The Kid In School We All Despised

At a closed door meeting with Senate Democrats, John Cullerton supposedly told the group that Three County Quinn was “irrelevant” to their budget discussion.

Four Senate Democrats raced to tell their allies in the press, all but one insisting on anonymity. The lone Look At Me Democrat to go on the record was our specially bred senator and you could tell he just couldn’t wait to tell tales out of (Democrat) school:

“Yes, yes, yes, [Cullerton] used the word “irrelevant”.

Cullerton and his aides have since denied and denounced this, but our Loose Cannon Senator was so happy to pander to his base—the press, he never considered that this loose lipped outburst could cause others in Springfield to not trust him—which I’m sure will work out well for both Marvelous Mike and his constituents.

Mike Jacobs is that kid in school who you couldn ‘t trust with a secret or information of any kind because he would immediately run to teacher—in this case his press base—and tell all. Marvelous Mike obviously has issues with lack of maturity and his need to shriek LOOK AT ME!

Let’s hope the voters take a good, hard look at Mike next year because there is a viable alternative to the Boy Who Never Grew.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “The Kid In School We All Despised”

  1. Anyone that can read can see that Jacobs was covering the fact that Cullerton did not say the Governor Quinn was irrelevant but his budget proposal was.

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