My Daddy Can Beat Up Your Daddy


“Sen.Mike Jacobs dismisses concerns about rate hikes to fund ComEd’s plan to modernize its grid and tells the attorney general [Lisa Madigan] to mind her own business…

“If consumers want something to work they’ve gotta pay for it . . . There’s nothing for free . . . But, here, the attorney general, who doesn’t have a vote in this body, is determining how I could vote or what I should do. No! If you want to have a vote in this General Assembly run for office.”

What a hoot! The hubris of our specially bred senator knows no limits!

Unsaid by Rich Miller is the fact that Jacobs’ daddy lobbys for ComEd. So even if Lisa Madigan doesn’t have a vote, his daddy does—for his lobbying pals.

What a coincidence—and sweet deal for the Jacobs family. But at least it’s good to know that our senator isn’t working for us, he’s working for his daddy and special interests.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “My Daddy Can Beat Up Your Daddy”

  1. Once again Sen.. Mike Jacobs is supporting business rather than Speaker Madigan’s daughter. Jacobs should join Lisa and stick it to job creators. The last thing we need is a pro business Democrat who refuses to do what Madigan tells them to do.

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—NO campaign slogan comments will be allowed. If you can’t say something original and honest about Jacobs, don’t bother commenting here.

    quester’s comment is silly, but at least we’ll never see it in a Jacobs press release.

  3. Oh hey, I just stumbled across this blog. I just want to say that Sen. Mike Jacobs is a great guy and is working hard for us. He is a true statesman. Plus I hear his chef boyardee pizza would give bobber schiller a run for his money.

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