Well Shake It Up Baby Now, Twist And Shout

Today’s Hare-Dispatch has an article about changes in Bobby Schilling’s staff which was devoid of the previous paranoia and dark conspiracy theories that permeated the H-D reporting about last month’s staff departures.

The new Chief of Staff has over two decades of experience, including work on McCain-Feingold, which I personally wouldn’t be bragging about, but that’s just me.

Also mentioned in the H-D article was what I mentioned yesterday about Schilling’s communications director, Jon Schweppe, leaving to become Bill Albracht’s campaign manager—with Schilling’s blessing, the H-D hastened to add.

But in my view, as an outsider, I think the most impressive Schilling staffer is his DC “spokesperson” Andie Pivarunas.

An example of her media savvy is in this AP hit piece which attempts to paint GOP House freshmen, including Schilling, as hypocrites for adding “earmarks” to the Pentagon’s budget.

I have no idea why this AP article wasn’t labeled as “analysis” or “advancing liberal agenda” or something more honest than just plain news, but this is the AP, after all.

Asked for a comment about AP’s gross distortion of the truth about earmarks and Schilling, Ms. Pivarunas cut through the b.s.:

“[Pivarunas] said the committee process ‘has been transparent, and the Army will decide where this budget funding goes on a competitive or merit-based basis’.”

A press secretary who knows how to deflect and shoot down pro-Democrat talking points and narratives from the press is a thing of beauty—and a valuable addition to any GOPer’s staff.


Author: qcexaminer

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