divorce file sealed. 🙂

    Your experience with a “teenage loon” is why I think it is so important not to minimalize these things with a shrug and a “boys will be boys”, I don’t hold the Schillings responsible either, even though the law DOES hold parents accountable for their children until they are 18. From my own experience with Examiner Jr. and the mob of boys that always seemed to be hanging around here, I know some kids just have low impulse control. I suppose some grow out of it, but I’m convinced people are basically hardwired at birth and environment plays a secondary role in a person’s development.


    No audi, I wasn’t saying any of that.
    It’s too bad you don’t like what I’ve written, but these are my opinions based on my experience with teenage boys and my observations about politics.

    We’ll just have to disagree—or something, The last thing I want to do or want to be is like those leftwing morons who twisted themselves in knots defending the Weiner. Obviously, this is a different situation entirely, but even though I’m a big Bobby fan, I don’t want to have to
    pull my punches, stifle criticism when I think it is warranted or just become a mindless lockstepper.


    Nice spin steve! I imagine the Schilling campaign will use it—or something like it when the Democrats start their attacks by quoting Mr. Schilling. 🙂

  12. name one family that was the exception. The only spin here comes from you who are spinning webs to trap liberals. We are the progressives. You are the retargressives.

    Again, like mike jacobs cousin would say, “check mate.”

  13. I don’t get this Politico thing at all unless yesterday was a slow news day. This Schilling Truck On Fire Disaster was picked up by AP and it is all over everywhere now, so maybe Cantanese was just looking for a new angle.

    Hey, I know! I should try to parlay this into becoming the new anti-consevative conservative go-to person, which the MSM adores.
    I could be the next Andrew Sullivan or David Frum! 🙂


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