The Empty Chair

Rep. Rich Morthland says he is not inclined to support the current version of pension reform [SB512] because the employees were not consulted:

“I don’t know that this bill has brought enough people to the table to work out something that is right for all involved.”

Hey Rich, when will the taxpayers get a seat at the table? You politicians took money once from us to pay for these pensions, then spent it on something else. Now you want to hold us up again to pay for the same thing twice. Where’s the justice in that? Where’s our representation? As it stands now, you politicians and Big Labor are trying to figure out how much you can confiscate from us to compensate for your reckless and possibly illegal actions.

Since we’re paying the damned bills, we demand representation at the bargaining table because you politicians sure aren’t doing the job for us.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “The Empty Chair”

  1. Agree, looks like Mr Morthland is listening to the ghosts of democrats past of not rattling the cage of big labor and of course looking no other than the taxpayers’ wallets. Hey why not they are always loyal right?
    Are we to believe he won’t make a decision because he doesn’t know the employee’s point of view? Wait, isn’t he and his wife public employees? Won’t they both be getting a public employee pension?
    At worst we got another democrat representing us. At best we got what is wrong with the GOP.

  2. And I thought it impossible for the Quad City to elect somewone one dumber than Mike Boland but it you people have done so.

  3. Pat, what audi says is true, but you can’t lay the pension looting on Morthland—that was the doing of the Verschoores, Bolands and multiple Jacobs.

    The Illinois politicians have a built-in conflict of interest when dealing with the powerful public employee unions and those of us footing the bill have no power, no say and no representation. That needs to stop.

    The taxpayers have done enough for the public employee unions—I’ve been giving them money for the entire 35+ years I’ve lived in Illinois and I’m paying for them again with the massive 67% tax increase rammed through by Jacobs, Verschoore and Boland.

    I’ve done my part, now the politicians need to make sacrifices for their screwups. NO MORE TAX MONEY FOR BIG LABOR—decertifiy the damned things or make them provide for themselves like the private sector.

    Politicians just can’t resist a big pile of money just sitting there and not being spent—they cannot be trusted with our money.

  4. Oh hey I just stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to say that I know rich and he is a really good guy. He would never do anything manipulative, back handed or deceitful.

  5. Try to act surprised, but the dullards and hacks have kicked the pension reform problem down the road saying they’ll tackle it duriing the veto session.

    OK. Sure. Whatever.

    This Illinois Review headline says it all:

    AFSCME Wins; Pension Reform Delayed To Veto Session—Or Later, If Ever.

    It ain’t gonna happen. Big Labor is more powerful than the taxpayers and even though the Dems rammed through their hyper-partisan redistricting map so they can have power for another decade, they know who’s the boss—and it ain’t the voters.

    What’s depressing is that in Illinois it seems just having more GOPers in the legislature won’t stop Big Labor’s greed and lust for our tax $$$$$.

    Here’s GOPer Rep. Dan Brady expressing relief he won’t have to act now
    using the well-known and well-worn talking point about bringing people to the table:

    “We have to continue to try to move forward and discuss the issue, and we need to bring in not only the teachers, but our present employees, state universities, other individual affected.”

    No where is there any mention of the people who are footing the bill for union greed and politician’s cowardice—the taxpayers.

    Big Labor will have its way with the taxpayers of this state until there is no money left for anything but their greed.

    All this noise about how reasonable Illinois politicians and unions were compared to Wisconsin’s was totally bogus. Unions only know one thing, and that is they want MORE! MORE! MORE!

    And until we get a government that has the cojones to stand up to the unions—like Walker and his GOP legislature, Quinn, Jacobs, Verschoore, Morthland will all deny us a seat at the bargaining table, even as they pick our pockets for their Big Labor paymasters.

  6. Steve “oh hey I just stumbled across your blog…”, It doesn’t matter if a politician is a nice guy or not, handsome or not or likes the smell of roses or not. What does matter is that they are representing the people of their district. Northland is limp wristing an important issue to the taxpayers for fear of the unions, to protect his family’s own cushy pensions or maybe both.

    All through the campaign season I heard Morthland rant and rave all while turning purple as he yells out “let’s make Illinois great again”. Well it looks like he needs more than to just be a good guy to work towards getting the job done. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because as a candidate he wouldn’t make a stand on a solid issue either such as the Thompson prison either. My thought at the time was he was scared the Illinois Dems or worse yet the unions would not like it.

    We have wasted too much time wincing and looking the other way as GOPers talk the talk but won’t walk the walk. As far as I am concerned they should be called out and held even more accountable. What Morthland is doing is “manipulative, back handed or deceitful.” to us the taxpayers.

    BTW, I am a union member myself and have a pension promised to me too.

  7. The problem with public employee unions is there are public employee union members in ALL districts. Politicians of either party see Big Labor as their constituets—and Morthland is no different.

    Public employee unions are a cancer growing on the taxpayers and until we have a pro-taxpayer government, Big Labor will rule the state.

    I voted for Morthland—reluctantly, in hopes the GOP would take over the House. My personal choice was Ahern. I don’t know if he would have done any better, but he sure as hell couldn’t have done much worse.

  8. Ditto for me. What he would have done in Springfield I do not know either, but I do know Ahern is the better man.

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