You Don’t Have To Be Intellectually Incoherent To Be A Democrat . . .

. . . but it helps!

Another day, another incoherent letter to the editor of the Hare-Dispatch, this time by the reliable leftwing Quad City Next Up, which hilariously blames Ronald Reagan for all our current ills—or something.

Of course, this is really an attack on Bobby Schilling, and Schilling must be LOLing his keester off at this wackiness.

Mr. QCNU rails against Schilling for the lack of jobs, but by his logic, then Lane Evans would be responsible for all our massive job losses in the 1980s when Evans was our US congressman. But if Reagan was to blame back in the day, why isn’t Obama to blame now?

In the crackhead world of QCNU:

1. POTUS Republican, congressman sainted Lane Evans—it’s all Reagan’s fault.

2. Democrat POTUS, GOP congressman, it’s all Schilling’s fault.

Whatever. Oh, and don’t forget that for most of Reagan’s term the DEMOCRATS controlled Congress—you know, the body that controls spending and budgets.

Our district had been represented for nearly 30 years by hard left, anti-business liberals, but that fact that we aren’t up to pre-Evans employment means Schilling has failed, not the Evans/Hare regime.

Good luck pushing that twaddle—you’d have to be dumber than a Democrat to believe THAT!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be Intellectually Incoherent To Be A Democrat . . .”

  1. I agree—Jacobs will stick with what he considers a sure thing—staying in the IL Senate rather than face the unknown of having to run as a challenger against an incumbent for US congress.

    Mike has never had to fight for anything in his life, and at age 50 he sure as hell ain’t gonna start now! 🙂

  2. Albracht is getting his campaign started early… it looks like he’s following the Schilling model of out-working his opponent.

    Jacobs is nervous. As he should be.

  3. I heard Albracht is just confused and had to hire a Schilling staffer.

    Jacobs will beat Albracht easily. Does Albrach need a 3rd pension?

  4. Well Jerry, Albracht may be confused, but he’s not confused enough to loot the public pensions, ram through a 67% personal income tax increase during the last hours of a lame duck session, then crow that “it’s the right thing to do.”

    BTW, who is Marvelous Mike’s campaign manager—Phil Hare? 🙂

    PS: Does Albracht have more pensions than MM? Mike has one from the 12 years he worked for the Secretary of State and one for being senator—how many does HE need?


    NOTE to “questor”: After you sober up, amend and resubmit your comment—it is totally incoherent as it stands.


    NOTE to readers:

    Bill Albracht has hired Jon Schweppe as his campaign manager. Jon was Schilling’s communications director during the campaign.

  5. NOTE to Jen and other Jacobs groupies:

    I will not be publishing your stale talking points about Marvelous Mike. For years now, every time I mention him, you come back with these press release comments, and they’re always the same with no variation.

    You’ll have to get beyond trite to have your comments appear here. I will not be the JACOBS FOR WHATEVER!!11111!!! blog—start your own damned website if you want to repeat your nonsense over and over.

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