Senator Loose Cannon Blows Himself Up

Yesterday was the last day of the regular session of the Illinois General Assembly. As you might suspect, there was a lot of last minute activity in order to ram through as much legislation as possible before the long break.

One of the more contentious issues up for vote was the Smart Grid bill that would guarantee higher utility bills for all. Our specially bred Senator Jacobs chairs the energy committee and is the sponsor of the bill that would rake in big bucks for the utility companies. As you know, Mike’s daddy lobbys for ComEd and had a lot riding on the outcome of the vote—which ultimately just barely passed.

During the debate on this bill, a GOP senator mentioned the inconvenient truth that there was a serious conflict of interest with the Jacobs father and son. So after the vote Mike strolled over the the GOPer and roughed him up a bit. The GOPer reported this incident to the Capitol Police. Mike then went into Meltdown Mode and rather than man up and apologize for his thuggish behavior, piled on the insults, digging himself an even deeper hole.

There are many juicy quotes flying around this, but this bit from FOX Chicago News is a classic:

“State Sen. Mike Jacobs looked into our FOX Chicago News camera and declared, ‘Sen. McCarter is full of (bleep!)”

Mike went on to claim McCarter wasn’t fit to shine his shoes and other school yard taunts.

What a hoot!

Illinois Review provides some tweets and facebook information about what happened at the time. Also mentioned was the fact that during the debate, Jacobs suggested Lisa Madigan be investigated for her ads against the bill—-conflict for thee but not for me, I guess.

What a buffoon!

I checked a few minutes ago and the Hare-Dispatch only had a bare bones report. I suspose they are waiting to roundup quotes from the Politburo on Mike’s latest embarrassment—I’m sure the Politburo will stand behind him 100%

I have been ranting for years about the Jacobs family conflict of interest and how the local press has been covering for them. My guess is that if Mike would have been able to control himself and not attack McCarter, nobody would have mentioned this conflict of interest—it would have been just another dirty little Springfield secret. But thanks to Mike, the press can no longer ignore this ethical problem.

Bravo Mike!


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15 thoughts on “Senator Loose Cannon Blows Himself Up”

  1. Here’s the updated story from The Hare-Dispatch. Marvelous Mike dismisses all this as being “blown out of proportion” and a “political ploy”.

    The Capitol Police reported is expected tomorrow.

    Here’s Jacobs pal, Rich Miller’s post, about the confrontation, buried in a bunch of other stuff about the Smart Grid vote/bill.

    As usual on stuff that is embarrassing to Illinois politicians, The QCTimes beat the H-D to the story.

    It contained this lol quote from McCarter:

    “The legislative process is in need of sunshine and accountability, not a process that picks winners based on money, power, backroom deals or slick political maneuvering by power connected lobbyists.”

    All I can say is that if McCarter really believes “sunshine and accountability” is possible in Illinois—he must be new here!


    UPDATE: this is shaping up to be this year’s Kwincy Kerfuffle. Via Illinois Review this story has gone international and has been featured in the UK’s Daily Mail.

    On the local news at noon, Mike was spinning like a top, and I was afraid KWQC wouldn’t mention the source of the conflict—Denny’s lobbying for ComEd, but they did include it in their report.

    Can’t wait to see how the Politburo handles this—what a hoot!

  2. Maybe Senator Jacobs needs a 1:1 supervision like the behavioral kids in school. The rest of the Illinois need protection from him from former Gov. Blagojevich down. That would be a good AFSCME job to create.

  3. Audi, are saying Marvelous Mike needs a minder—or a babysitter? 🙂

    Maybe Mike will be getting a warden.

    According to Chris Minor report where she interviewed two of the witnesses—one a former Lee County sheriff and another a former prosecutor, both say Jacobs punched McCarter in the chest so hard it knocked him backwards.

    It ain’t lookin’ good for the Mikester!

  4. I read a quote from another witness (Republican Senator) who said Mike Jacobs poked Kyle Mccarter in the chest. I read aa different quote from someone who said no punch was thrown. So many different stories. Who will decide who is telling the truth?

  5. Hmm according to the following, punch or poke with intentions sound illegal to me.

    Under Illinois law, assault and battery are separate crimes. Assault is defined as an act that makes another person have reasonable apprehension of battery. Battery means intentionally or knowingly and without legal justification causing bodily harm to another person, or making an insulting or provoking physical contact with a person. Examples of aggravated assault are assault with a mask or a weapon, or assault against a person the offender knows is a government employee, a person with a disability, a police officer, or a senior citizen. Aggravated battery is a battery committed under the same particular circumstances as aggravated assault.

  6. So when Mikey went all Tyson on the dude – did he like bite off any ears or other essential parts? Hey inquiring minds wanna know!!

  7. This quote from Mike in the FOX Chicago News report and repeated elsewhere really frosts my cookies:

    “People in my district know [daddy Denny is a lobbyist], and they can make a decision based on that.”

    As I’ve ranted many times, the local press is always eager to give Denny Jacobs a public forum to spout off on any and every issue of the day, but they will NEVER identify him as a lobbyist. The press has been in cahoots with the Jacobs family in keeping this little inconvenient truth from view of the larger public.

    Sure people like me and you know about this, but my guess is the majority of Mike’s constituents were shocked to learn about Denny’s 6 year career on tv news yesterday and on the front page of the H-D today.

    It will be interesting to see if the local press continues to let Denny bloviate in their publications/broadcasts, and if they do, will they continue to refer to him only as a “former state senator” or by his current job title—lobbyist?

    SHAME on the local press for keeping their readers ignorant and sucking up to the powerful Jacobs family—this is why we have no confidence in your reporting.

  8. QCE, when the local press calls Denny Jacobs they call him as a Senator not as a lobbyist. I doubt Jacobs initiates press contact at all. If the press contacts Senator Denny Jacobs as a Senator it would nit be prudent to refer to him as a lobbyist. If they call him as a lobbyist then it would be prudent to refer to him as a lobbyist.
    How is this an more of a conflict than Sen McCarter voting on workers Comp when he owns a business that is effected by this vote?

  9. Scoundrel, the reports are that Senator Jacobs suffers from self inflicted bite to tongue and severe scratches to face and arms from trying to fight his way out of his own wet paper bag.

  10. The Hare-Dispatch is reporting that the Capitol Police will not be releasing their report today, but are forwarding it to the Sangamon state’s attorney for review. Let’s hope the Sangamon SA isn’t a Democrat as corrupt as our RICO SA—then all bets are off!


    Audi: 😀


    Jane, I’ve seen your talking points parroted over at Mike’s pal’s blog. If you can’t tell the difference between what Jacobs did and McCarter—you must be a Democrat—or a journalist! 🙂

    You’re also (probably deliberately) ignoring my main complaint that Jacobs says his constituents “know” about the cozy relationship between Energy Committee Chair and ComEd lobbyist, and I say he’s lying. Those of us who follow politics, know about it—especially those of us in the QCs—in the outlying areas and those who aren’t political junkies—not so much.

    But still, the conflict of interest thing is small potatoes compared to Mike’s thuggish behavior on the Senate floor. I have seen no rebuke from any Democrat for his actions, which I take to mean they condone them. Democrats have controlled state government for nearly a decade, yet they act like schoolyard bullies beating up on the little guy.

    Those of us in the QCs are used to the thuggish behavior of the local Democrats—it is the union influence, but there is absolutely NO REASON for Jacobs to get a pass on this—-unless the reason is political.

    If you called a co-worker a MFer, etc. and made rough physical contact with him/her, what do you think your employer would do?

    This jackass works for us and it’s time to tell Marvelous Mike—your fired!

    As for Denny the Senator vs. Denny the Lobbyist, no local media outlet will ever again let him spout off without mentioning he is a lobbyist—that horse is out of the barn and and he ain’t coming back.

  11. If this guy can file charges against Jacobs, can I file against the people that hurt Trumper in the St. Pat’s parade?

    Trumper is pivotal to all R’s getting elected and NOBODY will hurt my trumper.

  12. Are you saying that the local press did not know that Denny is a lobbyist? You are really niave.

  13. LB if Trumper was hurt on the job he/she/it should file a worker’s compensation claim.

    Duuuuh, no Jane, I’m saying they don’t want the public to know Denny is a lobbyist, because his bloviation wouldn’t carry the same weight it does if they just identify him as a “former state senator”, otherwise they would mention it when they quote him.

    If being a lobbyist was such a cool thing,trust me, the local press would make sure we all knew about it.

  14. Here’s the latest post on this from Jacobs’ pal Rich Miller.

    Note how all his leftwing commenters are sticking up for Jacobs and blaming the victim. If Jacobs committed mass murder and credible witnesses confirmed it, Miller’s commenters would claim the victims brought it on themselves and committed mass murder,too.

    No wonder the Jacobs family and the entire Illinois Democrat political class act as if they are above the law, bulletproof and should not be held accountable—-there is a sizeable part of the elite Illinois population that agrees with them!

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