I’ve Been Waiting In The Hall, Been Waiting On Your Call

As if our specially bred Senator Mike Jacobs didn’t have enough problems, now he has to deal with his home town newspaper, The Hare-Dispatch, acting like a jilted lover:

“Political reporter Brandy Donaldson couldn’t reach the Quad-Cities lawmaker for comment despite repeated efforts. That’s unfortunate given that the locals, who Sen. Jacobs said are well aware of his father’s connections to ComEd are most likely to see his explanation in the local media.”

What a hoot!

The H-D never ONCE mentioned that Denny Jacobs was a lobbyist—for ComEd or any other entity.

The H-D is part of the problem, not the solution.

Mike Jacobs loves to prance and preen and say LOOK AT ME, but the fact that he is in hiding now proves he has no case.

McCarter has two witnesses, Marvelous Mike has school boy taunts like McCarter is full of sh*t and isn’t worthy of shining his shoes.

What a loser.

What a corrupt buffoon.

The H-D knows damned well why Marvelous Mike won’t comment—he screwed up—royally.

I know it, Jacobs knows it, the H-D knows it.

Mike Jacobs is no longer Denny’s Golden Boy—he is Sonny Corleone.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “I’ve Been Waiting In The Hall, Been Waiting On Your Call”

  1. Maybe Mikey should confer with Anthony Wiener on methods to ride out the brewing publicity storm. 😆

  2. Sandy, if you think this is much ado about nothing, you don’t understand politics.

    Albracht and the GOP will grab hold of this like a dog with a bone and not let loose until after the ’12 election.

    It is probably even worse for Mike if he has no consequences for his thuggish behavior because this will just remind people there are two tiers of justice—one for the politically connected and another for the rest of us schlubs.

    If any of us called a co-worker a MFer and put our hands on him/her, there would be hell to pay—and our jobs.

    Mike is still on record as supporting higher utility rates for voters—is THAT much ado about nothing, too.

    Mike has already been hurt by this thuggish, hot-headed behavior. You’ll notice he is no longer considered as a candidate for US congress.

    Mike and his supporters can prance and preen all they like, but this ain’t over.

  3. Believe me this is nothing compared to what kind of problems Albright has. His wives are not thrilled with him as well.
    Rep Schilling has hidden burning a childhood friend of his child under the rug.

  4. Speaking of ex-wives, I wonder how thrilled the ex Mrs. Jacobs is? Mike had his divorce filed sealed, so we know there is lots of bad stuff in there about our specially bred senator.

    There have been rumors for years about Mike’s drug/alcohol/gambling problems, and now that we know he is a hot head who likes to beat up on people, we will wonder if he is a wife/child beater, too.

    Come on Mike—come clean!


    Here’s the police report on this rumble. Anyone who believes Marvelous Mike will walk away unscathed by this has been living in the Politburo bubble for too long.

  5. QCE it is hard to find but I have it and if I have it so do others. Alberts has issues. His issues are buried like only an ex-secret service agent can have things burried but I have them.
    My advice if I were a Republican would be to find somebody else.
    This guy has real issues.

  6. Speaking of “issues”, I expect Jacobs and this thugs to run a dirty campaign rather than on the real issues facing our Banana Republic state. He will not want to talk about his 67% tax increases, he will not want to talk about how he called all who disagreed with him about civil unions “unpatriotic” he will not want to talk about how he, his daddy and his daddy’s lobbying clients work hand in glove to their mutual benefit, he will not want to talk about how Blago convinced him to vote to loot the public pensions, etc. etc.

    Since Mike can’t really run on his record—except maybe the stuff he “gave” us with our own $$$$, he will have to run a smear campaign against Albracht.

    I don’t know Bill Albracht personally, but I seriously doubt he is frightened by your threats.

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