Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be

In today’s Hare-Dispatch Jim Nowlan has an op-ed headlined No Room For Moderates In GOP which is the biggest bunch of twaddle I’ve seen today.

Nowlan begins by riffing on a Pew survey which boxes voters into 9 distinct categories. I didn’t see the survey so I don’t know if Pew is mischaracterizing the TEA Party or if it is Nowlan because according to Nowlan, libertarians are described as “free market and small government seculars” while staunch conservatives are described as “highly engaged tea party supporters”. Anyone who knows anything about the TEA Party would know they would fall under the libertarian category since they are NOT social conservatives. So right off the bat the survey/Nowlan have it wrong.

But Nowlan is just getting revved up because his main point is that the era of moderate Rockefeller/Nixon/Eisenhower Republicans is over. His beef is a pro-choice GOPer could never be elected, but for some reason he fails to take into account the fact that no pro-life Democrat could ever get elected either and the era of moderate Scoop Jackson/JFK Democrats is over as well.

In his final paragraph Nowlan laments:

“As a moderate, I wish the system had a place for moderate Republican candidates, but it has none. And there is little that can be done about it until passion for social issues subsides among the powerful staunch conservatives, which is not likely in the foreseeable future.”

Spare me, Jim, PLEASE!

Nowlan must have been in a coma during the ’08 presidential campaign because otherwise he would know that grumpy white RINO John McCain was the GOP candidate and the moderate all GOPers and Dems say they want and can win.

Didn’t happen. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nowlan voted for leftwinger Barack Obama.

Somebody like Nowlan, who is a “senior fellow at the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs” should know better than this and shame on him for peddling this nonsense.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be”

  1. If the Republicans nominate a “moderate” (read: liberal) Republican for President, we can pretty much kiss the 2012 elections goodbye.

    The American electorate want a principled fiscal conservative right now. Period. Anything but that would be a disaster.

  2. I think you’re right about this. The political class is demanding the GOP serve up a moderate to counter the decidedly UNmoderate Obama, which seems like a recipe for GOP disaster.

    However, I have no idea who this fiscal conservative might be. What sane person would put their family through what the Palins went (and ARE) going through? Who would want to endure the constant screeching of RAAAAACIST? The Obamites even called Bill Clinton a racist, so you know they will pile it on a GOPer. Obama’s campaign started negative ads against Pawlenty even BEFORE he announced and with his massive $$$$ he will keep it up from now on.

    This time it’s gonna have to be about more than policy, an interesting life story and a good personality,it’s gonna have to be about how to counter all the Obama/press crap that will be coming the candidate’s way.

  3. What are you talking about Jim? Name one MODERATE democrat in Illinois. Besides the pro-life dude in Chicago….

  4. Often it seems the Democrat’s main line of attack is to accuse conservatives of doing the very thing the Democrats are doing. Of course Pelosi accused the Tea party of being all astroturf .. when if fact they were the most grassroots movement in decades. Meanwhile paid thugs get bussed around to protest for the unions.

    It is no secret the far left took over the Democrat party … how else to explain Reid, Pelosi, Obama? Gore and Kerry were also extreme left.

    I continue to contend the Rasmussen poll (that had shown 70% want less government overreach and lower taxes) portrays the real Tea party. Almost everyone is sick of the corruption and groping hands of the too powerful federal government.

    So of course, the Democrats are anxious to marginalize the “silent majority” and to make sure the far left loudmouths continue to get their way. But I think 2012 could/should be the follow through on 2010, where congress and the WH get taken over by Tea party types. The assaults from the left are already overplayed … real moderates are seeing what a far left fraud in the White House can do to us, and they don’t like it.

  5. Jen, we’ve been through this before—we will never get real change in Illinois until we break the iron grip the Dem party has on our government.

    It doesn’t matter if Jacobs is endorsed by Jesus himself—electing more Democrats will NOT solve our problems in Illinois. Our problems have been exacerbated by one-party Democrat rule for nearly a decade.


    jb, even if the GOP could take over congress,that would be a huge victory. The last time we had real fiscal restraint was when Clinton was POTUS and congress was held by the GOP.

    Obama is more of an ideologue than Clinton, but even so, Obama’s out-of-control power grab will be checked.

    But still—having a GOP POTUS would be sweet!


    Today’s H-D has yet another op-ed parroting what Nowlan said about the “no moderates allowed in the GOP” meme. I don’t remember the chattering class telling the Dems in ’08 that they needed to tone down and muzzle their far-left in order to win. In fact the POTUS candidates tried to top each other as to who was the most anti-war and who could deliver the best “free” healthcare.

    In the op-ed Dave Shaver delivered this howler:

    “What [the GOP] needs to do to win in 2010 is to find a charismatic candidate who will bring another brand of “hope and change” without attacking Obama, the man, but his failed policies.”

    He goes on to lament the fact that no such candidate exists on the GOP side,because of the right-wing demanding purity on the social issues.

    This is just bogus, besides, by ’12 the country will have had a gut-full of hopenchange and will want some real leadership, rather than empty slogans from an empty suit.

    I also liked Shaver’s bit about attacking Obama’s policies, not him personally, since this is exactly what Obama did in ’08—he stayed above the fray and his his press groupies to the dirty work. Somehow I don’t think and GOPer will have the same compliance from the leftwing press. 🙂

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