Just In Time For The Long Holiday Weekend . . .

. . . the Illinois Democrats sneak in their congressional redistricting maps.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Just In Time For The Long Holiday Weekend . . .”

  1. It is clear that this is a good map for our Congressman. He should be able to avoid a primary and win in this slightly democratic district.


  2. Well yeah better gal, I don’t get it either. The Dim Phreaks have been shrieking for months that this district would be specially gerrymandered to favor Marvelous Mike, but where’s the proof for that?

    All I’ve seen so far is that Obama won BIG here in ’08, but with his approval ratings in the 40s and unemployment still in the tank, I don’t think the Bamster will save Jacobs—or any Democrat for that matter.

  3. Hoot of the day from the CapFax link by the Democrat House Majority Leader:

    “I think this has been the most open redistricting process in the history of the state of Illinois”.

    Well yeah, there was lots of public input BEFORE the maps were released—after, not so much. In fact, from what I can tell, the House has already approved these abominations. I’ve also heard that all of them will be approved by the Dems on Sunday.

    The Illinois Democrats give “open, honest and transparent” a whole ‘nother meaning.

    And please, let’s give “history” a break too.

  4. Obama won 70-30 in 08 what else could Marvelous Mike have done.
    It lookes like a easy Victory for Jacobs.

  5. Hey Sandy, I hate to inject reality here, but Obama is no longer the cool black dude blank slate he was in ’08—he now has a record and the voters HATE it.

    It “lookes” like a (sic) easy Victory for anyone who isn’t a Democrat.

  6. Here’s the Hare-Dispatch report which is surprisingly bland—the local Politburo Poobahs were pretty subdued rather than exultant and the GOPers were pretty upbeat. Ballard seemed pretty happy that Quincy/Adams Co. had been given the heave-ho from the 17th and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

    But what was all that shrieking from the Dim Phreaks about Schock beats Schilling and Jacobs beats Schock in a LANDSLIDE? Looks like it will be the Dems who could get a primary challenge from someone outside the QCs.

    So for all the scaremongering by the Dems, this new map doesn’t look all that bad for Schilling unless I’m missing something here (always a possibility!).

    But what I’m wondering is if the addition of portions of Rockford and Peoria will dilute the power and influence of the RICO Politburo?

    Let’t hope!

  7. Ballard should be cautious. Just because you get everything you wish for – does not guarantee success. If your ego gets the best of you – you might try to push a Phil Hare entity upon the populace and then all your plans and schemes can backfire.

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