To Be A Fly On The Wall

In an effort to quell the rumors and speculation surrounding the Jeff Terronez controversy, The Hare-Dispatch arranged an interview with Lisa Madigan’s deputy, and for a while, Madigan herself.

Go to the link to read the tick-tock and the AG’s process, but this is the juicy quote from Michael Hood, Lisa Madigan’s deputy for criminal justice, about what happened when his office laid out the facts in his confrontation with Terronez:

“We created a PowerPoint presentation . . . Mr. Terronez’s face drained, and he didn’t say a word . . . It was perfect. It was seamless. [Terronez and his attorney] didn’t try to negotiate…”

Hee! Hee! The ultimate “gotcha” moment when Terronez realized being a Democrat wasn’t enough to save his bacon.

What a shock it must have been for Terronez to realize he wouldn’t be getting a pass and that Lane’s Chosen One was going down.

Today’s Hare-Dispatch editorial urges everyone to just move on and get over the Terronez thing. Yeah, that’ll happen, especially since it looks like Van Houtte will get a new trial.

But, whatever.

The H-D and the RICO Democrats want us all to move on, but any GOP opponent worth his/her salt who doesn’t hammer home the entirely predictable results of the culture of corruption that 40 years of Democrat rule produces, isn’t doing his/her job.

The only hope the RICO Dems have is for the idiot RICO GOP to completely blow it.

Which is always a possibility.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “To Be A Fly On The Wall”

  1. In my novel, the Tea party rules congress and the executive office … and an army of true blue investigators hunt down the slime lawyers and politicians that have gotten away with bloody murder high crimes and misdemeanors. (they’ll steal everything, then politely say .. “at least we didn’t kill you” so they are Pol Pot Lite)

    The country club crowd that have abused position to steal from the “little people” get an hour head start, allowed to carry all the gold, titles, deeds etc. that they have absconded with, and go on the run. Their victims will have bloodhounds and guns … I’m not sure after that … still working on the movie … πŸ™‚

    In Quincy … all stations change their price to the same price on the same day … “we find it just works better that way”.

    I won’t go into my own dealings with molester, forger, colluding, lying, obstructing, backstabbing, destructive scumbag connected lawyer types … except to say Terronez is NOT an isolated incident.

    Just a joke, and notes for my upcoming novel … surely nothing like this could ever really happen. Could a city of 50,000 really change all their gas prices in unison and get away with it? 😯

    Could a cabal of lawyers/politicians really cover up for each other and form a virtual legal representation blockade against any that don’t bow (and pay homage) to their criminal regime?

    anyway … still working on that novel … corruption in the Quad Cities? The Dickens you say … πŸ™‚

  2. I like your book idea, but I think the movie would provide the most interesting possibilities—it would be a sort of Dirty Harry thing, but instead of wiping out drug dealers and petty thugs, Dirty Bill would roam the halls of justice and the halls of congress shrieking “OK hacks—make my day”!

    Sounds like a winner! πŸ™‚

    As for the gas price fixing in your town, the main problem with Quincy seems to be there is no corresponding city directly across the river in Missouri. If our gas stations ever tried that trick, there would be a mass exodus to Iowa where gas is cheaper anyway because they have lower taxes.

    It looks like the days of gas price wars is over—and has been since gas was a quarter a gallon. πŸ™‚

  3. Lawyers want the little people to understand,

    Larry: “yes, we’ve abused the system and committed felonies … but if you want back part of what we stole, you need to hire Moe or Curly, and let them screw with you”

    Guilty people are only “innocent till proven guilty” in a court of law. Since that system is broken, the little people will eventually seek alternative justice. I’m not sure if my movie or that reality will happen first, but I’ll have popcorn. πŸ™‚

    We can go to West Quincy and save a dime or so on gas … barely worth the trip. As I hear it, one lady was interviewed and spoke the truth … “we find it just works better this way” (paraphrased). Sure, fixing prices works better for the “owner elite”.

    I’m not sure where Quincy ranks on the “good old boy, circle jerking, criminal fraudster scale”, but people tell me it’s worse here than most places.

    “Yeah, you’d have to go out of town to get representation against them”

    “What are they trying to get away with now”

    “yeah, they all hang out and drink together, and pick winners and losers”

    Those are the kind of comments I hear from people in the thick of it (and some more vicious remarks) … but nothing happens, cuz’ the “important people” all get their little piece. And if someone gets out of line, they get intimidated with “lawfare” (no actual “hitmen”, as far as I know).

    This dam deal … hydro power, might make more people curious. Obama’s way of rewarding his friends maybe? … try to pass favors down the pipe with these grants? So Quincy becomes a pseudo corporation, with certain “owner elite” making some $5 million … which now seems completely wasted (except for those that got the money)

    My conspiracy theory is that Quincy made Hare look bad, so they got punished .. heh … but I imagine it was more just greed and incompetence (with a cat that ate the canary evil grin).

    Maybe Quincy will hire Larry, Moe and Curly to look into the fiasco. They can all go out for drinks, bill the city triple, and come up with an opinion on how to waste more money. 😯

  4. I am still deciphering all the Terronez information being tossed around and I am still unsure of what to think. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt but my natural distrust of politicians persuades me otherwise. The one thing I am sure of is that Terronez must have been taking heavy doses of STOOPID during that time period. And another thing I am sure of is that the local Democratic Politburo will be doing exactly what we all know they will be doing–> trying to sweep the event under the carpet, while trying to disassociate the political party from the event. What is a fact is that Terronez did procure alcohol for minors and he did deserve, at the very least, the slap on the hand he received. Did he deserve harsher punishment – probably. But then so do way too many other adults that secure liquor for minors.

    I remember back in the 90’s of a close to work related recreational situation where adults allowed minors to drink alcohol and one minor was involved in a serious accident. All the parties involved played coverup including the the young couple whom were injured in the wreck. It is not an isolated incident. I have been in numerous arguments with adults because they either provided or allowed minors to consume alcohol. The collective response is almost always – well they are going to do it anyway and at least they are not out taking drugs. Duh -Homer Simpson- alcohol is a drug! πŸ™„

    Everywhere I went last week in the Illinois QC gas was $3.99 a gallon. 😑 Yuck! Thank You Tax Happy Illinois Democrats! πŸ™„ Meanwhile I decided to go to Davenport where I filled up at Sams for $3.67 per gallon. Plus since I was over there already I did some more shopping that I probably would have done on the Illinois side! To steal a quote from Vinny Barbarino — Up Illinois lawmakers noses with a rubber hose!

  5. jb, it’s not just Quincy. A while back you sent me a link (which I blogged about)to a post by local Connie Wilson who told her tale of woe about trying to get a recount in an election she lost. Wilson was running as a Democrat in the primary, but she wasn’t the officially sanctioned Democrat. She had a heckuva time getting any of the local lawyers to take on the powerful Democrat Politburo Poobahs. She has sinced learned her lesson and is now a happy Democrat lockstepper. πŸ™‚

    As for the gas situation, from what I’ve been told in the past, the West Quincy gas station is owned by someone who owns a Quincy station—wouldn’t be prudent to lower the price too much,would it?


    S, in my sojourn to Texas earlier this month, I kept a log of gas prices. The lowest was 3.75 in Kingman Kansas, which means the Iowegians have that beat—and they don’t even have any oil wells! πŸ™‚

  6. Thescoundrel, so you drove to Iowa to save $0.32×15=$4.8 at a super savers club.
    Hy Vee Illinois and Iowa is $0.14×15=$2.1.
    $2.1 savings apples to apples, at 20 mpg 5 miles each way the savings are gone
    Congratulations thescoundrel on the big savings.

  7. Get a clue Wanda—every penny that goes to Illinois government is just another dime in the coffers of Big Labor.

    Iowa is a right-to-work state, Illinois is a politicians-bend-over-and-give-some-more-to-the-union state.

  8. Actually Wanda, considering I put in $70 worth of gas I saved over six dollars from what it would have cost me in Illinois. And I lose nothing for trip value. When I travel to Iowa whether it is ten cents a gallon or thirty cents a gallon in savings, I save it all since I make plans to make rounds in Iowa I would have to make anyway. It is a good time to visit some of my relatives in the area and make sure their Bush Derangement Syndrome has not fully pushed them over the edge of sanity. SO I lose nothing in value. The only losers are the business in Illinois that lost my trade for the day to their Iowa counterparts. The big winner is me because I am spending my money on real value goods instead of pumping tax money into Quinn and Co’s pockets that will be pissed away by Quinn in political favors to Chicago puppetmasters looking for their help in getting reelected.

  9. I have fuzzy high school memories of a Quincy VIP (sorta) that gave a couple beers to his kid and some friends in his front yard frequently … but he didn’t get us drunk or have sex with us (as far as I know … LOL)

    Yeah, Terronez just dated and got them booze, no sex .. sure. But the most interesting thing is he got nailed for it (or investigated AND nailed :)). Did someone gather hard evidence (ahem) and insist something be done?

    record everything with these turkeys, if not for prosecution, for protection …. though Illinois would like to make that illegal, so trial by jury or by press Youtube is difficult.

    In my novel, I record everything, and several go to prison, with some renegade FBI guy probing in uncomfortable areas. 😯 But we’re at what, $20 million just trying to “nail” effin’ Blago?

    Privileged jerks behaving badly is commonplace, but the proper RICO Act investigation could put many high (minded) rollers in prison for financial frauds (not just made for TV sex crimes) … which would send a much needed message. But Madoff and others seemed to flaunt the law with impunity, so it may have to be a grassroots effort. “Make my day hack” heh

    I’m hoping technology, the internet and the Tea Party might yield a little of the transparency we are always promised but never get. Record, record, record.

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