Is This The Best They Can Do?

Now that the redistricting maps are more or less set, some brave soul has finally stepped forward to challenge Bobby Schilling for congress; State Sen. Dave Koehler from Peoria.

For 21 years Koehler was the director of Peoria Area Labor Management Council and he also voted lockstep with his party for the massive tax increases in January, so even though he says his theme will be “fairness and common sense”, it looks like another Hare clone will be running—a tax and spend liberal in the pocket of Big Labor.

Koehler certainly has the Democrat demagoguery down pat, blasting the GOP for cutting back Medicare. Obviously left unsaid is the half a trillion dollars Obamacare cuts from Medicare, but it wouldn’t be prudent to actually tell the truth the very first day of his candidacy, would it?

Also mentioned as possible Democrat candidates are the usual suspects from RICO—Boland, Schwiebert, Porter McNeil and the not-so-usual Cheri Bustos. Noticeably absent was any mention of Mike Jacobs. Shocking, huh?

I’m not sure where this leaves the RICO Politburo, since Denny Jacobs, Phil Hare and other poobahs made it clear that they “had better make sure our primary candidates don’t have to go out and spend tens of thousands of dollars that could be spent in a better way. [The Politburo must] pick the candidates that are best for the job.”

RICO Democrats aren’t used to running in primaries, they are accustomed to coronations. They would have no idea how to proceed against a challenger in their own party. So will some local challenge Koehler?

I dunno, but with the redistricting done, Hare out and Koehler in, they will have to make a decision soon. Jacobs pal Rich Miller says the Dick Durbin is behind Koehler’s candidacy—for what that’s worth.

This NEW! IMPROVED! DEMOCRAT! district was supposed to be the beginning of the Illinois Democrat’s Thousand Year Reich, but if they are going to get cocky and think putting a ham sandwich on the ballot will win them elections and keep them in power, well—-just ask Hitler how that worked out.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Is This The Best They Can Do?”

  1. Democrats must count on a compliant media, and voters being blind and stupid. Ryan’s plan saves Medicare for any 55 and older, and also saves benefits for the younger generations that would otherwise get the shaft. Obama steals from the elderly to fund his Obamacare fiasco, and “HE LIES”.

    The Republicans could do a “granny over the cliff” commercial, but instead of Ryan it would be Obama. An evil grinning Barry pries granny’s purse away from her with help of a golf club, then rolls her over the edge. Fade to Barry putting on the next hole. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blago, Terronez … who else is in legal trouble for the Democrats? What happened with the guy selling state software? Maybe FBI investigations of our criminal/lawyer/political class should be a plank in the Tea Party platform.

  2. Why not do the commercial with Barry driving a busload of seniors at full speed off a cliff.

    The seniors could be looking out the window seeing signs that say, “Road ends in 5 miles.”

    Barry could get warnings on the radio about turning the bus around before the bus goes off the cliff.

    Then they could have Nancy text him and tell him that to turn around now would mean having to spend more money on gas to get to the right place.

    The bus of seniors would blow up and everyone would die, except Obama who would jump out last minute with a golden parachute.

  3. Lions and Tigers and Bears oh My!! Bring it!! Dirty Dick Durbin will learn a lesson on this one. We are coming for you next Dirty Dick!! We will send your ass packing just like we did your skinny little friend Phillip G. Hare

  4. What creative commenters I have—I’m looking at YOU jb and Jerry. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Here’s the press release journalism article in the H-D about Koehler.

    He says all the right things about good jobs, secure retirement and a strong middle class—it’s just too bad the Democrat agenda—in both Springfield and DC run counter to those goals.

    He rails against “tax breaks for millionaires” but doesn’t mention that His Holy Savior Barack Obama approved them last year, even as he was demagoguing against the “hostage takers”.

    All in all, it was a completely incoherent press release, but at least he is a small business owner, so let’s hope that no matter what happens next year, the era of the 17th being represented by hard left anti-business liberals is over—although I guess there is a chance that some hard left liberal wacko RICO Dem could actually get his cojones organized enough to run in a primary.

    Provided he won the Polituro Dirty Backroom Deal Sweepstakes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Who the hell is “Barty”?

    Gee “Jane” it’s a little early in the day to be hitting the sauce.

  6. Koehler will be in the QCs next Tuesday for a “meet and greet” at a union hall—natch1

    At the link is a nice biography. Koehler was a community organizer and had a bunch of union positions—and a Master of Divinity. I’m sure he’s a big fan of “social justice” and the Church Of The Holy Redistribution!

    Oh, and from one of the commenters at Rich Miller’s blog, it seems Koehler was Jacobs front man in introducing the Smart Grid bill—so Jacobs could remain chairman—or something. So Koehler helped ram this atrocity through the senate, which will increase utility bills for everyone—-can’t wait to see the campaign ad for that!

  7. I have no idea if what you say is true, Beth, but it’s probably moot anyway since the senate did not get enough votes for this to be veto proof and Quinn has already said he will veto it.

    But in either event, the damage has been done to Mike and his daddy. Just like Hare’s vote for the failed cap and trade bill was used to hang him, so will Mike’s pushing this Smart Grid thing.

    The local press—especially WQAD—has been unusually agressive on covering this story—it ain’t going away no matter what happens.

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